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My weekend


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Well...my weekend starts at 1.00pm Fridays, so I was home, kayak loaded up and on my way to a creek mouth in the Bribie passage by 2.00pm. Tide was running out , and a bit of wind about which I was hoping would drop late afternonn.

I took along my 2.5kg barbel weight....I mean anchor. It wasn't quite heavy enough to hold me, but at least it slowed my drift down heaps. with all the cord out it would hold for a minute or tow then slip for a bit, then hold. So just right really. After about 1/2 hr I got a 50cm dusky on the rebel crawfish....same lure, and same spot I hooked that metre+ Flatty. I had a few more flicks with it and decided to change. I flicked an SP grub for a bit, and a different colour crawfish, then decide to try a blue / silver / orange minnow lure I've had for ages. It's caught tailor mostly, and heaps of pike up in Hervey Bay. It's been hammered that much most of the silver is chipping of the sides.

First cast I got a 60cm dusky! We had friends coming over for a birthday dinner, so I rang my missus straight away and told her I've got dinner. The least I could do for good friends was to provide fresh fish!

Oops! speaking of dinner....mine's ready!

To be continued!:)

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I'm back

Hmmm didn't get a hit on the grub, but the one I got the bigger flatty on was a HP minnow sort of shape, see pic. I originally bought it to troll for tailor around bars and headlands. It's been really hammered, and I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got hit first cast.

I was working my way down the creek near the mouth with the tide. I let the anhcor drag, then it might hold for a while then I'd pull it in, drift a bit and drop it and cast.

The wind kept dropping until it was gone completely, and the whole scene became just spectacular. The water was glassy, and the afternoon light turned the sandflats to Uluru type late afternoon hughes. Not a boat in sight because the previous day, and ealier that day it was windy as sh**.The golden sunlight gave the mangroves a warm glow and the brahmany kites wings looked like rich coffee...damn it was nice..........But I had to go!

I paddled back, stopping for a flick now and then. Loaded up the kayak...I just couldn't resist standing and just watching for a few minutes. The things you see when you go fishing. Awesome!

Saturday I put a Berkely quick set rod holder on my wife's Rosco tidemark in preparation for our end of month trip. Took her out in the arvo for a paddle and her first flick with a lure, and to test the position and suitability of the Berkley. Got a big thumbs up, and she did very well...... improving her cast and retrieve dramatically over an hour or so.

.......we got nothing, but it was windy and I took her to sheltered water where, unfortunately I've never caught fish.

So, we're all set for a trip up Burrum Heads way at the end of the month. My boss has a place up there.

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Trying again

It's about 70mm long plus the bill.

James..yes, I will probably end up going that way on Sunday. Helping my son put up a shed saturday. Be good to have some company if you're keen.

[img size=400]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Minnow_Lure.jpg

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Thanks for that Troy. I couldn't remember what it was called.

It suffered most of the damage from non-stop hits from Pike up at Hervey Bay in May this year....oh, and the biggest puffer fish i've ever seen...they loved it. Didn't get a hit from anything else when up there....might have been the time of year. We were over a coral reef about 1 klm out off Pialba caravan park.

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Gee you blokes are pushy....can't you just tell your partners you're going fishing Sunday and get them to work their lives around it! hehe..... Afterall \"time and tide waits for no man!\" SooOOoo....I guess I have to show you by example..... I rang my son and just told him...I mean asked him very politely if I could work on Sunday instead of Saturday....:unsure:

...Sure thing he said!...so looks like we may have a fishing trip in the making.

What time were you guys thinking of?

I'll be going Friday arvo as well.....2m high tide at 4.04pm.....Low is 10.19am Saturday.

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