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    Drop Bear

    Venison For A Hungry Drop Bear

    Ok I know this is a fishing forum but I have been encouraged to put up a hunting report from yesterday. Many AFO members enjoyed some Venison at the Christmas party at lake moogerah last weekend. This is a bit of a report and a bit of a blog. If hunting is not your thing perhaps don't read this. I am more than happy to have a respectful debate about the ethics of hunting so if you are opposed to it please feel free to express your concerns. I couldn't get many photos as my mate doesn't understand and I don't do it for trophies but there are a couple of photos below. Anyway onto the report thingy. With Christmas fast approaching I was really keen to put some venison in the fridge. I enjoy eating it more than any other meat. The steaks are tasty and good and stews hearty and delicious. Great in a curry and great as a roast. The kings and queens cant be wrong and I am not surprised at all that they used to hunt down poachers. I phoned my mate in Kilcoy and he said there were a few around. There are quite a few Red dear up that way and when the weather is really dry they come down to the flats to get water and a feed. We had had a few storms lately so it was no sure thing that we would get one as they can be way back up in the mountains and national park. It takes about and hour and a half to get there from my house so an easy drive but the Gateway is always a pain. oh well. We headed off from my mates place at about 5pm as it was a hot day and didn't want to get out earlier and drove to a farm he knows. A few bumpy tracks and we made it to the first hill and there they were. A mob of about 12 boldly standing in the open about 350m away. I don't like to take speculative shots so we creeped closer to about 200m where we felt comfortable. Unfortunately our approach spooked them some what and they wondered off down into the gully. Stunning country here with a massive rock escarpment fringing the grassy paddocks. We got out of the car and headed off on foot shouldering the 7mm 08. The wind was not ideal. It was at our sides and a bit varied so we took the long route up the hill to the south of them. They had not gone far but were again about 300m away but not as aware of us now. we made it behind a hill and got about 100m on them and found a great rest on a tree. They were in some scrub now. I don't shoot for antlers and only for meat. Unfortunately there were no spotty ones in the open but a 2 year old velvet buck gave me a good front 3/4 shot. It was still 200m and it was a bit windy so I didn't feel confident in a clean head shot. I aimed for the front leg and took the shot. It took off. We had a deep forested gully in the way and followed the Buck and saw it slowing up as it went over the next hill. I took some bearings on where we last saw it and we picked our way through the heavy scrub and lantana up the other side. There was a blood trial and we followed it down into the next steep gully where the deer was lying. It was a clean kill. I had to drag it out up this gully for about 50m to get to where we could drag it down hill. This took me ages as the country was so tight I had to do it on my own and I could only skootch it about 2m at a time before having a break but finally made it to where we could field dress it. He was a very handsome 2 year old velvet buck. A good size and very heavy to drag. We field dressed it and dragged it down the hill to the ute. It was a long way and very dirty tracks so sadly the neck and tender loins got dirt and sticks on them and had to go to the dogs. We drove back to my mates place. He is a master butcher and had it skinned and broken down in under 20 mins. I placed the pieces on an old sheet... (perhaps not too old but don't tell mrs DB) in the back of the ute and headed home. It stayed on the sheet over night and into the fridge at 4.30am this morning. A fantastic day. I had some Venison for lunch today gladly picking the back strap. Delicious. A tinge of game but really yummy and tender. Angus ordered the Liver so I have this for him in the fridge. It really is about as good as it gets for ethical meat. Free range, organic and these are feral animals. Thanks
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    Venison For A Hungry Drop Bear

    Had a bambie pie in Tasmania once Drop Bear , pretty good too, looks like you got your wish , Venison for Xmas, thanks for the post, on another note, I was fishing Ningi Creek this morning opposite the piss poor excuse for a boat ramp, when I guy with a flat top truck with a front mounted crane and aluminium oyster boat, turned up and proceeded to unload the oyster boat into the creek, not long after , lady from the ABC turned up in her car ( I knew she was from the ABC because thats what the sign on her car said ) pretty shortly after she arrived , she was picked up at the ramp by a man in a nice side console tinny, purple wraps I think about 5mtrs long and a nice 4 stroke suzie to push it along , anyway he took her down to one of the old oyster leases down towards the mouth of the creek, where the man with the oyster boat was working his guts out , an hour or so later the man with the nice purple wrapped tinny with the suzie on ,brought the lady from the ABC back to the ramp and she jumped in her car (after going to the ladies of course) and she was gonski. My question to you Drop Bear, is do you know if this little affair has anything to do with the oyster reef restoration project in pumicestone passage. Just as well the lady from the ABC turned up, only action all morning, fishing was less then ordinary, neap tides and slight ENE. MSB
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    NPD Drone

    Went to NPD on 25/11 and Peter brought along his drone and go pro and knocked together this vid. Really captures the peace and tranquillity of fishing on an electric only dam Cheers Ray
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    Against Doctors Orders

    Rain,fire and strong winds couldnt keep me away from some fishing. Headed off down to visit my son in the gold coast hinterland, after he had had a knee replacement done recently.On the way we (wife and me ) went through some heavy rain,had to avoid a roadside fire, then as we arrived we couldnt even open our doors as the wind was that strong.To top it off the power went off and was still off when we left after a BBQ at 7pm. I waited until 4.30pm for the wind to stop but could not wait a minute more.First cast fish on,managed to land 5 out of 8 bass hooked, lost 2 spinnerbaits. These fish were from 35 to 42cm long and hit like freight trains, then headed for a bunch of snags to gain their freedom and some of them did. It was so good to have a line in the water after 2 weeks of sitting at home healing my skin cancer grafts.
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    Drop Bear

    Maroon On Fire

    Great stuff mate. Well done.