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just posted this in the shoutbox but felt it might get a better response from here.

going to tassie this sat and was thinking of bringing along a rod just in case. anyone have any idea how much a decent telescopic rod would cost? would be nice if i can get one before i leave..

another thing.. just bought a squidgy spin 70 over the weekend for 80 with a free rod bag and pkt of storm soft plastics... anyone have comments on this?

cheers guys


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Hey Mate.

A telescopic rod will always be weaker then a usual one or two piece rod. If you can then take a short two piece rod in a strong plastic tube. That would be the best option. Though if your not going to be using heavy gear and just flicking small sp's you should be alright with a telescopic rod. There's telescopic rods for sale at Kmart. Though Ebay has loads of cheap ones that will do the same things. But I'm not sure if they would arrive in time.

Although I don't know much about the spin 70's I have heard they are good for money and a great entry level rod.


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heya troy...

thanks for the reply..

nah.. don't think i'll be able to fit a plastic tube somewhere.. would be too much of a hassle cos im going with the missus and another couple for a road trip thingie..thought a telescopic might fit into my backpack or something..

did check out Ebay but like u said, think i left it too late to get one here in time.. not sure abt the quality of those at kmart though. will check it out later..

well.. hopefullly the spin70 works for me.. have yet to test it out..

cheers dude

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Buy a 30 or 40 dollar combo from the equivilent of Kmart or Big W when you get there, and chuck it away if it wont fit in the bag to come home.

You should be able to get a 6'6\" jarvis walker with a comet 350reel already spooled with course line, get a spool of 6lb and replace it, and your away.

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