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    awesome morning out on the boat (Pilfer) today, was just checking out a couple of secret spots around green island for the first time....and of course wetted a few lines, caught the gold spotted rock cod on a soft plastic - black prawn and tayt caught the 40cm lizard on a zerek fish trap - dinner sorted!!!
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    10-2pm were mint, then it got a little choppy....but not as choppy as the boat ramp LOL
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    Fishing In The Gladstone Region

    First of all Merry Christmas to all. So I'm up in gladstone until the 2nd of Jan. And I brought up the rods to catch some fish... The problem is I've landed 1 small catfish in 3 days of casting I have NO boat. So there is my first issue and I'm not paying 300 or so a head for a charter. I've tried in gladstone itself and no bueno. I drove down to 1770 and fished off the catwalk and it has been blowing an absolute gale put this way of late so that was also a bust. I've been told to try out the hot water at the power station but it must be shut for Xmas or something as I've been 3 times and no hot water.... I have never done and creek or river fishing and don't really know the first thing about lure fishing.... I've spoken to the local tackle stores and they haven't given me much I haven't tried... So I come here in the hope that someone could give me some pointers. Maybe a secret pier or good rock fishing somewhere. I don't mind a bit of a drive. Here's a picture of the little fella with his big catch
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    Going Fishing 27 December Until

    Didn’t end I’m going. Couple of things came up but going tomorrow for sure. What a day today... and believe I missed it
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    Luvit's boat improvements

    Nearly finished one side. There is definitely a color difference which l may cover up with a pin stripe. See it just above the drain point by an inch.
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    Luvit's boat improvements

    Gradywhite 208 walk around.