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    NPD 11/12/19

    Another good day with Rick still driving as I am still waiting for parts from Nissan. Latest excuse is parts are held up in Melbourne due to bushfires. Been a week since we were there so redclaw numbers were down with 2 pots having holes chewed in them so 20 redclaw from 8 pots. Took a while to find a school of bass but we finally found a couple of migrating schools behind the island that we were able to follow before losing them. We had 45 fish by 9.30 and when we knocked off at 11.30 we had only increased the tally to 54 bass,1 yella and a forky that percy enjoyed. Cheers Ray
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    Bass Bedlam

    Like Ray my first catch was unwanted,new rod, new line and I hook a tillie on a spinnerbait.Lucky the fishing improved, picked up several trolling as the edge bite was not on and finished up finding a school, where it was absolute bedlam on the bass, started off with 2 rods, but had to cut back to one rod as the action was that fast.Finished up with 61 bass and one yella,left them biting as run out of shrimp and it was to darn hot. Dino
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    Sounder Settings Advice

    Down scan is a waste of time when looking for fish IMO. I prefer the traditional view for all structure and fish sounding activities. This can take me over an hr when I go out. Like you say...no point fishing a deserted spot. If you find a strange return that may resemble a wreck or something then yes switch to downscan for a better picture but for general sounding I find the traditional is the go. Can't help with settings as I do not use that brand but I'll pass on what I would do. From a guess you have 2 frequencies. 200khz is a 20deg cone and 50khz/80khz is a 60deg cone.....or thereabouts. 200khz is for shallow water with more pings. 50khz is for deeper water with fewer pings. Want to hear the pings? Pour water onto a flat sheet of glass, dining table works well. Power up the unit and plug the transducer in. Sit the transducer in the water on the glass. It will tick away (this is how to test a transducer if you think it is not working). Now set it to 50khz. Pings should be noticeably less. I would try them both frequencies together, then try 200 on its own. The gain should have an Auto setting. If the screen is still cluttered when set on auto then dial it back manually. You only need to go back enough until the screen clutter disappears. It's a fine line but you should have a clear screen with good returns of fish and structure. LEAVE FISH ID OFF. Do not use this. This function will not decipher between junk in the water and fish. All you get is a screen full of little fish pictures. A piece of weed or plastic bag will throw a different return than a fish. So leave the fish ID off. Cheers.
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    Female Angler New To Group

    Hello everyone and thank you to the admins for allowing me to join this group. I'm a female angler who absolutely loves my fishing. These days it's lures only for me, and I haven't used bait in a few decades now. I'm looking forward to learning a heap of new techniques to try out from some of the members of this group. I fish both landbased, and a boat. I'll keep this introduction short, as I'm sure I will contribute more at a future time. Thank you
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    A Day At The NPD Zoo

    I may have been being a little cheeky.
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    Forgot My Deep Divers

    Once again had to rely on Rick towing the boat as my xtrail still suffering from so far unfixable electrical gremlins. Took a while to locate some fish we tried in usual haunts in the trees but the barred grunter were prolific and we were losing around 20 shrimp between the lone bass. Ians island is well and truely out of the water now. We ended up near the dam wall and found a school of good sized bass in 27 feet of water, Rick had a bit of trouble getting a big girl to swim away so we sent her on her way with one of Binders custom droppers. Final tally was 27 bass. Cheers Ray
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    Family Holiday To Noosa

    The main drag you can see from left to right is Gympie Terrace.
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    Old Scaley

    Jacob's Well Session

    It was the funniest thing I have seen on my tinnie since I “accidentally” dropped a sandcrab onto @benno573‘s toe. Good day out Brian, pity the fish didn’t play the game. Strange to only get 2 really good whiting, but no small ones or bream. You forgot to mention the crescent perch and the one clawed crab that hung onto my yabbie long enough to get him in the esky. How nice was it sitting in the boat without anyone else around, listening to the test match and enjoying good chat and a few laughs? Life is good.
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    Old Scaley

    Help Me Pick A Sounder/gps Combo

    So, just to finish off this thread, I have taken the new combo (Garmin 95sv) out twice now. The first time I was just playing with settings and trying to get the transducer to hold bottom while travelling. I love this piece of kit - it is easy to use and the touch screen is very responsive and doesn’t seem to mind wet fingers. Holding bottom while travelling is still not as good as I would like it to be but maybe it is the boat hull that is making it hard. I know the general rule of thumb is to run a straight edge along the bottom of the hull and have that line dissect the transducer, then kick it up a notch. Using that system I lose bottom readings at 10 knots. Dropping it deeper is better and I still have a reasonable picture up to 18 knots which is probably ok, but I have seen better on other boats. You can set up favourite views. My favourite is the split screen of traditional sonar and down view. The screen is a generous 9” so the two views are easy read and you can make either view full screen just by tapping on that view. I am still trying to figure out side view, mainly because I have never used it before. I have drifted past structure like rock walls and beacons and have not seen the detail I was expecting. I think I just need to do more research and spend more time on the water playing with different settings to get the most out of it. The navigation side of things is easy to use. Dropping a waypoint is simple and so is editing waypoints and navigating to waypoints. You can also do your own mapping of places that aren’t mapped on the chart, but I haven’t put an sd card in it yet to enable that functionality. The inbuilt maps look a bit different to Navionics, but have at least as much detail and I didn’t need to buy a card. Updating charts is easy through wifi and a phone app. Pleased to see that all the green zones are marked. When I put an sd card into the device I will be able to capture screen shots and will put some up if I come across anything interesting. For now, I think I can say that I am very happy with this purchase. Here are a couple of screen shots that I took with the phone camera. They don’t do it justice but you get the idea. Cheers everyone. Edit. Sorry, adding photos is not working for me. Will try again later. Working now, but not worth the wait.
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    NPD 11/12/19

    gps marks for i pilot
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    Who Feels Gulps Left Behind

    Well gave those Gobblers a go, man they look great in the water, Swim well, BUT unfortunately one bite from a mac and they have had it. Small school mac tore em up in an instant. I will still give them a run and use on tough days as I think they are a truly good product in appearances and swimming etc but on days when the bite is OK i will go with longevity of ZMAN. One criticism is the heads on the paddler style are quite narrow and I found it hard to put them on a 1/2 - 3/4 oz jighead grub holder. and they looked odd and not streamlined when profiled to the lead jig head, but thats me. I mainly used the jerk shad style as the current was rippin that day. Caught a few school macs on them but it was a slow day overall.
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    A Day At The NPD Zoo

    Are you trying to say I am the biggest animal of all.
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    If you spot fish then the sounder has done its job. It is not going to tell you which direction they are travelling. That is why it is called fishing....not catching. Once you know the fish are there.. or around the area.....cast, burley, bait the crap out of it. It can take me sometimes 2hrs before I drop a line. I'll sound around till I get what I am looking for.....and after a while you'll be able to tell what fish are giving the returns. I can tell what most returns are just by the image on the screen. Snapps pearlies and reds have a very identifiable return. That takes a while to get the gist of though but with time you will learn.
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    A Few Posts Deep Still But New!

    Not yet been to NT, WA or Tas and only seen half of SA. We have stopped and worked for a 2 months or so a couple of times. We want to actually see the country. Met some folk going around the country in 4 months, seeing a lot of bitumen I reckon.
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    Relearning Plastics

    That's the problem I have will plastics, it's just so sssslllloooowwww. As bad as sitting through a 3 day cricket test!!
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    Better Tackle

    What Colours Do Fish See?

    This article can be also found on my website here if you would like to help and support my little proud Aussie hobby business https://bettertackle.com/blogs/fishing-tips-and-info/what-colours-do-fish-see What colours do fish see? November 11, 2019 Do you know what colours fish see when you want to increase your hookups? Are you getting the most out of your fishing rigs? This is one of the questions and discussions that come up very often when choosing your colour variants for flasher material and lures. When you look at the multitude of information around sometimes this can seem contradictory and confusing. Some of it is because of bro-science (or wives tales) and some of it is because fish at times can be very fickle. This video below shows different colours with longer and shorter light waves and how they change in the water the deeper you dive. from Kendall Robergs channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2O-1u_SliVgt7gagnspG8A Lighter colors lose their visibility first and then darker colours including ultra violet colours like fluorescents slowly lose their vibrancy while shorter spectrum colours like blue, black and purple becoming the most distinguishable the deeper you go. This is caused by the scatter effect meaning that water absorbing the light effect the sharpness of colours and dulls them so they can no longer be seen or distinguished from other colours or the become less vibrant the deeper they go. As seen in this diagram below light penetration between coastal waters and open ocean can also have an effect on the colour spectrum. NOAA Deep Light diagram Do fish see like we do? If you take into account that the human eye and fish eyes are similar but also very unlike on how we see colours and shapes in our natural environments. It is realized by many, what we see and what they see is different. Colours will lose their intensity and become invisible to the naked human eye the deeper they go, fish, on the other hand, have an added evolutionary advantage in deeper waters than we humans do. Eyeshine or scoptic vision gives fish and other predatory species of animals a distinct advantage over their prey in low light conditions. The reflector that is just behind their retinas, reflect visible light and increases the brightness of what they can see in low light conditions. This though effects their perception of objects and makes them blurry. Photo courtesy of Dave Condon Fishing Scientific research proves that fish do not see colours the way we do and that different species perceive different colours or are repelled or attracted to different spectrums. Many species of fish are Trichromats means they can see in all three primary colours but this only accounts for half of the fish species. Predators, on the other hand, are colour blind and have a keener sense of distance then than other non-predatory species. Then there are deep-sea fish and blind cave-dwelling fish but in general, the species we are targeting can see a hell of a lot better in low light conditions then we can. Fsh can see better in these environments then us humans can, we still have to be aware of the depth we are targeting for the species we are hunting. It is not just enough to have a singular colour for your flasher. Even though some species of fish can still see these light colours in deeper depths than us fishos we still want to maximize our efficiency in luring them to our bait and onto our boat as much as possible. This is why when you are making your own flasher hooks or lures or buying them you will want to pick colours and two tones contrasting colouring that will give you an added edge over their evolution. By using this very advantage fish have in seeing better than we can in low light environments that also blurs their vision, you can see why flasher rigs like our flasher hooks, that use distinct contrasting colours as well as beads that mimic eyeshine work so well in increasing your hookups. (Colorblind comparison to show the importance of two-tone coloring) Everyone is familiar of how well pink lures and flashers work well on many species. Even at depths that we humans would never be able to distinguish. Some fishos claim that lighter colours attract just as well in the deep, suggesting that is the flasher itself that increases the hookups or the contrasting colours used. This is why paired colours are so important when selecting your flasher hooks that you buy or make yourself. Your flasher hooks and lures will not be as effective or enticing to the target species you are angling for without paired colours. Then what colour should you choose when you are out fishing? Well, there are a few variances you have to consider: How deep is the structure you are targeting? How sunny is the day? How far are you to coastal waters? Water turbidity (how cloudy or hazy the water is) Some colour basics when choosing your flasher or lure. Sunny days- Colours like bronze or gold or metallic colours like chrome work best on sunny days. Close to the surface- Reds and pinks work best on shallow reefs Dark Background- Hyper colours like Chartreuse and white. Depth- Black, Blue, and Dark green work well and are very vibrant in deeper water. Rough Days- on rough and choppy days’ lighter coloring are not going to be as effective so select darker colors on rough days as this will increase the effectiveness of your flasher hooks. Matching the hatch a term that is thrown around a lot and that is because it is a tried and true effective approach to selecting your flasher hooks and lures. So in answer to the question what colors do fish see? Well, for fish that are not color blind, all of them including UV colouring that we cannot even see ourselves. What humans think is black or too dark to see in the darker depths of the ocean becomes more metallic and vibrant the lower they drop. These darker colours attract your target species just as well as the lighter, shinier colours as they are distinguishable when other spectrum variants have already lost their pigment. We have all caught fish at night so we know that there is enough light from the moon and stars for fish that are in shallower and murkier waters to find their prey. Vibrations, smell and shape having a large part to do with this as well as lumo beads. So do not be scared to mix it up with the colour chart that is written above. What works for you, in all honesty, is what works for you. This is probably because of where you are used to fishing you can rely on experience and first-hand knowledge. But do not be afraid to follow this guide as you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Having a range of different colour flashers or lures is always your best option when heading out fishing. If your tried and tested coloring is not working mix it up. With Better Tackles Rapid Release Rigs this process will take you less than 2 minutes. We don’t just help increase your hookups but also give you a better experience each and every time when you are out on the water pursuing your next PB. CHECK OUT OUR ENTIRE SELECTION TODAY Wishing you all tight lines and thanks for visiting us. The Better Tackle Team I had promised this article awhile ago but have been a bit flat chat with the business lately. I hope this helps everyone out in selecting colors for their lures or flashers in the future
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    Found More Lures Than Fish

    No I hadnt been in this area for years.
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    Stanley River At Woodford

    Click the link for some past reports and also some regulations - https://www.australianfishing.com.au/search/?q=Stanley
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    Found More Lures Than Fish

    You're a brave man going for a walk in this weather, but well rewarded. Did you recognise any of the lures as your own ?
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    Friday Boat, Monday Landbased NPD

    So just like snapper ...... Top fishing Dinodadog looks like you had a ball ......
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    YouTube of the 200 pro was in action below:
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    Friday Boat, Monday Landbased NPD

    Okay. That answers my question. Salt water fishing it is then.
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    Transom Height

    weighed it today 7.4 kg
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    Friday Boat, Monday Landbased NPD

    Nice! Are they good eating?
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    Somerset dam or maroon dam are other good options - little further to drive to though.
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    Transom Height

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    Thanks mate
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    Mud Crab Bait

    Yes, we get heaps of undersized males, and thousands of female crabs. Sometimes 10 big females in each trap. I only zip tie the tops shut if i leave overnight. But don't like doing that, prefer to crab on an incoming tide, both day and night, and work the pots up gutters, creeks, and into shorelines as the tide advances, check every hour or 2. Change baits as it get chewed, i normally use mesh bait bags to slow down the destruction of my fresh baits.
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    Bass Bedlam

    With hot sticky weather forecasted for the next few days the bass bite may turn on!!
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    Fresh Yabbies For Sale In Noosa

    I just Googled "Tewantin Bait" and came up with 'HookedOn' 27 Hilton Terrace Tewantin QLD 4565 (07) 5449 7541
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    Yeah, I know. Getting old
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    To Much Sun

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    Burrum Heads With The Fam

    Heya folks, heading to burrum heads Thursday, nevet been before, looking for some info on spots i can get my boat to, (i have a 4.2m tinny with a 40 on it)and a general idea of conditions at the moment Cheers!
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    Burrum Heads With The Fam

    There is some excellent whiting fishing in the Burrum so take the yabbie pump
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    @natang @ellicat g'day guys i ended up taking my nephew out to the boat ramp at first but it was a bit too chockers with some rougher people so we moved to colleges crossing where the nephew caught a 24cm bream that for its size was a chonker, we let him go and moved to kookaburra park as the young one was desperate to catch a real live catfish. we caught three catties (biggest was maybe 30cm max) which he went bonkers over and an eel which he was terrified of. The heat of the day and all the adventure caught up to him at this point and he was nodding off holding his rod so i took him home, this was my first time really spending time with him by myself and i'm beyond grateful you guys put me onto some good spots for him to have fun at. so thanks guys i really appreciate the help. ps. he is already bugging his father ( a very indoors type of man) to take him fishing next weekend
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    Looking at the forecast for Thursday, I would be going early and getting back to shelter before the tide change around 11. That way you should avoid wind against tide and have a good run back home. In spring and summer, you will often get a NE wind springing up at around 11.15 and combining that with a run out tide can make it a long wet trip home.
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    Burrum Heads With The Fam

    Thanks for the tips @Old Scaley defiantly will grab a map, i would love to hook a barra, hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll get into a few, and can share with everyone in tbe forum! Now just to get through the next 2 and half days at work without losing my ****!
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    Wtb Kayak

    Give me a ring might have just the thing.
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    That boat is too flash to get fish blood on it!!!! As @kmcrosby78 mentioned I’m part of the toorbul fishing club which is estuary fishing. There are a couple on Bribie and the Sunnie coast which are both inshore and offshore.
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    Nq Freshwater

    Just drive up Gillies range road and you'll see heaps of creeks you could hike up and find some sooties. Just stop at one you like the look of, park the car at a campsite and start walking. Watch out for yowies if your gonna camp overnight though. Or pick a gorge and start hiking up it e.g: Behana or Tully gorge
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    NPD /11/19 Good And Bad

    Friendly bugger isn't he ..... Hope the car issue is a quick and cheap fix Ray.
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    Mate if you have a car a short drive to Colleges Crossing (20mins) is a good place to start soak servo prawns, garden worms or some soft plastics in worm or crawfish shape. Mt Crosby Weir is about 5 min drive from here also the Junction and Kookaburra park are all good spots catties everywhere!
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    Have a 'Google' for access along the river. You should be able to pick up some catties in the river given enough time soaking bait. Be careful of their spines (one at the start of the dorsal fin and one either side in the pectoral fins) as they are pretty painful of you get stuck. I've spotted a couple of areas, marked in blue below, that I'd try if I was in the area. Good luck. Hope you get a few. Let us know how you get on.
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    Hello to all fellow fishers and I hope this will help with the question about Hardy heads as bait. Some years back my Dad and I dragged the bait net around Elliott heads near Bundy and caught buckets and I mean buckets of Hardy heads which we froze fresh and took off shore on our next trip from Burnett heads. The results were and no I am not kidding we caught over 250 lb of turrum or trevally and every time we baited up with these small fish we get to half way down and were hit with another double head of trevally. I guess to point was if you don't mind eating them then they are a fantastic bait , we caught the occasional hussar etc. but mostly Trevor's.
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    oh for those of us that fish the rusty water that is haha.
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    Activity Stream ?

    Yes, I cleared all my cookies this morning and was able to get the usual "All Activity" page to load just once, before getting the same result as above on refreshing. So it seems like a cookie issue, however if it doesn't have choc chips, I'm not all that interested in dealing with them.
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    Lil Bit Of This,lil Bit Of That

    When I joined the army years a go, they asked me what did I want to be the king of the shite or the shite of the king.(i wanted to be a plant operator) so I said king of the shite, so as I already was a pastrycook they put me in catering.Which was a good move as I was a corporal in 6 months.
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    Spanish - Trace Or No Trace

    I always use wire. And i still loose gear. Dunno how sometimes. All my line and leader and lures are smicko rigged. Not overdone i guess so still get bitten off. I use 5 - 8 cm of wire in front of my soft plastics. say 40lb. They go it no probs usualy. the wire is albrite knotted to flurocarbon. I also dont have dirty great big swivels anywhere. On my lures 15 cm of wire to a small/ tiny 2 way swivel that is tied to my leader.. no coastlock swivel. On my fishing gear that i live bait with or full pilly float i always use wire. But i also put 3 foot of mono after the wire to the coastlock swivel usually. If and when i do use coastlocks there a small size. Yes macs can be weary of wire..maybe more so down south compared to cairns. I dunno. They can be tough up here to at times. but keeping the dags and and thickness to a minimum, your rigs tidy your swivels small (as they make bubble trails especially when trolling) and your in the game. A mate swears by 150lb flurocarbon only for his livebait rigs. or lures. Reckons looses bugger all. Another mate uses 400lb piano wire on his wog heads trolling with gar on paravanes. no rod.. just chord on bungee. But thats cooktown. I reckon there not to cluey up that way. XRAPs at 27$ a pop.. id rather keep em attached with wire.
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    Fish Id Please

    Well looks like everyones stumped. So I did alot of googling. The closest resemblance I could find was a Bigeye cigarfish aka Evermanns Nomeid Ariomma brevimanum . Apparently a type of drift fish that hangs around floating debris, jellyfish. Once mature hangs in the deep 600 - 1000ft. Then shallower of a night. Apperntly eats salps and plankton. (and squid as i found). They have been caught around Hawaii , cook islands, Phillipines.. I guess where ever the currents take them and the water seems warm. Well there you go. Doubt il ever see another.