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My new gimble belt


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I decided to buy a new gimble belt today, i bought a kidney harness as well. All up it cost me $135.00 from tackle wharehouse. I recomend it to anyone wanting a good quality harness but not wanting to pay the same price as a black magic setup. Its also suited for gear up to 70kg. So it will be super onmy 30lb and 50lb setups. im going shakring tomorrow so ill take some picies and post them for u.


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stingray wrote:

Or you can do what i did and made one myself the home made harness and $5 belt works fine for me.

haha<br><br>Post edited by: stingray, at: 2006/09/19 19:57

Hey stinga

how did you make it - cause I was thinking about customizing my cheap one. I got the belt sorted but the holder is crap.

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