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    Lived in qld all my life, fished from age 2. In more recent times i have gotten alot more serious with my fishing. I love catching sharks
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    Fishing, hangin with mates, fishing, Listening to music and COOKING
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    causal waiter, barman, kitchen hand and full time student

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    Hard bodied- Shallow diving minnows Soft plastic- Power baits, Fly's - Clouser Minnow
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    Livies - Mullet, herring and gar fish + Live worms, yabbies and Prawns.
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    40cm Giant Trevally, 70cm flattie, 3ft Bull shark


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  1. BIG DAVE 1

    BIG DAVE 1

  2. Hey guys its big dave here. Just writing to say hi to all and invite everyone for a fish this sunday depending on the weather. Im thinking a vermin annialation at bulimba creek behind carindale shopping center kicking off say 4:30pm. Lately we have been getting some big mullet, catfish, carp, talapia, eels and tandanus catfish. hit me up if anyone is interested. Im not a chef anymore so i can go fishing now which is ****ing awsome! see you then
  3. id say hammer, i was camping over there many years ago a guy got an 80lb hammer on a surf rig. they come in damn close.
  4. mack attack u are correct no fishing with in 75m of the jetty on either side. we were fishing to the right of the jetty around the rocks and we were not breaking any rules. Angus u bet ill be coming to the next classic. DAVE
  5. Dude deffs worth a try on the poddies! i usually chase the biguns in the local creeks when they go to breed, the run starts around september and you will get some monsters! the biggest ive ever pulled was 55cm in about 1.5ft of water and my god the action was intense especially on 4lb line. I should probs get my ass into gear and go and see if theres any around. the rain should have cleaned up the river a bit so they might even be on the way in.
  6. Hey guys its been a little while since my last post and many things have changed since then too. Just quickly writing too see who shoots a spear around ammity point? i was over there not to long ago chasing some fish. Didnt get much but my god it was worth the dive! some of the stuff we encountered there last time was amazing we saw some large wobbygon sharks and some of the biggest lobsters i have ever seen plus we allso saw the remains of a fish that had be smashed by a shark or enormous fish.
  7. a good bait for crabs is river hen! but yeah i dont think catching them is easy or legal. my best advice is find a river hen that happened tohave an arrow fired from \"SOMEONE ELSE'S BOW\" lol DAVE
  8. yeha the good old days! yeha theres about 20 of us going over. so it will be a good funn time ill post some photos when i get back DAVE
  9. Feral ive got my prioroties right, im going camping witha bunch of sheilas.
  10. Hey dudes, long time no chat. Popped on to say hi and too ask a question. Anyone heading over to straddie for the labor day long week end? I just thought id ask cause me and my mates are heading over to adder rock for a few nights camping and a bit of shark fishing to test out the new gear lol Diawa sealine 900h. If anyones over there and wants to catch up for a fish and a beer or two let us know. You cant miss us we will be patroling the beaches looking for a good shark spot in our convoy of nissan patrols and toyota hilux's. Hopefully we will have some groovy pics to show the fellow members when we get back. DAVE (BRONZE MEDALIST QLD CULLINARY CHEFFING CHALLENGE )
  11. Good mate im up at 4:45am every morning and earn $5/hr apart from that pretty good looking forward to catching up with ya sometime and wetting a line. DAVE
  12. Hey fellas, I know i havent been on ina while but do u fellas still go out on friday nights like back in the early stages of the brisbane fishing? another month and ill have my license! AS soon as that bugger comes boy will i be catching up on some fishing and taking a few well deserved sickies DAVE
  13. Man its a great spot i fished there numerous times. Just make sure u go after 5pm cause the canoeing queesnland guys arent there. Allthough you can take my approach and tell the guy to suck you D***. DAVE
  14. HAHAHAHA The pink hair went along time ago! im back to the brown crew cut. Im still around i just dont have the time anymore to post a 1000 posts in 3 weeks. 3 jobs ties me down. Allthough u guys will be pleased to hear that im on my way to getting my license so i can go fishing with you guys more often. Also on my days off i do like to go fishing my last to reports were 2 cod, 1 bream, and a trevally on halco laser pro 45s in the noosa river. I do plan to go for a fish on friday to celebrate aussie day. i also have a new spot on the brisbane river towards the mouth i am keen to try for sharks. thats another thing about working so much i havent had a good opertunity to go for sharks. Dave
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA as if you dont have better things to do then worry about me. WEll ill let you know feral i work 2 jobs and ive jsut finished school so i am partying alot, and ive just started my work holidays so hopefully i will get some time to go and do some serious fishing and some serious posting. Congratulations for passing my psot count. Keep an eye out in the near future for my reports and photos. Ive got 2 shark trips planned so hopefully Brisbanfishing will see some results. Also i dont have a girlfriend or something equally as silly (what ever that means :sick: :ohmy: :woohoo: :pinch: :blush: :huh: ) DAVE