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    • By Breaming with bro
      The other day I went out to my closest breakwall one of my usual spots note it was legal I didn’t break any covid rules or restrictions. Before going I tied a FG knot with 70lb mono leader I found the first few I did snapped at close to max drag I found I had to do 2 extra half hitch’s for it to handle close to max drag without snapping or slipping once I got there I tied on a hardbodie a Bluewater minnow 130mm model in I think a Mackerel colour after a few casts the knot just felt to big even though it was a FG the leader was very thick especially for 70lb it was more like the diameter of 80-90lb so I ended up cutting the FG off and I tied a swivel to the braid and about 40cm of that 70lb for leader after that I was a lot less worried about getting tangles and losing lures after a bit of casting with that lure I switched to stick bait in a mahi mahi dolphin fish sort of colour ill add the photo of that lure into the report soon first cast got roughly just over 50m out loved the casting distance of that lure . Around the last quarter of the retrieve I see something chasing my lure and see splashing around my lure and boom im on .It striked hard and had some decent headshakes but wasn’t massive and didn’t go for any big runs I bring it in and see I’ve got a tailor it wasn’t a massive tailor not even a PB but it was decent and definitely legal after that the action went quite and called it a day shortly after I tried some bait fishing with half a pike with no success . Also I was wondering if anyone’s used Wilson nylon shock leader was thinking of getting some in 40lb for my heavy setup as the cheap 70lb mono I have  is to thick for the rod 

    • By Flathead2021
      Hi all... would really appreciate some advice on a new rod and reel for around $200.
      Here's the background... been out to the local lakes trout fishing with the brother in law on and off the past year. A friend and I (both completely clueless) decided to pick up a $30 rod and reel combo to learn on the fly through covid... been out to local lakes like Casey fields, places like philip Island pier and tooradin jetty... Caught a flathead and a barracuda and now have the bug and want to get some better gear - but have no idea what sizes etc we should be getting! Advice, explanations, basically any input would be great.
      I looked up rod and reel combos in my $200 budget and found a lot of people recommending the ugly stik, and in particular the gx2. I can't seem to find this in Australia, is it just called something different here?  Gold? The reel im looking at was the daiwa dg sw.
      So... if im planning on mostly fishing at places like Phillip Island pier, tooradin jetty, Frankston pier and local lakes, what can people recommend? Was thinking 7' and absolutely no idea what size reel... 3000?
    • By Pierce Lim
      Hi all,
      Am looking at the 15ft model. Anyone can give advise on this rod? Thanks in advance.
    • By Breaming with bro
      Today I thought it would be a good idea to go for a fish at my local river and target some flathead with my new reel a shimano sedona 2500 spooled with some 8lb braid And I tied on a 10lb leader . Got down there and put on a rain coat and got to business tying on a 1/6 jig head and a 3 inch plastic that I got the other day at my local tackle shop can’t remember the brand it was some weird brand that I found in the discount bin . Anyway first 15 minutes nothing then all of the sudden bang I’m on to something decent drag goes screaming fallowed by some decent headshakes I bring the fish in and manage to get it in the net after a few attempts. It’s a decent size flathead 52cm the flatty was I got a photo and then quickly brain spiked it and bleed it out after that I cast in the same spot and hook a barely legal flathead I do this because sometimes flathead hang around each other I put the fish straight back in the drink then after that it goes quiet again Im thinking about going home because I was kind of sick of the rain and wind at that point but I kept trying I got 2 more fish both of them I dropped probably would have been legal size but not massive fish anyway after that I move off the jettie and try a little gravel bank nothing really there final cast my lure is in 2 inches of water just as I went to lift it out of the water another barely legal flathead comes out of crystal clear shallow water and smash’s my lure and I drag him in I didn’t even bother for a photo at that point because I was sick of the cold and he went straight back in the water
      gear . Shimano sedona 2500 reel match with a 2-4kg daiwa team nero rod 8lb braid 10lb leader 1/6 jig head and 3 inch plastic 
      weather . Light winds every now and then you would get a heavy cold gust of wind . 20C felt like 10C sprinkling rain the whole time . 3 days before the new moon .first second hour of the run out to the second last hour of the run out tide 
      little flathead caught just after the big one 
      Testing out my new reel today

       52cm flathead
      The lure I used 
    • By Breaming with bro
      I’ve been looking at Shimano’s and daiwa’s line of spinning reels lately and I’ve noticed a few things that have confused me. 1 why did shimano upgrade the nexave then a year later they decided to upgrade the sienna they are the exact same reel just with different gear ratios the drag knob and handle are different and also the colours also the sienna has G free body which the nexave doesn’t have. 2 why did daiwa come out with a new Laguna and crossfire . To me daiwa have way to many reels in their line up but why did they bring out the new Laguna and crossfire why didn’t they just discontinue the Laguna and upgrade the crossfire they are both pretty similar reels with minor differences same goes with the revro’s and the aird both are very similar same also applys with the legalis and Exceler and so on am I only one who thinks they could save a bunch of money  by just having fewer reels and putting the spare money into better features in their reels. What are you’re opinions on this am I the only one who notices .or do you think the way they do it now is good? To me the spinning reel line ups don’t make much sense especially daiwas one
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