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    • By Breaming with bro
      Tonight the conditions look alright for a fish so I grabbed a few rods.
      setup 1 shimano stradic FL 1000 10lb Gliss 6lb FC leader matched with light short telescopic rod 
      setup 2 shimano stradic ci4+FB 2500 12lb braid 14lb fc leader matched with daiwa Td nero 2-4kg rod
      Setup 3 shimano sedona 5000C 19kg/42lb gliss 70lb mono leader matched with vintage Jarvis walker delux short stiff fibreglass rod 
      So I grabbed a few rods and headed to a Bay Area that is surrounded by 2 breakwalls leaving the name of the location out as i don’t want everyone to know the spot .
      anyway got to the spot first thing I notice when I walk along the jettie a school of yellow tail first thing I do is rig up setup 3 then grab setup 1 and bait a small hook with bread not long the bread is eaten by a yellowtail and I got a live bait for setup 3 I cast setup 3 out and wait . I try fishing with bread for a bit on setup 1 (note not near the yellowtail school ) and all I’m getting is my bait nipped by small butter bream and stripys so I try casting slightly under the jettie as I watch my unweighted bread slowly sink down I see a big quick silver flash come up from nowhere and it literally made my bread vanish 1 second later my line is flying off my spool into the water and I flip my bail and set the hook .after a decent fight My dad manages to land the fish . A nice quality bream was landed and after a few photos was brain spiked and bleed out .can’t remember if it was 33 or 34cm . Anyway no more decent size bream were around I got 1 small bream afterwards but nothing legal I grab setup 2 and put on a cheap metal vibe I got from eBay ages ago after some casting around I keep catching these things me and @AUS-BNE-FISHO. Think they may be a type of pony fish or something along those lines after I catch props 3-4 of these things I stop using the vibe and tie on a squid jig unfortunately no squid or cuttlefish takes the squid jig . I rig up a simple bait rig and put a little piece of mullet on setup 2 intended for flathead or bream after I do that I check setup 3 . Setup 3 had a liveie on it for over a hour now so I assumed the liveie either died or got nipped at . I bring it up and the liveie is in the same condition as it was before I caught it for live bait it was alive as anything I release the liveie back into the water and it swims off fine I then rig up a mullet fillet on setup 3 and cast it out hoping for a bully or a big Jew .time goes by and I decide to grab setup 1 again and see if anything wants to take the bread the same fish I was catching on the vibes kept smashing the bread left right and Center I ended up keeping 4 of these fish for crab pot bait . After that I decided to call it a night and pack up as I bring setup 3 in notice there is barely any bait left just the skin so something definitely had a good go at my bait just don’t know what .
      Basic conditions 
      Last 2 hours of the run out tide 
      time 6:30-9:00PM
      moon waning crescent 7 days till new moon 
      temp 20 degrees 
      medium wind level 

      . Note I’ve made the change to fishing sessions instead of river sessions as I don’t always fish my local river and I don’t always fish rivers 
    • By Breaming with bro
      less then a week ago I won a eBay auction and got a shimano stradic ci4+FB 2500 second hand with a full spool of decent 12lb braid for $195 reel is in great condition smooth and light weight. I took the reel apart last night to remove a little excess grease as it was serviced by shimano before being sold on the eBay auction.reel is running nice and smooth now other then that I’ve given it a good wipe down and got rid of any dust I could find on and inside the reel also I stripped about the first 2 metres of braid off that reel as that first 2 metres was damaged the rest is in good condition Gave the braid a coating in silicone spray and it’s ready to fish . Awesome reel will be matching it up with a atomic arrows estuary 3-5kg 2pc when I get that rod although the reel is light enough to use on my bream surface so I might give it a test run on the bream surface .when I get the arrows estuary the reel will be mainly used for flathead tailor snapper 

    • By Breaming with bro
      I recently bought a Stradic ci4+FB the 2016 model and gave it a good wipe down and took it apart to make sure it was in working order . After that the reel was excellent but whenever the spool gets low to the spool when I’m  reeling it in it makes a sound and I think it touches the rotor . It’s very minor and and barely noticeable and if I lean the reel slightly downwards it doesn’t do it but I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this minor  problem/issue
    • By Camplazlo
      hey just seeing if anyone has any bushy lure legend series around Brisbane they want to sell ? 
    • By Breaming with bro
      I’m thinking shimano are bringing out a new nasci and sedona just like i theorised as they are 4 years+ old now .
      Daiwa brought out a bunch of new reels to they seem pretty interesting it also seems they don’t use as much labelling anymore lol daiwa had a label for almost every part of the reel before like for their special line clip and also their added gear support silent oscillation and also their CRBB

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