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Hi Brian

Sorry for the late reply. Exams are done now!

I should be free every day except for the 28th. So the 5th works for me, if that's what everyone wants.

@Cavvy should be along too. 

I think I might get there early and fish for whiting and flatheads, or I might end up getting the train there with my bike. 

Cheers Hamish 

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@Kat Brett, Amber, Charlotte






@Drop Bear


@Ed. and Audrey




High tide is about 10am on the day. I'll get there about then and setup (hopefully under a hut) and let everyone know where we'll be for the day, in this thread.

Fire away with any questions -

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13 hours ago, Kat said:

Been craving chocolate caramel slice since I stopped myself buying one at a cafe the other day - so for those of you who don't like chocolate or caramel (you would have to be insane) - then sorry no sweeties for you 😺

Um... I like Chocolate... and um .... I like caramel... please may I have some more? 

Hungry Food GIF

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1 hour ago, Ed. said:

So is anybody going to be fishing there as well or is it just a social "barby" and get together?

I'll just be doing the social thing but I'm guessing Hamish and Kat and co will have a fish at some stage. High tide is about 10am if you're keen, otherwise I'm thinking we'll kick off about 11.30/12. (I'll be there at 10 if anyone wants to come early.)

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