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Wivenhoe recent yak fish


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werewolf wrote:

Nice fish, particularly that bass in the middle, its fat as! What bay did you put in at?

Mate, I am a member of the Grand Wivenhoe fishing club, which gets me access to the block they lease from SEQ water up at Sinnamon point, all these fish bar the first one were caught up there, and the first one was caught out from logan inlet at a recent kayakers meet.

And yep, that bass was a fat bugga, full of eggs.

Angus wrote:

Nice work mate!

Looks like a great day!

What lures do you prefer for Bass and Yellas?

Angus<br><br>Post edited by: Angus, at: 2006/09/20 16:13

Hey Gus, the two lures that i mentioned are by far the best lures I have used for bass and yellas. Sadly I lost both up at Sinnamon this week. :( The first was lost to a huge fish of some kind that busted my 6lb leader instantly and the other to a snag. I'd have to say the little fatrat was my favourite though, caught some HUGE bass on that sucker trolling behind the kayak.

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