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Brissy River 9/9/6

Brian D

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Hit the ramp at Colmslie about 4pm - got the boat in the water by about 4.30 due to ramp being busy with families returning home. What ever happened to good old manners - there were people standing on the jetty amusing themselves with others boat loading misfortune rather then lending a hand.

Started to test some Awoonga trolling methods and lures up to the pinkenba reechwithout a stick (not all that suprising) then anchored up to soak some shark baits using whole whiting from the Logan River soaked in Tuna oil on 80lb wire and 50lb deep sea overheads. Got 2 big Ray and 2 Shovels but no Sharks. typical river fishing.

A flathead bait got hit on the surface by something like a steam train but silly me had only 14lbfluro leader on 20lb braid and after a 5 minute fight and the third run the leader snapped. Bummer but fun. What was my flathead bait doing on the surface some may ask? I was thowing it wide up current and letting it drift on slack line but as I was busy with a Ray I didn't get to the line until after the drift and the first run.

After dark I went prawn hunting for jew bait and got 2 schoolies and 1 king in about 10 castes (wrong spot I suppose) - so back out to the river, open up the live baut tank and the bloody king jumps out of the tank and into the river. Crap - so then I decide to empty some water out of the tank and crap - lost another prawn.

I got the hint - time to go home.

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Hey Feral - thanks for the tip but I thought my set up was prawn jump proof - it has a screw top lid - it was a lucky clean jump - a bit like a basket ball free throw \"nothing but net\" .

Het Angus - yeah the Rays were fun - specially as I was fishing so heavy I just knew they were coming to the boat with no chance escape - until I cut em free. 50lb line 80lb wire and 9/0 mustard big guns. I gave em heaps - even lifted one off the bottom from 36 foot down.

Top fun but not my target species, however I'm not complaining cause I'll get a shark next week.

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