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RIP Steve ---- thanks for everything


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It doesnt matter what anyone hinks of the man personally he put so much back into wildlife and tourism he will be sorely missed by me.

Exposing young people to the joys of outdoors as opposed to all the present day distractions is a great accomplishment.

He will truly be missed by me.

My favourite Steve quote was when asked by Rove McManus \"Steve, do you drink a lot of coffee\"? (infering this would explain his hyperactive temperment) ,

steve replied



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Its sad to say goodbye to man of such magnitude as Steve.

The pure level of love He had for his country, his animals, and most of all, his family, were nearly immeasurable.

I truly send my condolences to his wife and family, but mainly to his daughter Bindi, whos fairytale life was shattered today.

I hope that his message and dreams for and about wildlifeand this country live on through his family, and others' lives.


P.S= It would be an out rage if he does not rec a state funeral, considering all he has done for not only this country and it fauna, but also this state alone with the tourism.

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steve will be sadly missed by all australians......he was a champion aussie and he showed the world how beautiful yet dangerous our wildlife is.........and to the stupid producers at today tonight that were saying that stingrays attack...you idiots....the last thing steve would want is people going around slaughtering stingrays in his name......cya steve;)

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We too in the UK cant believe it !

To my 2 daughters here they only know QLD as Steve which shows how much he has reached the other side of the world !

His TV work with wildlife is often the main talking point over dinner and my kids shed a tear or two this morning when news broke in the Uk at about 6am Uk time .

I Hope his name carries on in the work he done already and im sure that he`s gone the only way he`d want too !!!!! doing the thing he loved to do !!

God bless ya mate !!

Our thoughts are with your family steve

Lee,Lisa, emilly and lucy - UK

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Brian D wrote:

Message to God

I feel very ripped off. Give him back.

Why do you leave d'heads on earth that want to blow everyone up with bombs but take the people who care and look after our planet?

Mate I am not a \"god botherer\" but the Salvo's have a saying that I think is very apt.

Their members dont die, they get \"promoted to glory\"

I like to think of it that way.

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