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bass and barra trail


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Just a thought at this stage but would anyone be interested in participating in a bass and barra trail trip next year.

My thoughts are no furthur north than gladstone. Some dams that come to mind are somerset.bejelke peterson, boondomba,waruma,callide,awoonga,monduran,lenthals,cania,borumbato name a few.

Probably too many to manage in one trip but it is my ambition to fish all of these dams at some time in my life and if i dont do something positive it will never happen.

Maybe we should look at breaking it upinto 2 - 3 week segments which would give people the opportunity to take some holidays .

Maybe we could split it into winter and summer segments with at least one of them in a school holiday period.

Could we make it a family type camping trip with 4 day stopovers this would make more family orianted

Over to you for comment


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I am planning something similar so if it's OK I'll try and fit in with your plans.

I was also thinking if we could participate in one of the Australian Barra comps they were chatting about at fishheads the other day. Nothing like a bit of Competition to increase one's skill level. Mate I understand that you may not want the comp scene but maybe I talk someone else (like Feral/Angus) in having a go. We'll proably get our arse kicked but I think it would be fun.

But I need to find a 4h 4s yammy first!

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Guys i couldnt do three weeks.

But what id do is try and join you at one or two dams that id love to hit.

For example Borumba.

Apparantly its chockers with Saratoga as well as Bass.

Also a friend of mine has a house on the water at Bjelke Peterson. Sadle this means his house is about 100m meters from the bank at the moment as the dam is at 2%. The good news is however he is still catching some nice yellas. So i really dont think he would mind if we even set up camp on his patch of dirt down by the water. Could be a great option!


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