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rays new toy no 2


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Browsing on ebay a few weeks ago and saw an ad for loomis lite- medium rod blanks with the auction commencing at US$49.50 and postage of US$25 for up to 6 rods. I placed a bid and won the item and had the option of buying another 5 at the same price so i ordered 3 X 6ft 6 inch 6- 10 lb and 3 X 6ft 6 inch 8/17 lb gl3 blanks.Total price $426 australian dollars landed in oz took a week to arrive. They are genuine loomis blanks but are unbranded.

Went to see my rod building mate and bribed him to make up the rods by giving him one of the blanks. I am keeping 2 the cabinetmaker is taking 2 and feral is scoreing one for xmas.

Went to Wellington Point Marine ( What an Allidins Cave its worth going just to have a look) and ordered the butt corks,winches and fuji titanium runners.

Got phone call today to say everything is there $325 bucks worth with a 10percent discount. ( SHIT not game to tell the missus) Have also ordered some custom decals for the rods. If anyone is thinking of building a rod or even wants your name or logo or tartan go and see Graham most decals only cost about $20 bucks are absolutely amazing. He does them on the computer and the colours and graphics are unbelievable.They can be fitted to your existing rods but will need a couple coats of epoxy to seal them.

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