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Mounting trolling motor to Buster 420

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You should be able to easily mount an electric motor to your tinnie. You will need a plate to mount it on. If there isn’t one there already, you will need to get one welded on. That would be the time to make any adjustments you need to the bowrails. Just make sure you take it to a fabricator who has experience with these sorts of things. Your local Quintrex dealer should be able to recommend someone.

 I have a Minn Kota iPilot on my tinnie and I love it. Go for the longer shaft so that the prop doesn’t pop out of the water in a bit of chop. I would recommend using a separate battery. You need a deep cycle rather than a cranking battery. Bigger is better. I would also recommend cutting the power cable and connecting Anderson plugs to each end, and adding an Anderson plug to your charger so that you can leave the battery in the boat while charging it. You can get a quick release bracket so that you can take the motor on and off if you need to. 

I did a post on installing mine. I will find it and add it to this topic.

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Thanks for the feedback

I'm all ears as it's all new to me.

Went to Aussie Batteries at Warana & they recommended the 120 amp hr lithium 

Watersnake manual says no circuit breaker required ?

Hatch shuts almost water tight under casting deck not much moisture gets in

Leave it open in my shed when not on use

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