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The Pin Session Today

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    Took a rec day today and went to the Pin with on eof the work mates.

    Launched at Cabbage Tree about 7am and headed down towards the bar to flick some plastics for flatties.

    Bit of a westerly blowing until about 9.30 but then died off to near still.

    With the wind down and a slow run in the tide we couldn't have asked for a better drift speed.

    The water was a bit to clear over the flats. We could see the flatties but that meant they could also see us and there was plenty of good ones shooting off ahead of us.

    Moved back up towards Cabbage Tree into a bit dirtier water and this worked some of the banks.

    Ended up with 5 flatty, 1 bream & 1 cod. 3 flattiy were keepers with ranging from 41-50 cm.

    Nice relaxing day away from the office.

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