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Lower Brisbane Brisbane River - Spot X :P - 25/10


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Well we journeyed down to the river in an attempt to get a salmon last night (the 25th October 2006).

The Team.





AnchorMan (300th member :P )


Random boaties on a pizza mission.

We only had my littel 6 foot cast net to start with as Troy was a bit late, however we persevered and managed a couple of herring. This was a relief as at least we could the lines in the water.

Well Wilko started off on fire landing another first for the Brisbane Fishing crew. A 61cm Grunter Bream. On the light gear this was a frikkin awesome fight nearly doing him on the pilons.

Soon after i got a catty (my only fish for the night)! While my personal fishing was slow i was well entertained as the night progressed.

Next Wilko managed a 30foot blue and yellow Catfish. I mean Citycat which managed to strip a bit of line. Oh well. Maybe we will land it next time. Strange thing was Terry managed to retrieve Gregs broken line (about Two hours later) and low and behold on the other end was a 37cm Estuary Cod!!! (ill just point out now that was the same herring that caught the Grunter) :blink:

Well a rather ammusing event next. You know how Troy has a bad habit of calling rays as salmon? Well Troy got a hit and called \"RAY\"! So we were casually watching him retrieve a nicely fighting fish without getting to excited. Well next thing we know a 1.15 meter Threadfin Breaks the surface! Good call Troy.

That kept us eager for another half an hour or so and we called it quits at about 1:00am.

Sadly there were no hits on Terry's eel. But oh well the excitement was bloody well there!

Tight lines all.


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Top stuff. Thats a ripper salmon; did you put him on the scales???

A mate of mine caught a 45cm grunter up my way two weeks ago, and the same trip they took a photo of a 6 inch school jew that some other chap caught. I'm constantly being suprised by what gets pulled out of the river, but damn thats a good size grunter you got!



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