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Bananas on boats - Good Luck or Bad Luck?

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Ive taken bananas on boats many times and caught fish, have also been on other boats where the skipper is woofing into them, without any catastrophies unfolding.

Having said that, I have smashed many...many mirrors in my time, and have no qualms  about walking under ladders either, I think it’s entirely up to the individual to decide what sits best with them, and who or what to blame when things go south,

Brian, that’s some mighty fine looking worms you got there, I haven’t been able to restock my supply since panic buying became a thing, did you get them from ALDI?, haha

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Apparently it was very bad luck a few centuries ago. The story goes that when the Europeans traders first arrived in the South Pacific they began transporting tropical fruits in their wooden Luggers. The bananas give off a gas and also rot quickly, and the boat’s timber hull would rot and down she goes.  It sure if they have the same effect on aluminium or fibreglass, but there you go.

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1 hour ago, ellicat said:

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Yeah the BF did say I was opening a can of worms - however, he did give me the sideways squinty eyed look when I was about to pack Bananas for the kids in the Esky on a recent fishing trip!  At the time I decided to leave them at home in the fruit bowl...

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6 hours ago, tugger said:

Caught plenty of fish with bananas on my boat

Yep.... Me too. 




It's a load of garbage. 

The story has been hijacked by superstition. Well I'm to poor to be superstitious. 


Old scaley is onto it. 

Fruit boat crews years ago would trade stories of fish catches when back at Port. 

It was said that all fruit transporters caught good hauls of fish except the banana boats. They had limited fish and sometimes none at all. 

It was because bananas rot quickly, so the vessel transporting the fruit would have to be at optimum speed all the time hence the crew didn't catch much along the way. 

The other boats didn't have to be so fast so they had time to fish etc, and could pull up in sheltered waters if conditions were bad. 

Not the Nana boats. They just kept going. 



Check out Andy's fishing. 

He makes a point of eating a banana an episode just to put the rumours to rest. 

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13 hours ago, rayke1938 said:

If you bring bananas on my boat i will guarantee that you will not catch fish and have a quick trip back to ramp and possibly even a swim.

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Yes I know - @ellicattold me the story about going out with you and after not catching much brought out a bag of banana lollies!

I think it was the first day I went out with @deegee12g, before I had ever heard of the Banana superstition, I was on a diet and pulled out morning tea, a 🍌.  I received an evil sideways glance and got the story.  @deegee12galso told me if it was you I would probably be thrown overboard lol.

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Perhaps we need to do some blind trials. Get the miss's to either hide one in the boat or not and check results after you are back and after you know if there is a nana in the boat. Me thinks it won't make much difference 🙂
I hope this Summer and Autumn I will get to do lots of fishing from Amity. Gonna try and chase squid and whiting and crabs. 


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    • By rayke1938
      Very slow day for me today. Did not boat a fish until after 11am after a 5.30am start and then I only boated 2 bass.  I would have had a yella but I elected not to use the landing net ad the fish was only lipped so it was an auto release. Tai did better contributing to a final tally of 7 bass and 5 yellas and one lone spangled perch. At least we had good weather with no rain and the wind was not too bad. Been a while since Tai has been out with me and I really enjoyed his company plus the delicious salad for lunch. Skippy supervised us while we did the shrimp pots. Percy was conspicuous by his absence but around 30 of his mates were roosting on the ramp when Todd launched.

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      Hey guys
      Heading to Swains reef 27th of October 2022. Just doing as much research as I can now.  
      I’m wondering, is this a decent guide on what species to expect there for that time of year?

      Please login or register to view this content I know it’s Cairns but I figure the species should be somewhat similar?
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      also, what are peoples thoughts on a Daiwa demonblood 5’6 - 6-8 paired with a Talica 12 2spd with 65lbs braid for trolling for the game species there… dog tooth, spaniards, sail fish, small marlin etc 
      if anyone can give me any more valuable knowledge of the Swains that’d be awesome. Heading there with bigcatreality, looking forward to it. 
    • By rayke1938
      Went to western arm where the rain varied between torrential to a light drizzle. We put up the umbrella as soon as we launched and went straight to the tip of Ians island and tied up between 2 trees. The bass were hungry and willing but unfortunately so were the barred grunter. We ran out of bait and decided it was too dangerous to do the shrimp traps as the trees tend to drop branches when they are wet. We ended up back at the ramp at 10am with 58 bass and one tandan and the eagle enjoyed a feed of barred grunter. Had to run the bilge pump a few times to get rid of the rain water.

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    • By Kat
      Last Tuesday the fishing weather gods aligned and the BF managed to get the day off work.  We headed to the GC Seaway departing from South Maclean about 2.30am.  Unfortunately had a couple of stops to make before launching at the Spit boat ramp so the sun was already coming up when we launched.  The bar crossing was a non-event as the weather, tide and swell was almost perfect.  I logged our trip by phone - my first time logging a trip.  The plan was to return about 3pm.
      We headed to the 36 fathoms found a bait ball on the sounder and I dropped my Sabiki bringing up a minimum of four slimy mackerel each drop.  Once I had dropped the bait jig three times we decided we had enough live bait for the time being.  We dropped a live bait and another two rigs with squid at the same spot.  No joy.
      We hit another mark or two close by and did a drift or two, again with no joy!
      It was difficult to find bottom, the current was raging through despite the reports otherwise.
      We decided to head back in a little and fished one of the FAD's.  My first drop I felt a couple of small taps, felt like I might have had a couple of bait fish on (Paternoster rig with two dropper hooks - No. 5/0 for snapper).  Pulled up a baby flatty and another barely legal (the latter released to the Esky to accompany the whiting fillets in the freezer).  
        The next few drops we both pulled up small flatties.  Other smaller reef fish were landed and then the BF got wrapped around the FAD by an unidentified fish.
      We decided to move further in and head South East to a couple of marks.  The first mark produced some decent snapper after a few drifts, my PB, which measured 50cm on the boat and had shrunk a couple of cm by the time he hit the Bragmat!  I also got a 37cm one and a couple of unders.  The BF got a couple of unders, a 60cm (again it had shrunk by the time it hit the Bragmat).  On the last drift the BF hooked a monster that he swears was a Snapper, it peeled off the drag and unfortunately the hook pulled.  I have never heard so many choice words erupting from his mouth!  The F word continued every few minutes all the way home!  Lol.  All of you know this feeling I am sure.  
      For the first time offshore on C-Jay with no marks of our own I thought the trip was very successful - I feel another addiction coming on!

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    • By rayke1938
      Slow day at NPD on sunday not only did the fish not play the game my ulterra went prop up so i went old school with no spot lock or go to feature. Just motoring around on the stern mount and having to anchor up when i found a school. The fish were hard to find and even harder to entice a bite. Only real success was slow trolling live shrimp around the drop off near fad 0. Total of only 10 fish for the day.
      Cheers Ray

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