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Anglesea river/ Great Ocean rd

Aaron H

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Hey guys

Just got back from my weeks holiday down in Victoria yesterday, and all I can say is it is good to be back in warm Queensland. Aside from the fluctuating weather one day it was 30 degrees the next day it was 16 (which it is renowned for) and the constant hangovers from catching up with family and friends I did get to drop a line in when I took my girlfriend down the Great Ocean rd for a couple of days. Started off fishing the Anglesea river which I have caught a few nice bream in over the years, the end result zilch, lots of tiny bites and three inch bream following the bait but still zero. Not a good start. The next day toured the great ocean road and for those that have been down it would know it is a great section of coast line with lots of surf and rockspots to fish. The end result fishing aftter five hours of driving along there again zilch. So it is good to be back in Queensland and hopefully I can manage to get some fish this weekend, weather permitting.

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