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Baroon Pocket 23rd September


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The day started like most early, 4am my alarm woke me.

Man i was pumped, it felt like it was going to be a great day for fishing.

Fishy picked me up at around 4.30 like he said, we loaded the ute and set off.

About 45mins later we was at the dam. As we pulled up so did Poly right on time. We all unloaded, set up and set off from the wall. Paddling aimlessly

we decided we would head over to the other side of the dam and go up the little creeks.

half way across the dam in 100f of water my Jackall got smashed, my adrenaline hit the roof, i was more pumped then before and once i got the fish up for the deep water where i could see it.............wow that flash of green. A 36cm Bass my first one and it was just as good watching him swim away as it was pulling him in. We got to the other side of the dam and i was still on a high, then Poly got hit by a fish we couldnt id, not a big fish but a fish all the same. We stook to the banks and trolled through weed beds, then Fishy got hammered and reeled in a very nice 38cm Bass, a quike pic or two and off he swam.

I had a plan to just spend the day trolling, Poly and Fishy were mixing it up with spinners.

The bass were on in a big way, it was like i go hit then poly got hit then Fishy got hit. It was crazy. We pulled over after about 3 hour had some food and changed lures Poly said to me \"that Scorpion in green and yellow would be good\" so i putted the little sucker on.

I set off first cast out my Jackall (that baby wasnt going anywhere 4 fish had hit it already)and my scorpion. 5 strokes and WHAM......the scorpion gets creamed by another Bass, i let the bass go cast out again, within 5 more strokes another Bass.

At this point i was buzzing. Then it happen, i was talking to poly about the lure being a good choice and it was hit again. The reel was going off, but looking over my shoulder i could see the rod bending but the reel wasnt moving all that fast. It was the other rod..........Double hook up baby and i got both fish in. I could of packed up and gone home a very happy man right there and then but it was only half 9 ten oclock and the day was young. After we had land some good little fighter around 25 to 30 cm, I was after a good fish for dinner. We was on are way back up the creek and Fishy land his dinner a 36cm Bass and not far from the boat ramp i landed a 38cm Bass for me. We got back to the ramp and packed up and headed for a Beer after some pics.

The fish grand Total at the end of the day was 36

Poly: 16

Fishy: 5

Me: 15

Was one hell of a good day.

For some reason i cant put pics up here but if your want to see some try this link

Thanks Rik

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