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This is from the NSW Recreational Fishing alliance email  received today.

NSW RecFisher September 2021


"If you want to continue fishing you must

There is no doubt the animal rights movement are licking their lips; they think their time has come to finally get at fishing in this country while NSW DPI and Minister Adam Marshall are asleep at the wheel.

Every NSW fisher should question the NSW Government why it would blindly support the notion, that fishing “harms” the fish and why it would propose new laws that will specifically acknowledge psychological suffering in the definition of cruelty; in addition to the already existing provisions around pain and physical suffering. 

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and stop this from progressing to becoming law in NSW. We have not had a proper debate around the issues, and until we do, recreational fishing is under threat."



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24 minutes ago, Angry51 said:

Yeah/nah, you gotta be a mexican resident to sign the petition.

Hi Angry,

that would make you a feeeelthy gringo? 😊

If you click on the link it just asks you to tick a box saying that you are a resident of NSW-no address details needed as confirmation. Far be it rom me to encourage someone to be dishonest😇.

I haven't read the proposed legislation, just forwarded the message in case others want to support the petition. I dont eat meat now and kill the fish I catch quickly and humanely.  I still have nightmares from when I worked in an abattoir in the school holidays when I was a teenager, and am  disgusted in the live export of sheep/cattle and their treatment at their destinations in the Middle East and Indonesia. I know I am a hypocrite, as I use live bait and am certain that they suffer [until they are eaten anyway]. 

I just thought others who may have a view may want to express it before the Minister makes a decision. 🙂

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    • By pegz
      Yesterday woke up looked out the window and the sun was shinning so told the misses i am take the boat out (no objections). Called a mate to meet me at the ramp.  Got to the ramp and alot of people had the same idea as the carparks were almost full (port kembla ramp).  Hit the water and headed out found the ocean the flattest i when i have been out on it, was able to go full throttle out to flinders island. when i got there i could count 10 boat, so i pulled up and joined the throng and drifted around. With such a beautiful day the fish didn't come to the party with just enough to keep us interested. After a while we moved position and landed the first keeper a red rocky then we moved again to the island off hill 60 ( with the seal colony) bites were slow but another keeper a rubber lips with a few throw back mixed in. then moved back to the northern break wall off the harbor caught a few flatties all under sized then i thought i snagged the bottom but then it started coming up it felt like a clump of weed or something when i got it to the surface i noticed it was upside down which i thought it was the reason of it being lethargic but then it woke up and gave a fight eventually landing it. Then it was time to head home as we had enough exercise for the day

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    • By Breaming with bro
      This morning I was planning to go out to my older brothers boat with my family and help him clean it up and get it ready for summer atm its moored in a shallow part of a estuary depth is between 2-3 metres max . long story short close to last year my brother bought a decent sized cruiser and it needs a bit of TLC for trips and general use and lately we have been getting it ready putting in fridges removing carpet etc .
      Anyways we get to the boat I find myself doing nothing I don't usually fish there because its not a great spot I always leave my cheap setup there though Shimano Sienna 2500 matched with a 2-4kg Aird spooled with 6lb mono or the spare spool with gliss. I steal one of my brothers prerigged bright pink 3 inch plastics and start covering ground. 5 minutes in I get 40-42cm odd flattie brain spiked it bleed it and put it in a esky after that I didn't really do much didn't really feel like fishing as I knew I pretty much fluked that catch a few hours pass its a hour or so till sunset and I decide  to have another flick again this time 10/15 minutes in I get a bigger flathead 5cm or so bigger a lot more fat/muscle though I've barely hooked it soon I see the hook is just on the lip of the fish I losen the drag right off but keep a little tension so it doesn't spit the hook . after that I managed to land it I do the same as I did to the first fish and put it in the esky and call it a day. overall not a bad sesh considering I wasn't  planning to fish .
      no wind every now and then you would get the slightest breeze 
      full sun no rain 
      2 days before new moon
      first fish was just after bottom tide
      second fish was on last 2 hours of run out
      temp 17-18 degrees 
      barometric pressure rising all day since yesterday pressure went down a tad bit in the arvo
      first fish 30.15
      second fish 30.12
      water clarity super clear 
      note I think this time was a fluke I did see a lot more baitfish then usual this time and this time there was less seaweed for me to get tangled on . usually there is no signs of baitfish the bream and flathead there I've caught are usually tiny or barely legal . this time I did paddle around in the dingy and did see a lot of small flathead lying in the water I also spooked quite a lot of flathead paddling in the dingy 
    • By KhalidMSyed
      Hello All,
      After few months of successful fishing in Durras North, I have now decided to spend some time fishing in Tathra. If you have not seen my fishing reports from Durras North then you can see them here. Tathra seems very interesting because it seems fairly easy to catch Salmon above 50cm from the beach and there are some rocky areas on both ends of Tathra Beach that I have not explored yet. Drone fishing has been extremely difficult on Tathra Beach due very strong undercurrents that cause too much drift when you drone-drop the bait a few hundred meters out. I have caught 3 Salmon on Tathra Beach so far (2 above 50cm) and they were all caught by good old fashion manual casting. I plan to spend at least a few weeks if not months exploring fishing spots in Tathra. Stay tuned for video reports in this thread! Here is my first fishing report from Tathra:
    • By Shadde
      Hi I have tried hard to identify this fish with no luck surching the net and asking friends no one seems to know what it is I caught it at batemansbay back in January anyknow know what it is cheers.

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    • By Jordan445
      Hi everyone, 
      I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill this survey out to include a wide range of perspectives in my geography research project. 

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