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Alloy 5m to 5.5m half cab need help

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Looking for half cab up to 5.5m. I fish the bay and off shore. Budget it round $40 - $55k. Looked at horizon scorpion and people say they are too bouncy, quinine welds are poor and over priced. It’s terrible that you cannot water test. I don’t know anyone that would buy a car for $50k and not take it for a drive. 


Scarborough ough 

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For that price you'd be looking second hand, or buy a kit and build it yourself. 


All mass produced boats are built to a budget. 

There are some terrible riding hulls out there that's for sure. 

I won't name the bad ones but sea jay and quintrex/stacer are good riding hulls for mass produced boats. I've owned both brands and liked them for what they were. 


Ally boats will crack, well the ones that get used do anyway. It's a given, just as fibreglass boats rot internally. Most cracks are easy to repair. 

Keep in mind that if the boat has a tank fitted under floor then that may have to be removed to repair cracks etc.. Most fabricators will demand the tank be removed for safety reasons. 



I personally would not lay down large cash amounts for any boat without a water test first. 

Also, lift up the floor if you can to inspect the bulkheads, stringers and keel from the inside. 

A lot of manufacturers hide their dodgy works under the floor. They grind back visible welds but tend to leave under the floor cause it's out of site. 

If the welds look like Mr Percivals excrement then it gives you an idea of the quality you're looking at. 

Take your time and good luck. 

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