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    Bay Snapper Out Of Control

    Hi All, Its been a while since my last fishing post and a long time since I last had a fish to be honest I think Australia Day was my last fish . Headed out with a mate from Tasmania who has not ever caught a decent shallow water bay snapper before , So the pressure was on . Lucky me, with literally months off the water and know knowledge of fish on the chew any where the search was on. Headed out for a quick bay snapper session Saturday arvo leaving Clontarf around just after 1pm to grab some live baits and then find some nice hard rubble bottom to anchor up on and burley in hope of a July snapper, After spending a couple of hours searching for live baits and finding some nice rubble bottom with a little drop off we anchored up about 3.45pm and started to burley up , send some baits back hoping some fish would come on the chew, After waiting close to 1hr (5pm), the 1st rod got lit up and the decky was into a nice fish with good head shakes, few tense moment as the fish ran for drop off with great intent , but some nice rod work and Ben had his head turned and coming to the boat nicely, few more small runs and I slid the net under a great fish , as we were dehooking this fish and getting ready for a few happy snaps - the other bait-runner went off hard , so I set the hook with it still in the rod holder - struggling to get this one out of the holder, I was now onto another nice fish which I felt running hard along the bottom almost straight away., after some back and forth action I slowly had nice snapper in the net and on the deck of the boat yay me, trip successful, So we quickly rest the baits and went about a few photos, after getting a shot of Ben holding both fish , both rods went off again with a big double hook up on 2 more cracking snapper at 75 & 78cm - which went back - I went checked the esky had a quick measure and with a 81cm & 84cm in the ice box I realized we where wasting out time. Ben had set another 2 baits out and whilst holding my Snapper for a photo we had another double hook up, Ill put the photo up of myself looking away at the back of the boat holding my fish with a concerned look of holy geeeeezzzzz. . We had another crazy 20minutes with about 5 more fish hooked and released totaling 11 for the session and taking the 1st 2 home for a feed, Both fish weight 6.0kg & 6.1Kg . Hope you all enjoy the read Cheers Josh <><
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    Nice Mixed Bag

    Well Sunday was perfect weather it didn't get above 5 knots all day so we checked out a few different spots off stradie. I had a mate with his boat wanting to get a few fishing marks for his gps so he followed me for the day. We got over south passage bar at 1st light and stopped at our fishing hole and started a few drifts bagging a couple of snapper biggest going 65cm early and lost a couple of brutes before it shut down just on sunrise. We moved out deeper with the next spot only giving up a couple of Moses perch. The whales were thick typical now for this time of year we had them breaching all around us and even saw a large group of male humpbacks chasing a female at speed but they chased her in circles and never got to far away so we saw the whole whale sex thing bit brutal as they rammed each other often. Soon another move was on the cards so we had a look out wider again at the waverider bouy and found a few dolphin fish. They were only small so all returned to swim off with their bright colours still vivid. We moved again back inshore and anchored up hoping for a Spanish mackerel to hit a bait. We.managed a few more Moses perch but no luck on the Spanish. We did catch plenty of dart and queenfish here which kept us entertained with their power and jumps like mini game fish. There were also a few more snapper to be found along with a lot of big silver trevally that pull like trains. Before we headed home we decided to do some more drifts in a new area I haven't fished before with some great results. We caught good tuskies to 45cm and snapper to 55cm and lost a couple more monsters. My son hooked a big spangled emperor which gave him plenty of stick head shaking and peeling line like he had a light drag setting but I know how heavy he fishes it soon was netted and released at 70cm they are poor quality that size. We then caught a 40cm pearl perch and we were baffled as we were fishing in 25m of water. Finally the time came to head home in near perfect conditions topping off an awesome day.
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    More Snapper & Growing !!!!!!

    Hi All, Quick report, Headed out the other night to try for a another snapper & to see if I could get one a bit closer to that magical double digit mark, Left the Ramp at 5.30 and on anchor just after 6pm, Had the whole place to ourselves Started to deploy the burley and 20minutes later the first fish hit the deck nice snapper around 83cm - Things where looking good, Kept plugging away and releasing another 6 fish in the high 70cm bracket. , we re-anchored after the tide changed and started the burley and putting baits back out and the decky's rod goes of very slowly, Sets the hook and just about get pulled out the back with serious fish running hard for the ledge. My 1st thought was a shark but the tell tale sign of a nice snapper started in the rod tip. Decky sorted it out pretty quick and I slid the net under another good fish. This was somewhere in the 94cm back, and went 8.2kg on the lie detector, Thing didn't fit in the 80L esky. Race home on a glassed out bay around 10pm... Hope you all took advantage of the good weather over the weekend. Cheers Josh <><
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    Old Scaley

    Offshore With Tugger

    I was lucky to get a call from @tugger on Friday to see if I was interested in an offshore trip on Sunday. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The weather prediction was good so I knew we would have a great day. We were at the ramp around 5am, meeting up with @straddiebrad and Kurt, and set off over the Bay in the dark with Mark giving me some good oil on navigating the Bay in the dark. We crossed a very timid bar at first light with Brad and Kurt right behind us. We headed to Mark’s live bait spot and gathered enough livies for the day while the other boys headed north. Then it was off to the rock. We fished a mix of livies and dead baits, with fish falling mostly to the dead ones. They weren’t chewing their heads off but we had a steady stream of snapper coming over the side. Mark is a great skipper and fisherman and I learnt a few things yesterday that will improve my fishing in the future. Around turn of the tide Mark suggested we drop a floater out for a Spanish. He has a unique way of rigging the dead bait for mackerel and it certainly works. The bait was in the water for less than a minute and the reel started screaming. Mark selflessly handed me the Rod and said “Do you want to have some fun?” It was fun fight and we soon had a fat 125cm toothy critter on the deck. A new PB mack for me, but I can’t take all the credit. We headed home early afternoon and were back at Mark’s place to do the clean up by 3pm. Great day out, Mark. Thanks mate. As usual for me, there are only a couple of poor photos, but Mark might have some.
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    Hi all, The first instalment of the much anticipated 2 boat challenge occurred on Saturday. Rules were that you must remain within sledging distance at all times and a move of spots must be a consensus. Many different scoring options were touted and dutifully ignored on the day, the quality/quantity of the esky to be the determining factor. @Drop Bear and @Old Scaley were the skippers and providers of the 2 x boats, @ellicat and I were the lucky deckies. Straws were drawn at the ramp and team Quampie was Robbie and I, Bwian and Steve climbed aboard Steve’s nameless tinny and we aimed towards Mud Island, avoiding the exclusion zones around USS Wasp but appreciating all the cool toys on the deck – F-35’s, MV-22 Tilt rotor and a CH-53 Super Stallion chopper. Funnily enough, the Japanese ship moored just up the river had no exclusion zone and no police guard – it did have a couple of chinooks on deck though so that was pretty cool to see. After a failry smooth run across to Mud, we anchored up on the first spot and things were very quiet indeed, with just a few undersized snapper being boated. A move of about 300m netted immediate results with Steve first on the board that counts with a nice pan-size snapper of 38cm. Things continued to be quiet so we up anchors and moved to a totally different area. The new area was unfortunately similarly quiet, I got myself onto the scoreboard with a tusky just over legal, but it just wasn’t really happening. So we moved back to a similar area to where we had started as the sun started to head a bit lower. Things started positively after the move with some more reasonable sized pinkies coming aboard but things then quietened off again. Then after about an hour of tiny pinkies and trumpeter, a more substantial pull was felt on my line and a lovely 55cm flathead boated not long after. Steve was not to be outdone and shortly after landed a nice gold spot cod at 45cm. 2-2 at this point, sledging at an all time high. Team quampie then secretly pulled out the 80-grit sandpaper and a new supplement program supplied by Swimming Australia and kicked it into overdrive with a pan-size snapper and a cod of our own finding their way into the esky. Unfortunately as the tide slowed near the high, the bite dropped right off. During pack up Rob’s livie out the back went off in a big way with a decent bend in the heavier rod. We were hopeful of a finish on a high, however, the fishing gods had other ideas. One of the biggest green sea toads I’ve ever seen was landed and subsequently returned from whence it came with utter disgust and distain from all aboard. Slight sniggering could be heard from the other boat, what’s that saying they use at the footy… look at the scoreboard… All in all a very fun day out on the water, not a huge catch but good banter and copious amounts of BS with the occasional fish distracting everyone. Others will add photos – I neglected to take any! Further installments of the two boat challenge will hopefully be posted in coming weeks / months. Current scoreboard sits at Quampie 1 - Nameless - 0 Cheers, benno <’><
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    Bay Snapper Getting Eaten

    Hi all. Headed out after work last night with a mate to see if the snapper where still around. Launched at 5.30pm and on the anchor by 6pm burleying up and putting some baits out. Took about 1hr but slowly they the came on the chew Caught 6 around the 70-75cm mark with 4 being released. Then the sharks rocked up and took the body of a solid fish in the mid 7kg bracket. So we up anchored and headed for home as we didn't want to see any more fish destroyed by sharks. Good to spend a few hours on the water again. Hope to get out again in the coming days. cheers Josh <><
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    Old Scaley

    Ice Fishing Queensland Style

    Regulars on here will remember a @kjohnson posting on here that he would be visiting Brissie from Canada and was looking for some information about fishing in this area. I am always keen to meet new people from other countries and learn a bit about how things are done there and to show a little hospitality to visitors because I have had that opportunity given to me in the past. Anyway, we had a loose arrangement to catch up while he was in town. Unfortunately the timing wasn’t great as the weather was a bit blowy and rain was forecast (but didn’t happen), so we arranged to meet for a land based session at Colmslie. It was a really pleasant couple of hours where Kevin outfished me by landing one small tailor while I landed zero. Long story short, Kevin gave me a brand new ice fishing rod that he had brought with him from Ontario. I was totally blown away, and a little embarrassed since I had brought a Shimano cap as a gift for him but got totally trumped. I love this little rod. It is about 60cm long and really nicely made. I knew immediately that I had to catch a fish on it rather than just putting on display. I am without a tow vehicle at the moment while my usual tow car in at the panel beaters following an unusual incident involving 2 vehicles without drivers or passengers and neither are autonomous. Go figure. Fortunately this site has many generous people and both @benno573 and @ellicat offered to provide a tow vehicle in exchange for a day on the water. @benno573 was the first available so we planned a Sunday trip to Cabbage Tree Point area to chase whiting and flathead. We had and early start so we could pump yabbies on the low at daybreak then fished a few of Ben’s many spots down that way. The fish weren’t chewing their heads off but we managed a decent feed of whiting and bream. We (Benno) did land about 4 flathead during the day but all were undersize. Sorry no pics except for the highlight of the day - my first fish on an ice fishing rod. It was so much fun that I will definitely be doing this again. The little rod easily managed a 35 cm whiting and despite Benno’s best attempts to put me onto a ray just to test it out, that did not happen. Top day out as usual @benno573. And thanks @kjohnson
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    Nearly Packed

    Just about sorted for the trip. Leave to Perth on Thursday and back end of August. See you all when I get back, might take a little while to write the report. Rods in a rod tube, now to throw some clothes and camera equipment in.
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    We had a great trip but naughty bear did more drinking than he did fishing. We did throw lures for Tailor but they were not there. Man there are some whales now. They were everywhere you looked. Such a fantastic island. I don't think we appreciate how amazing it is and is so close to BNE. Shame the Tailor didn't want to play but still a fantastic trip.
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    Agony And Ecstasy

    Went through a bit of agony going fishing this morning, but was ecstatic with the results. Luke and I decided to have a bait fish to start off with and then do some exploring, fishing the edges with spinnerbaits. I put up with the pain in my new knee until after midday then had to surrender. We managed 51 bass and 7 yellas, best day for awhile. Dino
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    More Snapper & Growing !!!!!!

    When I had my 4m tinny I spent a lot of weekends launching from different locations to fish they bay pending wind directions & tides, So I was always driving from different angles covering lots of areas of the bay to fish Bulwer , curtain artificial, spitfire channel , Mud island etc, then from there it was a matter of just trial and error, talking with guys at boats ramps, using the fishing forums for info and keeping a massive excel spreadsheet of my fishing trip details on moon phases ,tides, water temps and times fish were caught for bite period times , Finding new ground in the bay isn't easy, Id say a lot of luck and lot of hours returning home with donuts , This year is my 18th snapper season in a row and I'm finally getting results, I use the Boating HD app on my phone these days , Lowrance GPS for Navionics & a HDS9 Gen 3 sounder on my Surtees which is all standard easy to use stuff , The only thing I do is when I find a spot I will run over and around this spot 5 or 6 times from all angles to see if its legit or not. From there I generally throw a bait jig on and see what baits holding in that area , from there Ill fish it for a while or ill come back at another stage when I think fish might be on the chew and see what happens But best thing is to be on the water lots trialing different techniques to chase big fish.
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    Quite First Session Back

    Well after 8 agonizing weeks through pain in my knee and pain of not holding my rod, I finally made it out to the dam for a fish this morning.Young Luke volunteered to assist me, thankyou again Luke, the fresh air (most of the time ) was very rewarding.Whish we could say the same for the fishing.Water was gin clear and you could see the bottom in 15ft. Although it was good to see turtles,tilapia, lungies etc moving about the bottom, not to many other fish or baitfish were spotted. Trolling resulted in very few and casting wasnt much better.Thank goodness Luke had to be home early and we threw the towel in around 9.30am (didnt start till nearly 7am) and I never complained one bit.I was asleep in minutes of arriving home after my first day out. Dino
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    Well well well this is nice. A long time mate of mine that I haven't see for about 20 years is coming back to Aust. He has bought time share in a sailing boat that is kept at Airlie Beach. He has invited me and another mate to spend 6 nights on the boat with them. They are both keen fishers but the trip is more about getting some hours up sailing his boat for his licence. I don't really know much about this or why he needs hours up. Anyway it is a lure only trip (though I will take some hooks if we get some fusiliers or something for bait). One mate only fishes with flies. He is pretty good at it too. We don't really know the way around up there but expect it to be pretty fishy especially when we are a few hours away from Hamilton. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will get loads of fish and loads of photos. We are not taking enough food and will be relying on cooking fish on the BBQ... One Spanish and we eat like kings,,, nothing and we starve haha.
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    NPD 15/8/19

    Pretty good day by myself with 40 odd bass and 3 yellas. Good to see fad no1 still producing fish with 3 yellas and 4 bass. Did not have a chance to have a cuppa or breakfast till 10am as I was too busy pulling in fish Not many redclaw as being by myself I could only pull 4 pots. Had a bit of a problem with the redclaw as mates were either out or were not able to come and pick them up. Ty ended up driving over from Inala at 7pm to collect them Cheers Ray
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    It was such a great day. We started off as planned and floated out some pillies while we targeted the squid and cuttlefish that have been reported around green. Sadly they were not there when we were. We fished the last hour of the run in with no luck and not even a squire. So headed off across the bay with a small chop from about 10 knots of ssw. This wind dropped out as we choofed along. I marked about 5 spots of interest on the way. Just lumps and bumps but no shows. There were some interesting troughs that I will explore later on. I did drop a pilly onto a small bump I found but nothing had a go at it and there were no shows on the sounder. I am not familiar with the sand hills so when we got there I hung around all the boats for about 5 mins with no luck. No one else was catching any whiting so we went for an explore. After about 5 spots I found them. I used a basic sinker swivel trace #4 long shanked hook rig with small bits of squid that I bought from Water Tower. The squid was unusually poor quality which is unusual as I normally like the stuff from there. Not sure if they had used up all the good stuff on Ecca Wednesday. Interestingly she said she thought she had met the 2 blokes that went missing last weekend. I hope they turn up... There were a lot of boats and helicopters out there looking for hem. Anyway we quickly boated a dozen whiting when the wind and current dropped out completely at high tide. As we were barely moving the whiting went off the bite. Uncle Drop Bear has not see the port or much of the bay so in the light winds and the bay quickly becoming glass we flew over to Mud. We had a fish there for a little while on the run out but only managed a few tiny flathead. Over to the rock wall for a quick flick with no luck then a tour down the river showing him the port and then new poop shoot cruse ship terminal. One last drift in the river and we headed back to Manly harbour under the boat passage. Here are a few dodgy photos of some whiting I know they are lame but at least I get past the POIDH
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    Lookie Lookie Lookie

    Once again the water out at NPD was gin clear,consequently the fish were hard to find.By 9am Luke and I had only one fish each casting and trolling.I said we had better give these shrimp a swim,nec thingI look at the watch and its 11am and we finally were over 20.Hope the water gets a bit dirty soon and things pic up, might have to look at another venue. Dino
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    Back In To The Snaps

    Couldnt resist another quick fish this afternoon with the weather so great! Grabbed a couple of cans o beers and headed out to a gloriously flat bay. Set the pointy end of the boat towards Green island again, although a slightly different spot, cracked a can while cruising out there and really enjoyed the smooth ride and anticipation of what might unfold today. Set the Minny on spot lock and slowly floated down two baits and wasnt long before one of the rods buckled over with the reel screaming off line! Boated a nice snapper, rebaited and in again and wasnt long before number 2 snap hit the deck. It really is hard to describe how hard these go in 5- 6 metres of water! Doesnt get any better than that so decided to head home early and cleanup the gear.
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    Tough Day NPD 21/7/

    Tough day yesterday despite good forecast and barometer over 1020.We just could not find a school anywhere. We did not manage more than 2 fish from any one spot and ended up with 22 bass and one yella. Even converted Steve over to bait and still ending up a small tally.
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    Hutchies And In Between

    @Drop Bear yep I did...ended up launching at Nudgee and headed straight for Mud. Have read before that the east side is best. There were some boats out but tried to not do a pirate so stayed away and with no marks just tried to find my own via drifting and chucking plastics chucking plastics ala @Luvit Gobbler style with a white jerk shad. Found some nice rubble patches and a couple of rises with some fish but it was slow going. I did have some whiting frames with me but really wanted to stick to the plan of getting better at the plastic thing (not the gimp suit). So I was pretty excited to get a hit but knew quickly that it was most probably a grinner ... which is was. Still it was good to be able to catch something. Got some more hits here and there a couple of small trash (almost smaller than the jerk shad) then finally landed my first flathead on a plastic! Was under sized but it felt pretty good....I look excited that's for sure. Wind was a bit stronger than expected so decided to pull the pin and head to the reclamation wall and try our luck. Didn't get anything for an hours worth of casting. Headed around to the mouth of River but not much luck either although my deckie finally caught a fish - small Flathead. Had to get back by 12 so headed in. The fish may not have been in the esky but it was a good day exploring and I can see some potential around Mud ... but not sure if I should spend time there or closer to home along the Redcliffe peninsula. BTW for anyone else hitting Nudgee it is bloody shallow at the mouth so take your time on a low tide. I draw about 35cm and got through with the motor trimmed out...
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    1770 Top Weekend

    Went up to 1770 over the weekend headed out early Saturday morning stopped and got livies then had a quick look at a close wreck with no luck. Put the throttle down and aimed for our 1st spot up around the reefs it was glassing out and we were loving the weather. The 1st drop with live yakkas didn't take long with the livie shaking on the line it was inhaled by a nice trout. This was the next couple of hours fishing as baits just hit the bottom you were on, we got good trout and moarie cod on the livies but they soon ran out as silly us didn't take enough up. The red throat emperor were scarce as were the tuskies and by midday it had shut down we fished hard for not much but the ever present hussar. Late in the arvo we fished some red emperor ground and were rewarded with a couple of these fish for the box. Losing big Reds was heart braking on a couple of drops and by sunset it was time to find our anchorage. It was a calm night and the next day was the same we didn't get any wind above 5 knots for the 2 days. The sea was like glass and we cruised to all our spots chipping away at our bag of reefies but again by midday it just shut down. Lunch and a few beers was a good way to bide the time till we headed for the red grounds and yes another red hit the deck. We droped the anchor again in the same spot for sunday night with the wind finally increasing a bit after we had dinner it got to 20 knots but we had a good spot behind the reef. Monday morning the wind had dropped off and we found some more mixed reefies before we headed for a quick trip into fitzroy lagoon for a swim and a shower. The lagoon had crystal clear water with beautiful reef everywhere this was a great way to finish the trip. We stopped in town at a freinds place for the night and drove home the next day then got a picture of the catch before filleting.
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    Hinze Western Arm 21/8/19

    Went to Hinze western arm for the first time since February as I wanted to tag some fish for a change it has really been getting to me not being able to tag bass at NPD so a change of venue was called for. It was a bit breezy and cool but we managed to find a bit of shelter in the bays and also in the trees on Ians Island .As soon a we pulled up on Ians island the resident hum appeared. I caught a bass that was bleeding so I donged it on the head and Ernie promptly swooped on it and carried it off to a tall tree for his breakfast. Finished up with around 75 bass. Photo of smallest bass instead of longest for a change. Rick and Joy caught most of the fish as they were sitting in close to the trees and they were sitting in the bow I suppose I should have tied the stern to the trees Cheers Ray
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    Daryl McPhee

    Talkin' Tailor

    For those on the northside of Brisbane, join me Sunday morning with Tahlia Lovell on 99.7 Bridge FM between 9 and 12 where I will be Talkin’ Tailor – the biology and ecology of tailor and how to catch them in Moreton Bay and in the surf. I will have a few tips from my 30 years of fishing for them including how to consistently catch them in the Bay, what to look for in surf gutters and how surf gutters form. If you are elsewhere I think you can also listen to it through this link: http://997fm.com.au/TuneinPopup.html?
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    Nrl 2019

    WTF Rabbits and Storm! I'm still wanting to see a Canberra and Storm GF! Be good to see Broncs get close but they are tooo inconsistent! How good are the LIONS!
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    Had A Cracker At Lake Macka

    Luke and I headed north up to lake macdonald for the morning yesterday.We hadnt been up this way for ages and enjoyed the change of scenery. Water was a bit murky but the fish were hungry and didnt mind at all.Managed nearly 40 bass, 2 yellas and an eel. Dino
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    I have been promising to take Uncle Drop Bear out for a fish for many years now. He is a legend former Banana farmer from Mulumbimbi. He has a tinny down there and dreams of fishing the Brunny but never really gets around to it. He is up for the show today and we are going out to take advantage of the magic weather conditions expected for tomorrow. I'd love to take him offshore but I don't think he has had much experience in the deep and he is getting long in the tooth so, to make it a nicer day, a whiting trip is planned. With all the talk about cuttlefish I am keen to try for a few of these around Green on the way out. Perhaps try a drift or 2 for a snapper with a whole cuttlefish head then run over to the Sandhills to try for some whiting and some more squid. Uncle Drop Bear is only comfortable with Alveys (bless his cotton socks). That should mean I will only need 20 rods for the day. One whiting rod each, one squid rod each and one snapper rod each as well as 1 rod with a slug if we see some Tuna. I might chuck in a shark rod as well to try the sink hole as we will over that way. This trip has really been more than 30 years in the making. I hope I can get him onto a few fish. Wish us luck!
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    Drop Bear

    Oysters Are Awesome!

    Hey, some of you know that we are working to restore lost shellfish reefs in Moreton Bay. We have lost around 95% of our shellfish reefs and this effects water quality, fish numbers and biodiversity. Every oyster can filter 180ltrs of water each day. Every hectare of restored shellfish reef will produce 2.5ton of fish. The other thing they do is sequester micro plastics. Here are some reports about how they do that. https://marinedebris.noaa.gov/research/selective-ingestion-microplastics-oysters-exposure-assessment-predictive-tool-assessing https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acs.est.8b03467?src=recsys https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acs.est.5b04099 If you would like to get involved or find out more go to our website https://www.ozfishmoretonbay.org/
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    NPD 4/8/19

    Was a bit dispirited last night after prospective deckies pulled the pin late yesterday and was still ringing around at 9pm and unable to get replacements. I decided to go by myself and I was on the way to the dam and got a call from Mark who said are you still going and response was my furcoat. Was a beaut day with glass out most of the morning and fish coming on board in dribs and drabs and ending up with 22 bass and 2 yellas when we knocked off at 11am. Mark caught most of the fish but I was still happy as I did not donut. Cheers Ray
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    Unicorn ?

    Saw this on FB. Thought I'd share for @Dinodadog and @rayke1938. No pic on the brag mat though. BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing 4 hrs · Now that’s a Bass! Check out this 60cm monster Somerset Dam Bass caught by @laneferling_ Instagram photo: @laneferling_ @scfaustralia 410410 227 comments14 shares
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    Cracking Flathead! The boys in the background had no chance. Big boat. had steam pouring out the side. I hope it wasn't the peas over cooking. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for organising it lads. Keen for round 2. No name looking the goods. Now everyone knows the secret spot!
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    Mick Waycott

    West Peel Artificial Reef

    Well I think I may be getting a little excited with my posting but. Today I got away a little early from work and had 3 hour of free time. So what better else to do than look for some fresh ground close to the ramp. First stop was West Peel artificial reef as some guys at the bar reckon it is hot at the moment. I covered the distance from Raby bay boat ramp to WP in about 10 minutes are 32 knots. Not much showing on the sounder. They are in more water than I first though. Some in as much as 45-50ft. Found a little more ground in another spot I ain’t telling anyone. Here’s a sounder photo for a tease. Can’t wait to flog it on Friday . You should have seen me when I saw I didn’t have any rods onboard Has anyone actually caught anything at West peel? I reckon the guys at the pub are ******** me. regards, Mick
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    West Peel Artificial Reef

    Mate I think you might’ve accidentally hit demo mode on your sounder to get a show like that!
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    Multicultural NPD 28/7/19

    Hard going at NPD today.With only 24 bass and 2 yellas boated.We found a school of sub 26cm bass at one of the new fads opposite the fig tree and moved on after catching 14 of them,Had a couple of green deckies from japan who had never fished before and they had a blast and both managing to catch an australian bass to skite about when they return to Japan next saturday, Tiger was impressed with the redclaw although he did not want to hold a big one, Redclaw are still prolific averaging at least 10 a pot so Michael ended up with a good feed.
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    Diy Rod Rack

    Howdy, After searching for a decent way to store the rods and being very disappointed with whats available commercially, i thought i would give it a go to make myself. It was very easy once you have the rough idea what you want. Turned out pretty good, Total cost to make was $47
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    Drop Bear

    Ozfish Plug

    Hey legends. Thought you might like to read this news report about what we are doing with shellfish reef restoration in Moreton Bay. I wish it did a link thingo..... https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-07-19/snotweed-algae-oyster-reef-restoration/11324388?pfmredir=ms&fbclid=IwAR0oo8B8QBNLIjzYlg1XvNtl9fr6Vh-9p_kJgmdHJtOUGlqIZ21gcS90wu4
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    I have already purchased the SLX DC, Only reason for selling is my fat thumb doesnt fit the reel to well, so I tend not to use it.Going for my first fish this morning, been 8 weeks, leg still very painful, dont know how long I will last.If I need to do a number 2 i will be home very early or Luke will have to hold one leg up while I go
  36. 5 points

    Where Were You

    Where were you 50 years a go. I know a lot of you were not around then. I was just out of corp training in the army and was sent to Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton.When I arrived I found out that myself and 2 other privates had to feed 253 soldiers. As the oldest I took charge and one of the first things I got done was to get the walk in fridge cleaned out.Unknown to me a 20lb cod was taken out of the fridge and left on the table and got flyblown. Staffsargent that caught it was not very happy. While I was there I saw the moon landing on a 12 inch black and white TV. Few days later 4 of the top brass went on a fishing trip and caught 300 bream,They thought they would just dump them at the kitchen for the cooks to clean,wrong I said bring them back when they are scaled and gutted.Then the 3 cooks grilled them whole and each person got a whole fish and vegies.I thought I might get into trouble for making the top brass clean their catch, but they promoted me to corporal when we returned home. Dino
  37. 5 points

    Bay Snapper Out Of Control

    definitely, not one fish come on live bait or fresh dead bait,
  38. 4 points

    NPD 18/8/19

    Took Troy out tyesterday morning at NPD to show him around some of the spots but unfortunately the fish were a bit hard to find. We ended up with 34 bass and one yella but at least Troy took home a feed of a couple of bass and a yella and a good feed of redclaw, The bright side is that we have started to consistently pull fish from fad number 1. Now to discipline myself to check out the others.Cheers Ray
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    Drop Bear

    Nrl 2019

    Geeeze Im gonna soar back up the ladder this week with these great tips. Go the Qlders. It will be really nice collecting the $8.50 from the Titans game. How stupid are the people working out the odds. Money for Jam. Time to put the whole house on them.
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    Good luck Robbie - we went out today. Trolled for a bit but only caught grinners (stop laughing @Old Scaley .....) so went back in to Green. Tried drifting for squid/cuttlefish in around 9m of water for no luck (if you try, perhaps try around 7m depth and see if you have better luck) and the kids were getting restless so went and anchored up to do some 'proper' fishing. Slow at first during tide change but then plenty of action once the tidal flow kicked in but no keepers sadly. Boys got some thrills with Liam hooking something big which turned out to be a large turtle and then right as we were packing up George had something else big which turned out to be about a 105cm wobbegong shark which I pulled into the boat for a quick photo before releasing. Amazing what 2-4kg rods with small reels and 8lb line and a small hook can pull up
  41. 4 points

    Learning New Areas

    That unit will do the trick. In the creeks etc you may choose to use the sidescan but offshore it is not really worth it imo. I don't use downview either unless I want a clear picture of the structure. Fish returns are hard to pick up in deeper water. Stick to the traditional sonar. Some people like the white background but I prefer the blue for visual enhancement. In deeper water than 20m I split the screen with bottom lock or zoomed view. Make the depth range for bottom lock/zoom approx 10m. This will give you a clearer picture of what you're fishing and the fish returns are a lot clearer around the structure. Head out around Humpy and sound around.
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    More Snapper & Growing !!!!!!

    Bit of both mate. Been getting them in day light. Night's, arvos & early morning. Different spots and techniques. Last season all fish in the 7kg bracket and higher come in the day time. This year has been mixed with 6,7 and 8kg fish coming at all times of the day
  43. 4 points

    Offshore With Tugger

    It was a good day on the water we did a lot of drifts before anchoring and lost our best snapper of the day to a shark just getting the head back the rest missing from the gill plates. It was getting calmer as the morning wore on there was a nice amount of current and I was hoping the snapper would chew hard. Thanks for the company Steve those fresh snapper fillets were sensational sorry I can't help with any better photos.
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    Unicorn ?

    Good bass if there is a brag mat photo i will believe it. At least he is holding it correctly unlike a lot of other cowboys swinging it around by the mouth. They have been pulling some good bass from somerset lately. Cheers Ray
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    Offshore With Tugger

    we had a pretty good start with 3 snapper and a nice parrot and a good cod but had to cut the day short as kurt got a spine through his hobit toe from a 50 odd snapper.any thought what this migh be on the sounder?
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    One In 16 Year Event NPD 31/7/9

    First time I have caught one of these for 16 years at NPD. Photo attached.
  47. 4 points

    One In 16 Year Event NPD 31/7/9

    Here is a high def photo. ' the 3 other deckies got 16 bass and 2 yellas whilst I did not even get a bite, I did manage to lose a shrimp when it jumped off the barbless hook.
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    Canadian On The Way!

    Just landed in Brisbane. Wow now that's a long flight from Canada!@!
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    New Home Built Fishing Reel

    I forgot to update this post about the new reel. It has done 2 big trips to the deep grounds wide off Fraser Island over the past 2 weeks and it have performed absolutely amazing. It has ripped 2 big Makos up from the depths as well as a number of large Bar Cod and some 15kg plus Amberjack as well as other reef fish and sharks. I built a new flat rod for testing and it is amazing as well. I was hesitant in using it but it is the best thing I have ever tried so far when fishing the deep water. I have also built a lighter one for the shallower 100m line when chasing Snapper and Pearlies. I have already started work on version 2 which will be an automated version of this one but with a few handy extra features added. Anyway here is a short video of the first drop 2 weeks ago which was its first drop out in the real world. Make sure you watch it in HD.
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    Pottsville Family Fun