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Tsunami in Tonga - warning for Australia East Coast

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You may have already seen/heard that there was a tsunami in Tonga today. Fingers crossed for the Tongan people that there isn't too much damage/loss of life. A warning has been issued for our section of the East Coast of Australia for tonight. My family are planning to go through Sth Passage Bar at first light Monday morning so we'll be monitoring any lingering effect of this on swell, etc. 

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Well, we caught the bait, but didn't manage to put any real fish in the esky 😞. The bar was a formidable force but we got out fine. Only managed to get two (probable AJ's/Samsonfish) fish on - me first with a good one that had me struggling to make much headway for the first minute of the fight before the hooks pulled 😞. A little while later my brother had one on and fought it most of the way to the boat, only for it to lunge downwards and pulled the hooks too 🤬. Would have loved to have landed them and also see what size they were.

Wind picked up so at about 11:45am we decided to err on the side of caution (unlike our last trip out where we paid for it on the trip back ....) and cruised back towards the bar at 45kph most of the way. There were some BIG sets rolling in so we sat on the back of one and had to chase it at 35kph to keep ahead of the equally big one behind it. Nice smooth trip back to the ramp and I'm ready for a BIG sleep tonight after taking a while to get to sleep last night before being greeted by my 2:45am wake up call ........ 😬.

Oh and a bit of trivia - I did some research and can confirm that Amberjack and Samsonfish are part of the Trevally family. Was hoping I could get one for the Suburbs of Origin comp 😞.

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