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Pirtek Fishing Challenge

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OzFish to team up with Pirtek Fishing Challenge to benefit waterways across Australia 

OzFish Unlimited, Australia’s fastest-growing fishing conservation movement, is backing the Pirtek Fishing Challenge to highlight waterway pollution and the impact from invasive pest species.  

The Pirtek Fishing Challenge has raised more than $1.2million for medical research and this year OzFish hopes to expand this impact by encouraging competitors to lend a hand with habitat rehabilitation while participating.  

On top of the $280,000 of prizes up for grabs, competitors are encouraged to conduct rubbish removal in a photo competition to win 10 OzFish prize packs which includes an OzFish Cap, $10 BCF Gift Card, an OzFish Brag Rag, stickers and an OzFish neck buff.  

“As fishos, we spend so much time out in our local waterways, so I think it’s only fair we look to give something back to these places across the weekend. Competitors are encouraged to take rubbish from their local waterway and upload a photo of their efforts to with the Hashtag #PFCCleanUp2022,” said Michael. 

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing socially or in a competition like the Pirtek Challenge, all fishers have a responsibility to ensure that their line and rubbish are coming home with them at the end of the day.  

With over 22 target species nationally, OzFish is also encouraging those competitors who are looking to catch the European Carp and Redfin Perch to not return them to the waterway. Since their introduction into Australia, both these species have posed a major threat to native fish and instead should be dispatched according to the respective states fishing regulations. 

Cassie Price, Director of Habitat Programs at OzFish is thrilled to see fishing competitions like the Pirtek Fishing Challenge taking an active role in educating anglers on issues that threatened our native fish.  

“It’s great to see the PFC include the Carp and Redfin in the target species list. Found in swamps, rivers and freshwater creeks, both these guys are known to outcompete our native fish, through sucking up mud and destroying water quality, overcrowding systems and consuming available food.   

“Every carp removed by a PFC competitor will be a win for the entire fishing community,” said Cassie.  

To find out more about the competition, head over to: https://pirtekfishingchallenge.com.au 

Photos Available: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pwmweo1opzzqbma/AABF2OR8m1IONVYc0Ol7mt5la?dl=0 

Media Contacts  

Jonathon Bleakley | Media Manager – OzFish Unlimited   

0402171914 | jonathonbleakley@ozfish.org.au  

About OzFish   

OzFish Unlimited is a national environmental conservation charity established to improve the health of our rivers, lakes and estuaries. It is a member-based organisation dedicated to make our fishing grounds healthy, vibrant and more productive. Their active work includes habitat restoration such as resnagging, riverbank planting, clean-ups, fishways, shellfish reefs and educational and community

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Welcome to the 2022 Pirtek Fishing Challenge.

This is the 14th year Pirtek has hosted Australia’s biggest national fishing competition. It’s open to everyone – mums, dads, kids and grandparents!

Registration is $25, plus postage. Everyone who registers receives a limited edition Pirtek Fishing Challenge cap, brag mat and sticker.

Plus, each Junior who enters receives a pack of Berkley lures, RRP $9.95.

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Prizes on Offer

These prizes are available for each of the 22 target species across Australia:

Mystery Length $4000 cash
1st Prize $1660 prize pack pack, courtesy of Berkley, Abu Garcia, BAR Group, Mako and Valvoline
2nd Prize $900 prize pack, courtesy of Berkley and Abu Garcia, Mako, and Valvoline
3rd Prize $600 prize pack, courtesy of Lowrance
1st Junior $400 BCF gift voucher
2nd Junior $300 prize pack from Berkley/ABU Garcia
3rd Junior $200 prize pack from Berkley/ABU Garcia
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