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    Some recent fish...

    Got a couple of Hobies recently and sold one to get a Tarpon. Have had a couple of trips out with mates, hitting some spots that I've always eyed off but couldn't get into with the boat as well as finding some new spots using google earth. A collection of some pics off the camera, mostly fresh but some salt too. Cheers.
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    BoM`s Experimental Mapping Tool. MetEye

    For those who may not be aware: MetEye™ is an online mapping tool or Geographic Information System (GIS), used to visualise weather data for Australia. It is an experimental service ,like BoM`s (SEQ) experimental Thunderstorm Tracker. it includes:Current Sea Surface Temperature, Wind speed and direction (knots), Wind speed and direction (km/h), Current relative humidity (%),Current temperature (°C) etc />http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/meteye/
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    Some recent fish...

    NZ went to the top of my favourite places to go... Got to see some really big salmon they farm there (5-7kg) and the sashimi was excellent. Pics from my camera are pretty average but some of Tina's pics are crackers.
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    Fibreglass chip/crack repair

    They look like some pretty nifty products. If you read the fine print all of them are only suitable for above the waterline use.
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    Some recent fish...

    After Scotland NZ is my favorite and much more affordable.Going there end of next month to score more brownie points so no fishing. :blush: Cheers Ray
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    Bri The Pom

    terez spinning rod q's?

    Grant there is also nothing worse than having gear far too big for the fish you are catching with the chance that something big may turn up. I have a stradic 6000 with near 300 mtrs of sunline pe 30 lb. If im fishing plastics in 40 mtrs of water do i need 300 mtrs or will 250 do or less. Just my pennys worth mste.
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    MSQ Notice to Mariners NOOSAVLLE BOAT RAMP

    Maritime Safety Queensland Queensland Notices to Mariners 028 (Temporary) of 2014 Noosa pilotage area Locality: Noosa River near Noosaville Activity: works to Albert Street boat ramp Mariners are advised that the Albert Street public boat ramp at Noosaville will be closed for upgrade works from 28 January 2014 for approximately 18 weeks. The works will also affect up to half the car trailer unit caparks for the boat ramp. Trailer boats may continue to launch from the adjacent Thomas Street public boat ramp or the public boat ramp near Doonelle Street at Tewantin. Any enquiries about these works should be directed to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. MSQ Beacon to Beacon Directory 9th edition map: 61 The Brisbane Regional Harbour Master’s office on 07 3632 7500. Authorised by: Director (Maritime Services) Issued: Brisbane 20 January 2014
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    28/1/14 Report

    Hey wayne Great report. Where abouts did you go crabbing. 7 bucks is a solid effort.
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    Some recent fish...

    Last couple of shots are from NZ, spotted about 5 trout just sitting in eddies. No rod unfortunately
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    Straddy For Australia Day 2014

    Headed over the island for the Aus Day long weekend with a plan to spend a lot of time kayaking the bay and fishing the serious rocks for pelagics. Well that was before the weather report. In the end went over with no idea what to target and where... But hopefully just to find some fish... After some serious scouting Saturday morning in our only calm window (which was annoyingly fishless) we decided to hit some of the gutters in the slightly protected confines on the rocks between Deasmand and Frenchmans beaches. This was the view off the point in the calm... Note the Dolphins... These gutters are hit and miss but luckily, and to be honest despite expectations they really fired. We theorized that like us... The fish were heading into them to shelter from the ripping seas. 3 sessions in 2 days saw us with a big mixed bag of whiting, dart, bream and moses perch. Dart, whiting and moses made a nice feed each night and the bream went back to fight again. While nothing was XOS Sportsfishing material, I stuck it out with my 1-3kg rod which made every capture fun. The pictures just do not do the ruggedness of the water we were fishing justice but rest assured it was one serious washing machine! Angus
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    MSQ Notice to Mariners NOOSAVLLE BOAT RAMP

    That's the one Gad, Some savage rocks to the Left (Port) side right on the ramp and the old wharf is crap, theyd be better clearing it and utalising the small beach there, I'd put my boat in there if they cleaned up the rocks
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    Swag reviews from Owners

    Yes the old style ones are the originals and the new hoop ones to me are like the Hikers bivvy tents, I managed to use a small sheet of waterproof material as a tent for years in the army, But now I look at it as progress... like toilet paper years ago people used old newspapers(at least they did in the UK) then tissue...now its 3 ply. the one I got on Ebay cost $140 delivered
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    Servicing means checking it for damage, making sure it stays inflated for a 24 hour period (after blowing it up through the tube, not using the cartridge!). It does not involve replacing the cartridge. You just check the cartridge for signs of corrosion and weigh it to make sure it is still full. If the cylinder needs replacing, may as well just buy a new jacket, the "kits" to install a new cylinder are nearly half the price of a jacket. I wear mine when ever I am on the kayak, you dont notice it after the first 5 minutes. Be aware that the service period starts on date of sale, so if it is a proper retailer selling the jacket its fine, if it is a second hand sale (even though still new in the wrap), unless they provide you with their original receipt for purchase, will be based on the date stamped on the jacket, (in my experience the date stamped on the jacket can be 3 to 6 months earlier than the sale date). Either way I would service it before putting it in to use.
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    In skinny shallow water I usually don't wear one. But if it's deeper than my chest I wear a non inflatable jacket. I figure if I fall in I will trying save my gear and don't want to be looking for the pull cord or blowing it up manually. Just what I do. :woohoo:
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    28/1/14 Report

    Just the one bass for me Kel and a bust off and 2 missed hits. Been a while since I went Mako fishing and have some video somewhere that has a 60kg Mako leaping 9 ft out of the air with a somersault when were fishing off Philip Island in Victoria. Another time one jumped at the boat and nearly cleaned me up but hit the cuddy cabin of the boat, thank god. But that's what makes it so exciting.
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    Tiller to steer? How hard is it?

    Thanks Ted. $700 plus console should convert the engine over to forward steer
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    Karalee Boat Ramp Re-opening

    Riverside Park in Karalee is nearing completion. Work began in November and completion was likely by this weekend. />http://www.qt.com.au/news/new-and-improved-look-for-park-ruined-by-floods/2153581/
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    Terry H

    Reel for Samurai 101

    +1 Shimano Sustain For the price, I think they're a solid reel. It's no Stella, but still very good!
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    Reel for Samurai 101

    Shimano Sustain from BCF Get them to match MO Tackles price for $255
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    Reel for Samurai 101

    I use the 2004 Daiwa Sol II on all my light rods. light and ok drag (2kg), plus with the mag seal im not too worried about saltwater getting in, (although i don't dunk mine! haha ) I use all my gear for bream fishing though, so if the 2000 freams has been heavy enough, for your price range the sol's are a good choice IMO. If i had the money though, and your budget was higher, i would myself get and suggest you get a Luvias. Mainly due to the 2004 Luvias being a whole 50 grams lighter than the Sol's, which is what i would love, but has one less bearing so it might feel a little less smooth. The daiwa certate is the next model up again, which is one of the lightest smoothest reels ive used, but not owned due to their high prices. Sorry for the rambles haha, but yea a 2004 Daiwa Sol II is a good fit.
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    Manage to sneak a fish in this morning with Jeremy before all this bad weather moves in for the rest of the weekend. Main goal for the morning was to get some kingies on surface again and try get some footage. Must have been camera's curse cause there weren't keen to play the game. After that fail we decided we had better get some bait, mid bait drop a school of tuna surfaced about 200m away, up came the jigs and away we went. once with in casting range I put out a cast and within a second of the Zman bubble gum hitting the water I was on. I was using my new combo a 3500 custom hd certate on a Saltiga 76 game lined with sSaltiga pe2. to much of my surprise the fight was over within 5 minutes. I was very pumped as this was my first longie and my biggest for the day I managed another 2 and lost one very quickly when I got a little impatient on the drag. a couple of photos and it was Jeremy's turn, found another school and first cast and Jeremy was on. fish took about 50 metres of line before his 35lb pe2 snapped at the bail arm :dry: I found it a bit of a shock. after re rigging we went in pursuit of some more but could not find any surfacing. we resulted back to chasing the kingies. I decided to try a livie and be a smart ass and chuck it out on my Gomoku jigger, withing 5 seconds of it hitting the surface it was instantly taken and pealed drag and went side ways didn't take long to work out it was a dollie when it came flying out of the water, this was a new species for me and I was once again pumped. Ended up landing a couple of kings between us The afternoon was ended with two more baby longtail and a decent bust off that has me spewing Over all it was a good weekend and I have put my tally for 2014 up to 4 for new species on the list. Cheers Chris