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What Rod Should i Get?


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recently broke one of my rods and i am looking to buy a new one. i am wanting a medium spin rod but just dont know what brand and type i should be getting and ill probably get a new reel aswell seeing as the reel is nearly broken aswell. so brand, type, details and price (if possible) would be a great help.

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Procasters are one of the best rods available.

If you dont want to spend that much though, Jones and Tackle warehouse both have a good combo avaiable.

Combo consists of a Shimano Sienna (i can personally vouch for this reel being able to tackle good sized bass, bream and flathead etc).

And a Kitana rod. (at tackle warehouse its labled as a Tackle Warehouse Combo Rod, but it is a Kitana). This rod has a 2-4kg class.

All up the combo costs $99 and i have used mine to death. Thus i think the price is a bargain.

You could buy a K-mart special for half that again, but you would not have the same smoothness and if you maintain the Sienna it will last a lot lot longer.


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however much is necessary.

If you have a couple of spare reels handy, you can do this:

1 .Wind on the fireline

2. Join to backing line

3. Wind on backling line until reel is full

4. Wind off main reel onto a spare reel (Spare #1)

5. Wind off spare reel #1 onto spare reel #2

6. Wind off spare reel #2 onto main reel

Alternatively, since I never have any spare reels around I usually do this:

1. Wind on the fireline

2. Fill the rest of the reel with mono backing

3. Wind off the mono onto the spool it was on

4. Wind the fireline off onto the spool it was on

5. Wind the mono back onto the reel

6. Do the joining knots

7. Wind the fireline on

This second method is pretty damn boring, but it's the only way I can do it.

Both methods give you exactly how much backing you need, however one's far less time consuming than the other.

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