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WANTED - 15hp 4 stroke outboard


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After a somewhat fruitless search so far I thought I'd post up a topic here.

I'm chasing a 15Hp 4 stroke outboard, the newer the better. Must be in good working order.

Budget is $2K+ for the right outboard. Have cash ready to go. (I'm located in Brisbane)

Feel free to flick me a message here if you have anything that could fit the bill.

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2 hours ago, Angry51 said:

Have a 2015/16 2 stroke 15HP for sale.

Probably too far away to be worth it.

And a 2016 MotorGlide elect for sale.

All as new, at most 20 hours on both.

Haven't used them for 3 years and don't see any sense hanging on

to them. All on 3'85 seajay.

At Ravenswood, that's the problem.

Thanks Angry - but i do have my heart set on a 4 stroke.  Cheers.

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