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bullies towards the mouth?

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hey fellas

whenever i hear reports of bullsharks in the brissie river its always from the middle to upper reaches. i was wondering if they are still worth targeting say from the gateway area down towards the mouth of the river. if so what are some areas that i might come up trumps with a few sharks?

thanks for the help


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Ive caught 8ft bulls east of sth passage bar full of young such as terrys from today, looks like the juveniles are the ones that push up river the most, the lower reaches would seem the best bet for a breeder.

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    • By nmiln21
      Hi everyone,
      Wanting to go bull shark fishing this weekend at the Logan river (land based) and I'm wandering what bait to use. I've got a shimano stradic with 12lb line will that be a good line strength to battle one of these beasts. Any help will be appreciated thanks.
    • By Esox_angler
      Huge thanks to @Drop Bear for taking my wife and I out fishing yesterday! We had such a blast! After numerous wrong turns trying to figure out how to drive on the wrong side of the road we finally made it to Drop Bears place 40 minutes late, but once we got out on the water conditions seems great to us Canadians. Neither of us got seasick so that was also a bonus!
      When we got out to the spot we threw some eel down on hooks that were 100 times bigger than anything I have ever used, and let them sit in hopes of catching a shark. We decided that my wife should get the first shot at reeling one in because every time I take her fishing she catches the biggest fish. After about 45 minutes we had our first bite! And just as predicted it turned out to be a nice one! After another 45 minutes of fighting and some seriously tired arms, my wife managed to reel in a nice bull shark! We gave it a quick measure (1.8m) and released it to grow into a bigger one for the next time we are back in Australia!
      Once we returned to our spot and put our eel bait back down it didn't take long for us to get another bite! This time it was my turn! Mine was just over 1m and still put up more of a fight then most fish will in Canada. We were super excited to catch a smaller shark so we could take it home and try some fresh shark for the first time. 
      To top off the day we had a bite that was an absolute zinger! All I could see was the line flying off the spool faster then I have ever seen! We were informed it was too fast to be a shark. Unfortunately it broke off and we never got to see what it was.
      All in all we had an amazing time fishing with Drop Bear yesterday and it will definitely be one of the highlights of our trip here to Australia!
      Thanks so much for taking us out!

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    • By Angus
      Gday everyone.
      We are often talking shark baits and what to use etc etc.
      I want to know from everyone what they have had the most success on. For example i always hear of good sharks being caught on eel. However, i have never seen one caught on eel and most sharks that people tell me about were not caught on eel either.
      So i want to know what bait has caught your best shark, and what bait has caught the most sharks for you.
      I was talking to Neil Shultz today about this very topic and he had this to say
      As a general rule of thumb live baits attract a quicker and more determined response from sharks than dead baits. Livies however aren't the most practical bait, especially when fishing from the shore. Eels are renowned as baits for most land based and some offshore situation for large sharks. If I was chasing a tiger I'd choose a stingray wing as #1 followed by a chunk of eel. I suspect one of the reasons eel is so sought after is because it lasts a long time on the hook, especially where crabs and pickers are a problem.
      I wouldn't bother using eels for bait in the river. Live mullet, bony bream and even catfish are very effective baits for river whalers. For dead baits in the river, mullet, bony bream and saltwater herrings (the bigger the better) top the list, (though I've caught them on glass perch, prawns, mullet gut and even corned beef). The biggest drawback with dead baits in the river are mud crabs and catfish.
      Kind Regards,
      Neil Schultz\".
      So fire away lads.
      Attached is a picture Neil sent me of the most successful shark bait and rig he uses. One thing i noticed and liked was the use of quite small hooks and wire. I think mabe some of us get a bit carried away with this? A lot of people have been complainin about Bullies fightin poorly but could this be because we are pratically pulling them in with a chain. I plan on trying much much lighter set ups come summer.

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    • By christophagus
      Launched the boat at 6am on Sunday morning with the intentions of a lazy morning on the water with some music and food with my fiancé Lauren
      Dropped the anchor, setup the two rigs and threw out two baits….2-3 minutes later (literally, I had barley sat down and just opened a bottle of water) one reel starts peeling off line. Set the hook (I have a new found love for bait runners) and the fight was on. It was a fairly lazy fight of only about 5 minutes and we had our first shark for the morning in the boat. Only a pup at 78cm but still a fun catch. Popped a tag in its back and back in the drink he went.
      An hour passed with a missed hookup before we had another run. Though this next run hit the bait at speed and was swimming against the current. I had to wind in a lot of slack line about 30m worth before I felt any weight, then as soon as I felt the weight the little bull shark started going beserk! Must have had something to do with having a hook in its mouth…maybe he was just in a bad mood…who knows? Another 5 minute battle and we had bully number two in the boat. Another little male that went 77cm, but it fought much harder than the first.  Tag went in and back in the water to fight another day. Happy with twofor the morning, we called it a day. Back home with the boat and gear washed and away by 10am, sure beats sleeping in!
      I never ever get sick of catching these beauties on gear intended for bream. Gear was a 3000 reel, 2-4kg rod, 8lb main line, 40lb mono leader (50cm), 80lb wire trace (50cm) with an 8/0 circle hook. Fresh water eel as bait (always)
      On a side note, just after we got the first on in the boat some bloke went screaming past on his jetski with a big smile on his face. So I held up the shark and showed it to him....I've never seen someone's smile disappear so fast and turn into a worried look, we cracked up laughing after that
      Im hoping to be able to offer a decky spot or two in the coming weeks for anyone who is interested.

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    • By Kjaimer
      Hey guys me and a mate of mine were thinking of fishing off the Mooloolaba Spit wall. Have fished there a few times but caught nothing more than whiting and eagle Ray's. We were thinking of targeting sharks or some mackerel but am wondering what your ideas or tips for fishing the area would be as we would like to have a better idea before heading out. What bait, rig, technique, spot or time to go would be amazing.
      We would be able to move around a little bit of fishing at the trawler jetty is more productive. Any help would be amazing. 
      P.s I'm new to the forums so if I have done anything wrong just let me know. 
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