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DPI at the boat show

Brian D

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When I was at the Boat show last Friday I went to the DPI stand.

I asked about their veiw on the closing parts of the bay to fisherman.

They said it is for the best. I agreed.

I asked if they thought it wouild be a good idea to stop pro fishing in the bay and leave us rec fisherman alone.

They said the pro's pay a lot of money and would be pissed off.(paraphrasing)

I asked about their agenda for restocking salt water species.

They said it cost too much money so it won't happen. I disagreed but controlled myself.

I asked why don't they use the money from the pro fisherman's licences to pay for the restocking program.

They said the pro's would get pissed off.

I said I get pissed off when I go fishing and there are no fish to catch.

He gave me a phone number to ring for the complaints line.

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