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The Pine 10.09.2006


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Well the fishing group that was supposed to go with me chged alittle. As in I was the only origional person going who went. Apparently i smell, so everybody cancelled!;)

It was then up tp my trusted fisho companion, George the crazy leb, to accompany me to the Pine.

We got the the ramp at about 6am and quickly put the boat into the water hoping to race up to the Redcliffe rocks for some squire. This was to be Georges first real SP experience.

Man it was blowie and really choppie. But that was okay. We putted forward with my 6hp beast anyway. Found some rocks and started. Nothing much but a few ht and misses, when all the sudden the clouds that were going the other way spotted us and raced towards us. The God flushed his toilet. We got smashed. We thought we'd be men and stick it out, but it then got harder and windier. So we quickly putted in the Pine for some flatties and hopefully ets cod. Fisrt hook up was mine with a 54cm flattie on HB. Then a little later got a smal Cod on a Berkley Gulp.

Special mention to George, who hooked his first fish on sp today! He hooked a 38cm flattie! Man was he stoked!

Then The toilet flush again. Harder and wetter then before. I was hoping to pop down to a spot \"X\" for some decent sized cod, but as i was the only one not wearing arain jacket, i decided that it would be best to start heading back. About 5 minutes away from my cod spot, it stoppped raining.

As we were about to go the rain came again so we anchored under the H.B bridge and set up our bait rods. Lots of tiny hits but could not hook anything at first. After rebating i forgot to put drag back on and i got smashed by some mosnter. Whatever it was took the bait and went off, easily snapping my 20 lb leader. \"oh fudge and sugar\" i exclaimed as the line went dead.

We then were pestered by some whiting, and i only say pestered because our hooks seemed too big for them. However, i did get 1 legal, whish i kept alive then released as it was the only one caught.

All in all, good day and i wil be going there again real soon as there are some sweet spots.

[img size=384]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/georges_flattie.JPG


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Well done guys!!!

Sad i could not be there.

Ash did you get a pic of that flatty? 54cm nice work!!!

And a massive congrats to George! Much better than my first fish on SP.

So George you liking this SP business now?

Also Ash what was your whiting caught on? SP or bait? Im always interested when it comes to whiting and artificial baits as i know it can be done but cant manage it myself.


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Hey Ash - nice work - a bit dump but nice or should I say Mad Keen.

There's a weather section on site and it says Rain!:laugh:

I can't talk as I went fishing in a cyclone not too long ago.

But what I realy wanted to say was that I have't been to the pine before but it looks great and if the Bribie bash next week end dosen't get momentum I'll try and have a go at the pine.

So any tips you have would be appreciated.

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Hey Angus, whiting caught off bait sorry. And no pics of flattie or cod. Both also released. We forgot the esky tp put fish into, and the rain meant i could take photo as my wife would kill me for wrecking her phone with rain!

And George loves the SP thing!

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