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    Brisbane River Session #2

    Hi all On Saturday afternoon I decided to go down to the local park on the river and see if I could hook up to a shark. The rig was what I normally use for sharks there, 80lb Halco wire trace (20in), 6/o circle hook, size one star sinker and 30lb braid mainline. It was a rising tide, just about to get to high. Unfortunately, no sharks were caught today, which makes it a somewhat uninteresting report. Though, I did have my size 1000 sienna out just for fun, and hooked a small river perch on that. I'm assuming the rain gave most things a flush down the river a bit, and I find early morning is the time for sharks. Overall, it was a nice afternoon despite the fact not many fish were caught. Hope this entertained you Cheers Hamish
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    Brisbane River Session #3

    Hi all Last night I put in another session on the Brisbane River with my Dad and brother. We were fishing, near Green Bridge. Overall, it was a pretty successful night, here is what happened. So, we rock up to the fishing destination (jetty, don't tell anyone) and see it's as crowded as we've ever seen. Two guys fishing together, and an older couple taking up the spot we'd normally go in. After a quick throw of the cast nets, we decided to fish off the side and back of the jetty. One rod out for bream, the other live baiting for salmon/jew. We started throwing the nets for about 10 minutes after I had chucked out a whole dead herring and a cube of prawn. Initially throwing the nets, we were catching nothing, so we went to have another sit down with the rods. We got our first take on the dead herring with in 2 minutes of us doing that, and the fish felt good. Sadly, after some vicious head shaking, it spat the bait and we lost the fish. I re-baited and we started throwing the nets again. That's when we started getting some good prawns, we realized to be successful we had to throw our net right in the shallows/mangroves. After numerous bait checks, we got another take on the herring, which felt considerably smaller. It pickered the bait off the hook, making me think it probably wasn't a trophy fish at all . Now, it was about 7:30 and the prawns really started coming in. Unfortunately, the older couple hadn't left yet, nor had the other guys, taking up most of the jetty. In fishing situations like these, I probably should've gotten there earlier to get a better spot. After a couple more tiny takes and a few more prawns, the older couple hooked up to a decent fish which turned out to be a fairly big pike eel. Then, they got a double hook up, a pike eel and a little bull shark. Then, they caught another little bully. This happened in the space of say, 45 minutes. It was about 8:15 and I guess those other guys decided that the fishing was good 'cos they called in one of their mates, and in within fifteen minutes of that, they called in another one of their mates. These guys started to get a bit annoying/rude, throwing their lines directly over mine and trying to take my spot and swearing a bit too loudly for when there's little kids around (another guy had rocked up with his children, about 4-6 I'd say). It was then about 8:30PM, so we did a final bit of netting, caught a couple prawns and frog mouth pilchards then packed the nets away in the car. With the final half hour of fishing, I just chucked out a whole herring on my light line to see if a big bream/cod was sitting in the mangroves. It ended up turning into a small pike eel, which was about 50cm and released because no-one seemed to have a donga and we didn't really need any shark bait. The bloody thing nearly bit me twice (once on the shoe, once on the glove) and then we decided just to 'nudge' her back in. Here it is - After skull dragging it in, we began to pack up and just left the last line out with a live mullet on it. Well, nothing smashed it, and I spent about 10 minutes untangling it from the guy who threw his line over mine. At 9:00PM, we decided to leave just as it began to rain. Overall, it was a pretty good session, here are the nights statistics (tide, time, moon, etc) Statistics of Night Tide: 1.2M - 1.7M (halfway high to high) Time Fished: 6:40PM-9:00PM Fish Caught: Pike eel, 50cm Bait Caught: Prawns, frog mouth pilchard, mullet Moon: Third Quarter Cycle Tackle used for the night: 30lb mainline, 100lb mono leader, size 6 ball sinker, 80lb trace (mono), 6/o circle hook, large barrel swivel 14lb braid mainline, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 2 ball sinker, 2/0 suicide hook. That's everything, hope you enjoyed this report. Cheers Hamish
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    Two Hours Of Landbased Spinnerbaiting

    Slipped out to the dam early this morning for a landbased session,5.30am till 7.30am.It was very muggy, and the fish were hungry. Decided to start with darker spinnerbaits like I used to years a go when fishing from the bank, seemed to work OK as managed 14 bass, one yella and one spanglie.Then home for eggs on toast, arh this is living. Dino
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    51 And A 51

    Bass were to shy to take a lure early, so I had a bit of a baitfish, then finished up with a few on the troll.Managed 51 bass with one over 50cm and tagged. Dino
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    Prawning Around Brisbane

    Yeah. My casting is pathetic too. That’s why young people exist. To cast for us!
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    Daryl McPhee

    Gold Coast Fishing Destinations

    Catching whiting around Runaway Bay is often child's play. Plenty of room that holds fish.
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    Hinze 15/1/20

    Bit damp at Hinze western arm this morning, Only a couple of photos as I put camera away so it would not get wet and then forgot about when it fined up.We boated 44 bass in the first hour and a half down towards the dam wall and took nearly 3 hours to find another 9 fish. Best bass went 47cm. Rick was the only one to miss out as he failed to catch a barred grunter. All on shrimp tagged and released. Cheers Ray
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    Generally water will not worry them if wet from the key side so you need to grab a multi meter and check the voltages on the back of the isolator switch to see if it has been damaged with water. First check the terminal that is connected to the battery and if you have full power to the switch, turn it on and check the other terminal to see if power is getting through the isolator. If you have power on both lugs of the isolator when turned on, you need to check any buss bar connections, circuit breakers and fuses on the main power feed cables. Also look for any burnt wiring that may have shorted from the water.
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    Bit Slower With No Rain

    Thats fishing, there are a few schools with lockjaw at the moment.
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    Bit Slower With No Rain

    I was forced to play cricket at high school and not allowed to go swimming,so got turned off it.Maybe I did play up a little.
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    Happy Australia Day Everyone!

    Hi all I hope you all have a great Australia Day and a fun long weekend Cheers Hamish
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    Local Brissy Fredds And Bullies

    This is the 147cm my mate Glenn caught on a Gantia. Bloody thing hit my gantia at the rod tip morning before lol
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    Local Brissy Fredds And Bullies

    There has has been a few gold nuggets caught, plus some dark backs with creamy white sides and belly.
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    Little Tinny, BIG Motor

    I had a 4.2m runabout with a 35hp 2 stroke Merc and it went well with 4 POB (although it felt a little bit crowded). Maybe you could experiment with your prop pitch. 4 knots really is a terrible result for any 30 horse engine.
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    Gold Coast Fishing Destinations

    A bit tough to find a spot that will tick all your species boxes, but if you 'Google map' the Nerang River you should be able to locate some parks where you can have a fish for whiting, grunter, bream and maybe a flatty. Look for parks/access points where you can see a sandbank in the water. Anything with a rock wall could see you in with a chance for an estuary cod. I think to find a mulloway you would have to be fishing from a rocky headland at night. Good luck
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    Dry As A Bone

    Another great session Dinodadog Good to see plenty of bass around. It's certainly pouring down now though (where I am anyways lol) Cheers Hamish
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    Bit Slower With No Rain

    Got up this morning and it was pouring,sat down in front of TV and off to sleep, woke up and was on the dam at 7am.Bass were a bit shy, had to work hard to get 18 trolling and spinnerbaiting. Dino
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    Rock Fishing Trip!

    Boatsales reviewed the ss64 last month, here: https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=2ahUKEwjo3YG58PrmAhXizDgGHUcqDgAQFjACegQIDBAH&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.boatsales.com.au%2Feditorial%2Fdetails%2F2019-stejcraft-ss64-br-review-122276%2F&usg=AOvVaw2svjCZSO3QjjuoFpTqFmrO Hopefully the link works
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    Not in the same class as grinner, hey @kmcrosby78.
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    Big Spottie Action

    I've organised a charter out of Evans Head in March. Looks like i'm going to get my first ever mackerel.
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    Snorkelling Gear

    It seems very dear. I have a friend who put some for considerably less.
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    Brisbane River Session #3

    Hi kmcrosby78 Thanks for that, it was a still a very fun night Yeah, I'm probably no where near old enough to stay at one of those spots alone at night, though I think in most fishing situations when I'm a bit older I'd be with a mate from school, because as well as it being easier to land fish, it's a lot safer Yeah, it's my first time recording the stats though seeing as every man and there dog are there I thought it must be a good night. Cheers Hamish
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    Little Tinny, BIG Motor

    I had a 4.2m Stacer with an old 30hp Johnson tiller steer - it struggled to get on the plane coming back from Mud Island years ago with myself and two mates (each of us 105-110kg) but from memory it was also taking on a little bit of water. Mine had a hydro foil when I acquired it so I don't know how much difference they make but would be worth trying. Someone more knowledgeable than me may also be able to advise whether 2 strokes produce more power than 4 strokes? Is there much extra weight in the boat?
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    Flattys In The Fresh

    I've forgotten plenty of things before but never my rods ....... Great work on the flatties, you have them well sussed
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    Flattys In The Fresh

    Thanks for the report
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    Flattys In The Fresh

    Great Session! Good to see someone getting stuck into some flatties! Cheers Hamish
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    Alright, that's good to hear released for next time I know they're great eating though, as well Cheers Hamish
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    Lures And Artificial Bait

    Don’t worry Hamish, You obviously are super keen and spend a lot of time reading about and researching fishing. That is a good thing. At your age you can’t have the broad experience that a lot of the other guys and gals on here have. But you have the advantage of knowing the latest tactics, gear and theories and the drive to try them out. I was really looking for examples like “ I would always have a Rapala whatever in red and white for pelagics, a chrome spoon and a wonder wobbler 5 inch in green and yellow. Etc etc’. Thanks for your thoughts and hopefully you’ll get to put them into practice very soon. cheers Greg
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    Shark De-hooking Tips

    i only ever make the cuts in the mouth if the shark seems really tired and i want it back in the water fast, or as a last resort. i do prefer to just remove the hook but sometimes it isnt that easy. Just make a judgement call on each capture. Just be super careful when you are up close with the knife, those little bullies are deadly quick!
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    Gold Coast Grunter

    Some good fighting fish there, Daryl. The kids would have had a ball (as well as Dad).
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    Nice detailed report @AUS-BNE-FISHO. Keep them coming.
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    Nikhil M

    Fishing Pallara-heathwood-larapinta

    Hi Guys Im just wondering if anyone has fished for bass or anything near pallara/ forest lake. I have access to a kayak. Also what bait is good Cheers
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    kmcrosby78, that is so right Cheers Hamish
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    Offshore Tweed Heads

    Thanks Kelvin I have been through the Tweed bar plenty of times it's alright typical bar stands up on a big run out tide with a decent swell running.
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    Site Down?

    Yes it was down for me for the weekend and just back up today so I must have had the same problem. I've also been unable to see the 'Expanded' version of the Forum Activity lately (has opened up in 'Condensed' version and when I clicked on 'Expanded' version it didn't fix it). Thankfully, it is now working again for me Also noticed when I opened @tugger latest topic Offshore Tweed Heads that the two photos were playing up but seem to now be working.
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    Mate for now though. I am slowly working on a lot more gear in the background and we will be releasing larger poppers hopefully before the end of the year but surf poppers are something I do want to work on. I have always been a bait fisho though accept when chasing GT's. I am currently working on a few whiting rigs this season but I am taking the entire season to work out which ones are working the best and then tweak them a little bit more. I am also just concentrating just for now in 4 packs of rigs. Just really simple classic fishing rigs but with great gear. Something you can grab, know that it is something you really can trust and making sure the packaging is all eco-friendly. Over time I will work on other collection and I do also specialty orders for a lot of people but I would need to work on surf poppers for a long time to make them up to a standard I would be happy with. Thanks for your comment though mate.
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    Rock Fishing Trip!

    It’s a Stejcraft ss64. I mentioned it here:
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    Quite Time, Not!

    Trade tools have a special on Knipex end nippers this week. here: https://www.tradetools.com/product-range/hand-tools/pliers/knipex-twin-end-nipper-pack-200mm-and-280mm-68-series?utm_source=TradeTools+Weekly+Specials+Email&utm_campaign=27bbdda1b0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_08_01_50&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2d4ce271bf-27bbdda1b0-70262773&mc_cid=27bbdda1b0&mc_eid=927ab59f56#Specifications Hopefully the link will work
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    Rock Fishing Trip!

    Where are you based ? I'm too old and decrepit these days to join you, but am certainly interested in hearing about your exploits.
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    Bitta Bush Bass Bashing

    Yeah most of the pain has gone, been 7 months, still have some pain after walking esp on uneven ground.
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    let shovels go. Like eating sawdust.. U must be hard up for a feed if your keeping them. The big bastard species from north qld are meant to be ok.. The little ones im assuming you caught(brown type) got bugger all meat on them. Pike aka buzz saw whiting,, Mate they are the best live bait for king and jew. Eating wise they are ok/edible. Quite soft. Just fillet and fish and chip, or bbq and lemon and salt.
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    Big Spottie Action

    Haven't tried mermaid yet or had any reports from there to help you out Kelvin. The currumbin bar needs 2 hours minimum from low tide on the bigger tides on the neap tides you can get away with 1 hour from low I have been over it near low water a few times now.
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    Casting By Bridges

    Were you riding on the bikeway/pedestrian bridge or on the road? Was the fisho fishing on one of the fishing platforms. The fisho would have to be pretty good to land a cast on the bridge from the bank. Doing 30kph would be foolish if you were on the shared pedestrian/bikeway with attached fishing platforms Ray
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    Electric Fence Netting

    This is a bit of an old post now but I’ve found that if you simply put some wire netting around your gardens without much support the possums won’t get in. They don’t like the wire swaying around under them. Another instance is I had possums eating my avocado leaves as soon as they appeared because the small tree was abutting a solid fence. I just wrapped some bird netting around the branches for about a foot above the fence and, once again, they haven’t touched a leaf since, because they don’t like the netting swaying around beneath them. They like a solid footing. Give them a fragile footing and they go elsewhere.
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    Mackerel- Moreton Bay

    Focus on the beacons mate. you can spend all day chasing them but i find just anchoring near a beacon and throwing slugs and floating pillies all day does the trick. There are a few good tutorials on youtube for Moreotn Bay mackerel. below is a good simple tutorial
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    Female Angler New To Group

    Hello everyone and thank you to the admins for allowing me to join this group. I'm a female angler who absolutely loves my fishing. These days it's lures only for me, and I haven't used bait in a few decades now. I'm looking forward to learning a heap of new techniques to try out from some of the members of this group. I fish both landbased, and a boat. I'll keep this introduction short, as I'm sure I will contribute more at a future time. Thank you
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    Fish Id Please

    Well looks like everyones stumped. So I did alot of googling. The closest resemblance I could find was a Bigeye cigarfish aka Evermanns Nomeid Ariomma brevimanum . Apparently a type of drift fish that hangs around floating debris, jellyfish. Once mature hangs in the deep 600 - 1000ft. Then shallower of a night. Apperntly eats salps and plankton. (and squid as i found). They have been caught around Hawaii , cook islands, Phillipines.. I guess where ever the currents take them and the water seems warm. Well there you go. Doubt il ever see another.
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    Hi Andy, There is no real one answer as to where to go and what to use. You could go to heaps of places and try heaps of things and get very frustrated, snap your rod and end up taking up knitting! The easiest way to catch something is using bait like worms, prawns or a fillet bait (mullet is cheap and very effective). Fish simple rigs, smaller hooks and get some confidence in what you do. Even going to the Brissie river and catching the humble catfish will get a bend in your rod, albeit not a (good) feed on the plate. once you have some confidence, you will start to experiment with different rigs, baits, locations and even move up to lures and those sort of things, some of it will work, some of it you might look back on and go “what the eff was I thinking there”. It’s like most things in life - As you do it more, you’ll get better and more comfortable with what you are doing. as far as places to start, any of the beaches along the redcliffe area can hold fish, look for variations in the beach like gutters etc, try and fish when everyone else isn’t there - nights, early mornings, week days etc. you can also find heaps of spots along the Brisbane river, out near shorncliffe, the pine river and up around Bribie. Also plenty of spots on the sunny or Gold Coast if you are able to travel. i personally don’t measure the success of a trip by the number or size of the fish I catch. For me it is a relaxation, chance to unwind and a way to spend a bit of time shooting the ship with some mates. look forward to seeing some reports of your trips coming up mate!
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    logan bullsharks

    good fun on light gear, caught a few of these sat morning on live mullet
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    I fished Wivenhoe dam over weekend in between the storms we were not supposed to have. Only throw backs were caught and mainly Aussie Bass. We did get some large Redclaw which we cooked up and ate whilst holding the tent on the ground. I am saddened to hear of the Death of the Caretaker chap I was speaking to on Saturday during one of the storms whom passed away in a fire last night on the property. RIP old mate....