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Suggestions on Whiting Rod and Reel please

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Hi AFO,ers 

I am after some suggestions on a new whiting rod and reel.  For both land and boat based fishing (not for surf beaches).  Ideally it should be something that can handle the Flattie bycatch too.  But predominantly bait fishing for whiting.

One of my land based fisho mates on the GC has a Catana (8ft I think) spooled with 8lb braid and he regularly outfishes me in terms of the size of whiting - 37, 38, 39's.  Probably technique mostly but I do regularly catch 30 to 35cm whiting (although not recently - still getting used to boat fishing).  But I have had a fish with his outfit and I do like it but was hoping for similar in a shorter rod.

The rod I currently use was a much appreciated hand me down from a friend and is a good all rounder but definitely not whippy - blackhawk Ecooda have it paired with my Nasci 2500.

Any suggestions of a rod and reel pairing/combo would be appreciated.  Preferably ones that are readily available to check out at a local tackle shop .

Cheers Kat


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Hi Kat , Ive been using Live Fibre Champion Trophy 10ft 6inch Low rods and Alvey 600 A5 side cast reels loaded whiting 6 lb nylon for whiting for many years . I personally prefer the side cast option for whiting.

I use a Diawa Black Label BL 762 MLFS rod with a 2000 Stella spinning reel with 12lb braid for tossing plastics for  flathead.




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Hi @ellicatI don't know if it is just me but it seems to be hard to find a glass rod with plenty of whip.  What is yours and is it still available? What length is it?

Hi @AUS-BNE-FISHO yeah no point anyone trying to convert me to mono.  Started with braid and just get annoyed every time I use mono 😸.  I know mono is good for certain types of fishing and would use it where the floating line helped but only if necessary (most fishos with years of experience that I know use mono but I just can't make that leap yet).  In terms of the ugly stick thrones I have checked out don't seem very whippy to me?  Am I wrong?  I know there are lots of different types of rods from same manufacturers and each tackle shop only has certain options in stock at any one time.  And yes I am a Shimano lass - just haven't had good experiences with the Daiwa reels.  Although have never had a decent one.  The cheap ones I have been given/bought really put me off.  The drags seem so sticky and the reels have not felt as good as the Shimano.

Hi @Neil Stratford.  As I said the guys I know often use Alvey's with mono and generally really long whippy rods (one mate has had his for decades and he calls it the killer - he outfishes me easily! Bits so do most other people I fish with 🙂 These types rods are quite old and wouldn't be available now.  I am still learning so many things not sure I really want to learn how to use an Alvey but I have read that they have their advantages over spinning reels - 1.  If you accidentally dunk them in the estuary like I did last week (because I was tired and not thinking) then you don't lose your investment or at least you don't have to panic clean, rinse and stress for the next few weeks!  I seem to remember that they are also good for letting our line for timid fish?  Honestly so much to learn can't remember half of it most days 🙄.  Not sure if I can afford the live fibre you have or if it is still available? and certainly can't afford the Stella!  Although it is my dream reel and is definitely on the bucket list along with a metre long flattie lol.  


Thanks all for the suggestions so far.  Looked at a Gary Howard today but need it to fit in both the car and the boat so a two piece required but not in stock yet and I am being talked into a 9ft rather than 8ft.  So that is an option if the stock comes in on Tuesday.  Really need to pair it with something and see if it will be too heavy for me to hold and cast from the edges of an estuary or beach for hours on end.


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1 hour ago, Kat said:

Hi @AUS-BNE-FISHO yeah no point anyone trying to convert me to mono.  Started with braid and just get annoyed every time I use mono 😸.  I know mono is good for certain types of fishing and would use it where the floating line helped but only if necessary (most fishos with years of experience that I know use mono but I just can't make that leap yet).  In terms of the ugly stick thrones I have checked out don't seem very whippy to me?  Am I wrong?  I know there are lots of different types of rods from same manufacturers and each tackle shop only has certain options in stock at any one time.  And yes I am a Shimano lass - just haven't had good experiences with the Daiwa reels.  Although have never had a decent one.  The cheap ones I have been given/bought really put me off.  The drags seem so sticky and the reels have not felt as good as the Shimano.

Hey Kat

Fair enough. I use a model called the Ugly Stik 'Gold'. They are 2-4KG. They are quite whippy in my opinion. I like Shimano too, especially the light spin reels. 

If you have a better rod you like than I'd use that. 

Cheers Hamish

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Hey Hamish.  I don't have a better rod - that is why I am asking 🐱.  Just didn't know if I was looking at the same rod you were referring to. Probably not.  Will have a look now.  Is it an ugly stick model that is still readily available?  Or did you buy yours a while ago...?

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Hey Brian - glad to know I am sort of on the right track.  Are you completely satisfied with it - or if you had your choice again would you buy a longer two piece version?  Thanks wait to hear from you when you have a look.  Wont be rod shopping again until Tuesday avo.

Cheers Kat

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Gary Howard breambo 3W. 

Its a 9ft, 3 wrap glass rod that is built for whiting. Best whiting rod on the market imo. 


Another mate uses a cheaper rod that has interchangeable solid tips. It's really whipy and about 8ft long. He got it from Kmart I think. 

He also swears by baitrunner style reels for the larger elbow slapper fish.

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Just incase your still looking and or haven’t decided or just not sure yet . Another good rod to check out .Atomic arrows bream surface rod has plenty of whip and is great for bait and lure fishing . It’s a 1.5-3.5kg rod and it’s perfect for whiting bream and flathead. Mine is matched up with a shimano Stradic 1000 spooled with 6lb braid . It’s 7 foot so perfect for both landbased and non landbased fishing. There are some other good rods people have mentioned on this thread but I think the arrows bream surface would make top 3 best mentioned. Especially considering if your mainly going for whiting and maybe the odd flathead and also for both landbased and non landbased . Rods over 7 foot can be a bit of a hassle on boats. The rod comes in a 1 piece and 2 piece model . Match’s 1000 size Shimano reels and daiwa 2000 size reels.

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    • By benno573
      Hi all,
      had a bit of an interesting start to my whiting and sand crab session with some mates on their boat last Saturday.
      the boat lives in the dry dock at horizon shores and given the forklift driver doesn’t start until 730am and we asked for it to be put in the water the night before for a 6am start on Saturday to meet the low tide. Arrived bang on time, no boat in water... 😣 twiddled thumbs... twiddled thumbs... finally boat gets on the water and away at 725...
      we headed straight to one of the yabby banks to try and get the days bait - seal failed on the yabby pump, no suction. Spare seal on board, not able to get the wingnut undone to replace. Spray spray spray... wait wait wait... swear swear swear... finally got it undone by which stage the bank was underwater.  Dropped the pots in quickly to try and salvage something from the day at least. Drove 15 minutes up the road to another bank - finally had bait sorted. Then drove back to the chosen spot, first line hit the water just after 930. So much for the early start...
      the fish weren’t in huge numbers but the quality was there. We also landed the obligatory quota of bream that we’re all released and a couple of undersized grunter. We managed 14 whiting for the boat with the best at 36.5cm and only one under 30 in about 2 hours before the tide slackened and we stopped for lunch. A good recovery given the start!
      As we were eating the tide just started to run out and I got a hit on a rod I had left out in hope. This was a good fish and peeled some line and everything and had my hopes high for a nice grunter to add to the bag. My hopes were dashed when this pesky fellow surfaced and was promptly bled and released into the slurry 

      goes to show everything loves a yabby. He went a bees thingo under 40cm on the stick.
      we then pulled the pots for an average haul of 6 legal sandies before heading home to meet some deadlines and keep the brownie point balance in positive territory.
      my share of the catch

      Whiting is very popular on the home front too

      Please login or register to view this image  
    • By Neil Stratford
      I decided to go for a whiting fish ,so dug some rock wriggler worms on Thursday  afternoon and let the body recover before going for a fish on Friday night.
      Arrived at Southport just before dark and launched the boat  at the Sundale bridge and proceeded to head upstream to fish a couple of my old haunts.
      First cast I got a 41 cm specimen , so got off to a pretty good start , I worked three rods through to about 11pm  for 28 nice whiting and a couple of bream ,then decided to have a sleep in the cabin till sunrise . I had a few more casts and got two more whiting to top my bag limit ,then went back in . Pulled the hose out the back of the car and washed the boat and trailer at the car park and headed home  with just the fish to fillet.

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      Hi all
      I was lucky enough to be invited out for the second time in the school holidays on Brian's ( @ellicat's ) boat, along with Steve ( @Old Scaley ). Kat ( @Kat ) was also coming along in her boat, and the plan was to meet at the ramp at about 7. It was a public holiday, so we did think it would be busy. After meeting up at 6 and driving to the ramp at Jacob's Well (and stopping at Gem Bait and Tackle for live worms) we were putting the boat in a bit before 7. We decided to head off and meet Kat on the water, so after a short boat ride through the vast expanse of mangrove lined saltwater we had arrived at the first chosen location. We all cut up some worm and lowered our baits into the water. 

      This was the weather for the whole day. It was windy but that kept us cool at least!
      After a short period of time and a few little nibbles, Steve began the day with a small whiting. I followed suite shortly after, and a bit more time passed. Brian nailed a little one now, as well. I gave my worm a big cast, and after about five minutes I had a better hit on my rod. This fish was pretty decent, and we were all happy to see a 41CM flatty surface beside the boat. After a bit of mucking after dehooking and brain spiking it, he was quickly released to the esky.

      I retied my hook and trace, and then got another bit of worm out. This time, my line was smashed! It was a good bite, but I called it for something little. That was until it got near the boat. My little 2500 sized reel began to feel the sheer strength of this large fish of some sort as it tugged hard on the end. It ran down deep and in it's desperate bid of freedom to escape almost tangled in the prop. Luckily, Brian expertly slid the net under the large whiting just before it could escape. We were all excited - it went 34CM on the measuring stick. That's a new PB for me. Woohoo!!!

      Good Whiting
      At this spot, we all got a couple more nibbles, and if my memory serves me correctly, Steve and Brian pulled in some more undersize whiting. It got pretty quiet here though, which was a bit of a bummer, but we moved on to a spot that had proved successful before. After a long and treacherous voyage where sandbars and anchored boats were treated like the balls in a game of dodge ball, we were there. The anchor was dropped and our worms were deployed. We were running low, so some of the frozen worms were used. Unfortunately, despite upping the sinker size, and braving it out in the wind, we could not entice any fish whatsoever. Around this time, Kat came along in her boat, and we met up. We all hatched a plan to go to a nearby spot where we could beach the boat. We drove here, had a quick chat, and planned the rest of the day. It was good to catch up Kat! And thanks for the delicious snacks👍
      We managed to get to the next spot without drama, so we anchored up and deployed baits. The comp was on now - yabbies (on C-jay, Kat's boat), and live blood worms (on Ellicatch, Brian's boat). Now, this is where good 'tings started to happen. I believe Steve got the first keeper, which put up a fun fight once it saw the boat, followed by Brian. It was looking good for Brian when he pulled up a large whiting which almost made it to the 40CM mark, at 35.5CM! A great whiting! I eventually managed one too, a couple centimetres below this. They were all sizeable, but the bite was timid, and until they were really close to the boat, the fight was timid too. I believe at this point it was 3 all, to all of us, and the tide started to slow. Steve nailed another large whiting, which was a very similar size to Brian's big one. 

      I think this biggun was 35.5CM. One of the biggest for the day!

      Another biggun. 

      One of mine
      I cast my bait out towards the bank, and Brian and Steve kept theirs's out on the deeper side. I felt a little bite and before I knew it, I was winding in another slick silver ingot of whiting. This was one of the smallest for the day, at a mere 26CM. I also caught a small flatty at this spot, which was about 10CM (beyond me how I hooked it). After a little while longer Brian wound his line in and to our surprise a very sizeable whiting was residing on the end, which didn't even put a bend in the rod until it was in close. We were all happy with that!
      After this, we stayed here a little bit longer. I began flicking a lure around but I had no luck, and the bait fishing was quiet. The decision was made to head over to the Tiger Mullet Channel, where we would continue our whiting quest. Kat followed us along and we both trolled a couple lures on the way other, for no fish. The sounder was showing a little bit of bait in certain spots, which looked promising at the beginning. At the TMC, the skipper of a larger boat flagged us down because he had hit the bottom. We did some reconnaissance to find the deepest area he could be in around the boat and then he was on his way back in the channel 👍. At the chosen location, which was near a sandbar, I continued to flick my plastic around. A prawn imitation lure I was using got some nibbles, from a presumed whiting, but unfortunately, I did not catch anything. Steve and Brian, on the other hand, each managed catches of weed, and undersize whiting. Lol. 
      The final spot of the day was on the opposite side of the TMC, and I resorted back to bait here. I hooked an even smaller flatty than before, which I couldn't even feel on the line, and apart from that it was quite quiet here. On my next cast, I flicked my line so hard that it snapped. It was tangled around my reel and I did not notice. That was annoying, but after that, I was tasked with pulling the anchor up and we were fast tracked to get back to the ramp. 
      After retrieving the boat and the rather uneventful drive home, we divided up the fish. There were 13 keeper whiting and one keeper flatty in total. My share have all been filleted and are tomorrow night's tea. 😋 

      The final haul

      My fillets. I did a very bad job (even in my books) so scooped out everything I'd missed. 
      Thanks for having me out again Brian and Steve, I hope you didn't mind! Kat, it was good to catch up too! I hope everyone enjoyed this report as much as I enjoyed the day fishing! 🙂 
      Stats of Trip - 
      Tide: 2:42AM, .4M, Low, 8:20AM, 1.5M, High, 2:30PM, .3M, Low
      Moon Phase: Waning Crescent, 5%
      Bait Caught: -
      Bait Used: Live Worms
      Fish Caught: Whiting x 13 (keepers), Flathead x 1 (keepers)
      TAckle Used: 12LB braid mainline, on a Ugly Stik Gold 2-5KG and Diawa Shinobi 2500 reel. I did not look at what Steve and Brian were using. We were using 6-10 pound leaders, with size 2-4 ball sinkers, small long shank hooks, live worms, and barrel swivels. 
      Humidity: 32%
      Temperature (air): 29 degree High 
      Air Pressure: 1004
      Overall Success Rate: 95% - a great day out!!!
      Cheers Hamish

      Please login or register to view this image  
      Hi all
      Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited out as a decky on the Nerang River, with Brian ( @ellicat ), and Steve ( @Old Scaley ). The game plan was to fish for the iconic Sand Whiting, and hopefully land a 40CM whopper. It was a very enjoyable day on the water, and we all caught at least one legal fish each. I met Brian and Steve at about 8:30AM, and after a quick stop in at Gem Bait and Tackle to pick up live worms, we were at a boat ramp on the Nerang River. After going back to grab my life jacket (which I left in the car), we anchored up at the first spot near the ramp.
      Live worms were deployed, and our hopes were high. Unfortunately, after about a half hour fishing here, we had not yet managed to pull up any fish. Steve had gotten one small bite and that was it. The call was made to move to the next spot, so we motored along in hope of a whiting. The next spot was somewhat more successful, and after a quick toilet stop on the way there, and a wrong turn, we were anchored up in front of a sandy park. Brian was kind (or trusting) enough to let me drive the boat a little bit, so for a while I got to drive the boat at 5 knots! Woohoo!

      Driving is fun!
      This spot was slightly more successful than the first, and Steve was some fish to begin with. After a of couple bites, he had pulled up a small bream. I missed some bites and then Steve got another little fish, which was a Moses Perch with stripes and a darker skin colour. Steve hooked another bream here that would've been just legal, and I hooked a small one too. Seeing as though we were being plagued by small stuff here, we moved down the river to another likely looking spot. 
      Straight away at this spot, there were bites. After a little while, I was onto a fish. This was a bit bigger than the pickers which were constantly biting our lines, and it was a just legal bream. Seeing as though he was gut hooked we kept this one. Brian eventually jagged a bream as well, which was good as it meant we were all off the donut. At this location, Steve managed a legal tarwhine - or at least I think so. I was looking forward to eating some fish so I asked if I could take him and no one minded. We managed a couple more small bream here but after that the call was made to move back to the first spot. The tide had changed now so the theory was the whiting would be on the bite. It was getting a bit later in the day and surprisingly the wind had not picked up, but it was still quiet on the whiting front.
      We decided to cross under a bridge to fish one of Brian's spots on the other side. At first, we anchored quite close to the bank, near a sandbar. In a matter of minutes, the first fish for this spot was boated - an undersize bream that Steve had hooked. I then proceeded to get a couple of bites, but I did not hook any fish. After a little while longer, Brian's rod bent over in the rod holder. There were tense moments as the fish was coming up, and when it was landed we were all happy to see a 32CM whiting! 

      The best whiting for the day
      After that whiting, we decided to move along to slightly deeper water (in front of a sand bar). We were hoping the fish would be here. I got some surging bites, which we predicted to be a flathead, but now I think back it was probably just my sinker on the bottom. While we were sitting down, the wind kicked up. This was only in the last hour, so we didn't really complain. It had been pretty calm for most of the day! Steve then hooked up to something large, which was either a flathead or stingray. It ended up spitting the hook, which was a bummer. Someone in a speedy boat came zipping by yelling something at us (none of us knew why - if we had not been there and he followed where we were he would've hit a sandbar, and we weren't anywhere near the channel), but just after Brian hooked up to another fish. It was putting up an OK tussle, and the biggest bream for the day came aboard the boat. 
      With this, we gave it a little longer, but then it was time to reel in our lines and head off. I clumsily and accidentally tipped out the remaining worms and water instead of just the water from the bucket, which was embarrassing. We motored back the ramp and pulled up. At home, I filleted the fish (Brian and Steve were kind enough to give them all to me), and they will be tonight's dinner.

      Please login or register to view this image I will scale, gut, and head the next bream I catch - cooking them whole would be easier!
      Thanks again for taking me out @ellicat and @Old Scaley. I had a great time!!!
      Here are the stats of the trip for anyone interested - 
      Stats of Trip - 
      Tide: 6:40AM, .2M, Low, 12:00PM, 1.0M, High, 6:50PM, .2M, Low
      Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
      Bait Caught: - 
      Bait Used: Live Bloodworms
      Fish Caught: Many undersize bream, 1 x Moses Perch, 2 x Legal Bream, 1 x Legal Tarwhine, 1 x Whiting
      Tackle Used: Size 2 and 4 ball sinkers, small long shank hooks, small swivels, 6 and 10 pound traces, light mainline. I had an Ugly Stik 2-5KG with a 2500 Diawa Shinobi with 12LB Braid - I'm not sure what Brian and Steve were using. 
      Humidity: 54-57 percent
      Air Pressure: 1015-1020
      Location: Nerang River, Gold Coast
      Overall Success Rate: 70% - while the target species were scarce it was still a fun day with some keepers!
      Cheers Hamish
    • By Daryl McPhee
      It was another good day at Shorncliffe Pier. Cribb Island worms and yabbies produced a nice mixed bag of fish for a few hours effort in the afternoon. 

      Please login or register to view this image
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