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Logan River Jewfish!


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Hey guys.

After I had heard that Nugget had organied a Shark Hunt in the Logan along with the report of Bullies everywhere in there Jordan, our mate Mitchell and I headed down to Logan in search of some Bullies. We rang Nuggest got all the details and to be there by 5pm. Got there at 4:55pm and they had all ready left. :angry: . Oh well.

Jordan decided to start with casting the cast net. First cast got 10 or so small Poddie Mullet around 4-5cms in length. Perfect size for anything that eats fish. Had them all out by 5:30. Also I had brought a small bait set up for Mitch since he pestered me about how he's good at catching small fish like Bream, Whiting etc.

So I put a fresh live Prawn on his hook and casted straight out. About 30 seconds later. Oh I've got a fish! 'It's a Catfish' says Jordan. 'That doesn't look like a Catfish that's a Bream' I say. I lean over the pontoon and grab the trace. 'What the hell! It's a little Jewie!' 'Oh sh!t, it is to' says Jordan. 'What's a Jewie says Mitchell :P . A quick pic and he's back in the water. I was stoked and jelous at the same time! Soon after the line with that small Poddies goesoff to reveal an average Cattie.

Just before we were ready to switch pontoons a boat comes in and Jordan goes to see if they had caught anything. Only to find out the boat contained a very pissed off Brian.

As it got dark we moved to the pontoon further down and set the lines out. From then on it was hit after hit without landing a single fish :( . Mitch caught a Pike Eel and soon after is onto another fish. He says 'It feels the same as the Jewfish' I think it's a little Bream I say when I saw a small silver shine. Again I grab the trace and pull it up. It's another Jewie! Though on closer inspection it isn't. Still I'm not sure what it is. It was similar to a Jew though it had a fatter build and didn't have a purple tinge and spots like the Jewie. Also it had sand papery teeth unlike the jewie which hd sharp pointy teeth. I found out the hard way ;) . For those of you who have looked closely at a Threadfin Salmon's nose it had one like that. A small bumb at their nose rather then a smooth curve. Any guesses? And it wasn't a Teraglin. :unsure:

Got lots of hits on the shark lines with no result. Also I managed to catch a small Cattie on the small bait set up. Mum turned up at about 10 and it was time to go.


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We've caught things like that in the Logan river. In a book, it says that there are fish called River Perch/Little Jewfish and they only get up to 30cm long. sound ike it is what you caught cause in the same book,\"Wild Guide to Moreton Bay', it say that these fish were once popularly targeted by anglers using prawn baits in the middle to lower reaches of the Brisbane, Logan and Pine Rivers. these fish look just like a normal Jewfish, but only get up to 30cm's. As i said we've caught them before and identified them as River Perch/Little Jewfish.

In the picture below, the top is a normal jew, and the bottom is a iver perch/little jewfish

Hope this info helps [img size=200]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Jewfish_from_book.jpg


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