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Suburbs Of Origin 21/22 Summer Slam - Competition Rules and Details

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13 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

So much fun mate, Thanks again for organising it. 

It is a shame that team South will win again as I do like a competition and it would be fantastic if team north could level up the score...

the previous statement may or may not be true...


says the bloke making artificial reefs for his personal use haha

who's to say you aren't throwing a few oyster baskets in some secret spots that only you know....its a conspiracy!

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9 hours ago, christophagus said:

says the bloke making artificial reefs for his personal use haha

who's to say you aren't throwing a few oyster baskets in some secret spots that only you know....its a conspiracy!

Bugger, I thought that drone flying over us the other day had a video camera @Drop Bear ........ 🙃

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  • 5 weeks later...

I think it might be an idea next year to include a couple of more inclusive categories such as a general one for reef fish (other than the specific ones such as snapper). I’ve made it out twice since the competition began and have caught grassies (legal), Venus Tusk fish (one just barely legal and one a bit better) and 2 Red Emperor (nowhere near legal) but none qualify. Just an idea, so that a few of us poor unfortunates who don’t have secret spots or techniques can feel like we are participating. 

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22 hours ago, christophagus said:

Now I’ve had a suggestion to extend the comp due to the crap weather…how does everyone feel about this? 
I won’t name names, but so the North is t accused of cheating, the suggestion came from a southsider! Haha

im think extend to the end of Jan…

Happy to have it extended. 

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12 hours ago, Jono4500 said:

I'm all for an extension but only if Southside agree. There smashing us. 

I am on the Southside. I think this is more about a fun thing to get people out fishing and see their catches and have a bit of fun banter etc... so I'm fully in favour of letting the hapless northsiders cheat a bit and get the extension 🤣 Like the cricket, its a lot more fun if it is a close race.... (I don't really mean that about the cricket.. smash the poms) 

cricket GIF

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    • By christophagus
      Please login or register to view this image UNIQUE ITEM :   Blue! It can be the word blue, or a blue item. As long as it’s pictures with the fish on a measuring device 
      I will update this as often as i can. Please only submit any competition entries on this topic
      For comp rules and details, see the below topic.
    • By christophagus
      Well well well...just when you thought id missed the comp for this year. Well, i kind of did due to a hell of a lot happening during the year for myself but that's all in the past now.
      Welcome to the SUBURBS OF ORIGIN 21/22 SUMMER SLAM!!
      To mix things up, there are a few things changing for this years competition. First of all, its being held over the summer months/Xmas time (proposed 11/12/2021 - 16/01/2022, please vote in the poll). I know it is a very busy time on the water, but its also the only time of the year some people have the opportunity to go fishing. The idea of this is to get as many people involved as possible. Id imagine this time of year would allow most people to fish. Second of all, something that will have a greater impact on the comp (how the scoring is determined), instead of having one winner per category, there will now be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each fish species. Each place will have a corresponding score. 1st (3 points) 2nd (2 points) 3rd (1 point). For either team North or South to win, they will need to have scored the most points overall. Make sense? Also, given this will be held over summer, I've now included a shark category. For this category, only "legal" sharks will be accepted (1.5m or lower). In the off chance that two identical length fish are caught, then all anglers who catch that exact same sized fish species will be awarded the same point. Eg: two people catch a bream that is 35cm which is the joint biggest fish. Both angles will score 1st/ 3 points (of course, this only applies when a Team North and team South anglers catch the same sized fish). So the same team cannot share and double up on points for any given place. Ideally, the measurement should be down to the mm, but that is not always the case as not everyone has a brag mat that goes down to the mm.  
      Like last year, i will be give the winners of each category the opportunity to buy a trophy, as well as all members of the winning team. 
      There will be 3 topics associated with this comp. This one which is a general thread for ideas, general chat about the event, a poll for dates of the comp as well as team lists. A topic to go over all of the rules for the event, and a topic for the updated leader board and entry submissions. Further topics will be created once the dates are confirmed.
      For those who don't know, the dividing line is the Brisbane river. if you live North of the river, you're team North as well as a legend. If you live in the dregs of the world south of the River, you are a dirty dirty team south member. Let me know and i will add you to the team lists below. As always, this is a free event with the glory of the win being the prize!
      Team North @christophagus@Jono4500@Tuna are fish@Angry51@benno573@Matt83
      Team South @ellicat @Neil Stratford@AUS-BNE-FISHO@tugger@kmcrosby78@Drop Bear@rayke1938@Old Scaley@Junky@Kat
    • By christophagus
      First of all, well done to everyone who competed in this years comp, we had a fairly big amount of interest and banter which is the whole reason of the event.
      Secondly, well done to TEAM SOUTH for a dominant win. There is no other way to put it except for it was a crushing defeat with an 11 species to 1 win.
      Well done to our Champions listed below 
      Yellowfin Bream CHAMPION @Daryl McPhee 33.5cm

      Australian Bass CHAMPION @rayke1938 39cm

      Whiting CHAMPION @Daryl McPhee 36cm

      Flathead CHAMPION @AUS-BNE-FISHO 55cm

      Snapper CHAMPION @Junky 78cm

      Mulloway CHAMPION @Allnighter 103.5cm

      Golden Perch CHAMPION @rayke1938 42.5cm

      Tailor CHAMPION @samsteele115 45cm

      Tuna CHAMPION @tugger 51cm

      Mackerel CHAMPION @Drop Bear 49cm

      Cod CHAMPION @Breaming with bro 41cm

      Trevally CHAMPION @samsteele115 54cm

      As said before im happy to arrange trophies for each category and for each winner of TEAM SOUTH if you would like one. Completely up to you (cost of trophy + postage if you want one). Just PM me if youd like me one and ill get the ball rolling

      Please login or register to view this image
    • By christophagus
      This is the offical leaderboard topic. All fish that are to be submitted are to be done so in this topic, cannot be submitted by posting a seperate report. The photo MUST be posted into this topic. The fish must be photographed on a bragmat/ any other measuring device where the length can clearly be seen. It also must be photographed with the unique symbol while on the measuring device. The unique symbol will be announced tonight at 6pm (check below after 6pm tonight). Full comp details are in the below linked post.
      The leaderboard will be updated as often as i can.
      Unique Symbol :  The number 3! It can be written or three fingers. 

      Please login or register to view this image  
    • By christophagus
      Suburbs of Origin! 22nd of August – 20th of September 8pm
      After skipping a year last year, the mighty Suburbs of Origin is back! Only this time, its not just for those in SEQ. it is open to everyone! Though the dividing line is still the Brisbane River. This is the 4th year of this comp. I do not remember who won the first competition, but Team South won in 2017, and Team North won in 2018. So the competition this year is anyone’s for the taking! There are some changes this year (open to anyone in the country) as well as I’m sure you are all now aware, it is now a one round competition. So instead of the traditional 3 round series, it will be a “winner takes all” one round competition that will last for an entire month, so no excuses for not having the time to fish or bad weather. Also new this year, more species. The more the merrier, plus it gives everyone more chances to target different species and just makes for a more interesting competition. Also, I’ve split some categories up compared to previous years. So now we have 13 species to target. Species list below.
      In years gone by, this has always been a free event which is still the case, the bragging rights are enough of a prize for some! However, I’ve decided to give the winners an opportunity to have a trophy to show off their win…let me explain this a bit further. There is a trophy available to each species category winner and will say something like “SUBURBS OF ORIGIN 2020 – BREAM CHAMPION – Joe Bloggs”. Up to the winner if they want their name or not on the trophy. For the winning team, there is also the opportunity to have a “SUBURBS OF ORIGIN 2020 CHAMPIONS – TEAM NORTH” which will be available to anyone on the winning team who wants one regardless if you catch any fish or not as this is a team based event. The trophy will probably look like this below (tbc and finalised at the end of the comp) 14cm tall, and the cost of it will need to be paid for by the winning angler who wants one. Completely up to each individual, if bragging rights are enough then that’s cool too.  I figured the chance at winning a trophy might bring out the competitive streak in people! Cost will be around $10 for the trophy plus postage (or pickup if that’s easier). I’ll be the contact to organise this at the end of the comp.
      To keep it plain and simple, if you live North of the Brisbane river, you are Team North
      If you live South of the Brisbane river, you are Team South
      It’s not about where you were born, just about where you live now
      Unique item : the number 3! It can be written or three fingers.
      Yellowfin Bream, Australian Bass, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Mulloway or Teraglin (Jew), Threadfin Salmon, Golden Perch (yellow belly), Tailor, Tuna, Mackerel, Cod (any type freshwater or salt) and Trevally (any type) .
       For a team to win, they must win the majority of available species (more species than the other team). Why these species? Because regardless of how (boat, kayak or land) or where you fish, you will be able to target these species. To win a species category, an angler from either Team North or Team South must catch the longest of that species. It does not matter if one team catches more of any particular species, it comes down to the size of the fish. One 30cm bream will beat 5x 29cm bream from the other team. Quality, not quantity. Hope that makes sense.

      To keep it fair, the night before the opening day of fishing, a unique symbol will be released that must be pictured with the catch along with your team name (North or South) submissions can be made online in the topic that I will create to keep a up to date leader board for all to see (topic will be called “SUBURBS OF ORIGIN 2020 LEADER BOARD” and will be created closer to the event start). Each time a new longest species is caught, I will update the original post to let everyone know what Team is in front and who is winning each category. The unique symbol will be as easy as writing or drawing on a piece of paper (or a hand signal), which can be easily placed next to the fish. Fish where you want, just because you’re a Team North member doesn’t mean that you have to fish North of the Brisbane river and vice versa. All competition submissions must be loaded into the leader board topic by 8pm on the final day of the competition! The unique symbol will be posted in both this topic and the leader board topic.
      To submit a entry, you will need a photo of the fish on a brag mat or some form of measuring device that clearly displays the length of the fish along with the unique symbol and your team name. This entry must be uploaded to the topic “SUBURBS OF ORIGIN 2020 LEADER BOARD” before 8pm on the final day of the competition. Even if you catch a fish that isn’t as big as one already submitted, feel free to post it up anyway as it would be great to see how everyone is going regardless.
      The date has been set so that the competition starts when the snapper closure has been re-opened. 
      The more anglers involved the better! This competition isn’t designed to push us against each other, but to just get some friendly banter going among this awesome community that we have going here on AFO.
      The gauntlet has been thrown down! Who is keen? To nominate what team you are on, just comment on this post and I will add your name to the below list
      TEAM NORTH : @Leosonfire @GregOug @benno573@Breaming with bro @Cobiaaddict@christophagus
      TEAM SOUTH : @Allnighter @kmcrosby78 @Old Scaley @AUS-BNE-FISHO @ellicat @Cavvy @samsteele115 @rayke1938 @Drop Bear @tugger @shaun1800 @Another Wazza @NguyenD @Kat

      Please login or register to view this image
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