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    Grew up in Nudgee, Brisbane. When I was 12 I moved a few kilometers down the road to Nudgee Beach where I began fishing. Now live in Hamilton, in Brisbane. Only a 15min walk to the Brisbane River. This is where I spend most of my fishing time.
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    Fishing, Kayaking
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    Year 12 Student

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    (07) 3268 1390
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    SP: Berkley Powerbait Power Minnow in Pearl Blue HB: Jackall Bros. Chubby Deep in Brown Suji Shrimp, Jackall Bros. TN60 in Bone SB: TT Lures 1/2 Oz. Sommerset Gold with Stinger Hook and 3inch Power Minnow SP Trailer in Bullhead Brown
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    Live Herring/Live Prawn
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    124cm (Fork) King Threadfin Salmon, 53.5cm (Fork) Australian Bass


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    Cayman Toyboy Kayak, Humminbird Matrix 10x Portable Sounder

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  1. blue_mako


  2. reef_raider wrote: Jake, where did you get the transom from? Over the net from Mo or O/S? Or from a tackle store here? Troy
  3. Gusgus, Yeah they are a topwater pencil. Dan, Yeah exactly like a Towadi but the PX weigh 0.7g more and have a better action. Chen, Hell no. Troy
  4. Feral wrote: The point is that fish isn't 30kg. It's not even 20. Troy
  5. Try again, MX. Troy [img size=486]
  6. Not the best of quality as I took the pictures with my phone. No focus. The PX. Troy [img size=498]
  7. BCF Virginia has them so all BCF stores should. Some may appear not to have them but they will just be out the back so just ask for a squiz unless they are already out of stock. I know Virginia almost is! The MX48 look pretty good. The PX45 looks better though, really good Prawn imitation. Bought a couple the other day and both go pretty good action wise and have some good fish catching ability. Troy [img size=492]
  8. Yeah was going to say the same thing whatnow. It takes the cake. /> Troy
  9. The dams got plenty about 2 weeks ago or so I'm pretty sure. Troy
  10. chubbstar wrote: Bloody oath you do. Can't exactly say we lost it but. Had it boat side for about 10mins. I just wasn't too keen on boating the bugger with my Marlin inexperience . Troy
  11. That's a good question, I can't think of any off the top of my head. There's one or two 7ft2" floating around though, plenty of 7ft6" spin sticks. I could only see a 7ft6" rod having a Crankbait taper though, that's a lot of blank for a stiffer Spinnerbait rod. Spinnerbait rods are generally a Crankbait rod with a few inches cut off the tip to give it that extra bit of stiffness needed to push out a heavy Spinnerbait. If it's distance you're after in a custom rod I would probably have it with a two handed rear grip for further double handed casting, but not too long as the distance between the reel seat and the rod tip is the contributing factor to longer casts, not from the butt to the tip. I would maybe have a split rear grip to reduce a bit of weight with the longer butt. Be careful where you put the split though as you have to think about your hand configuration on the double handed cast. Maybe cut out a small section towards the reel seat rather then the butt to give you more to grip to grab towards the butt. I would maybe stick to the usual guide placements, no spiral wraps or anything as it all creates friction. Also the least amount of guides as possible will also reduce weight and friction, but not too fewer guides that the line touches the blank when it's loaded up. The stripper guide is the one you have to watch for mostly. Drop Shotting rods will generally have the stripper guide very close to the reel seat with a lot more guides then usual so more blank pressure is put onto the fish rather then line, casting rods vise versa. Troy
  12. They are pretty slow canals for what they are. Stacks of 5cm Bream and I've seen and missed a few rat Jacks also. I wouldn't bother unless you can get there at dawn or a popper session and hope for some Trevally or some other Pelagics. Troy
  13. Giant Herring aren't a Milkfish. They are completely different species. Troy