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  1. Ash


  2. I used to fish a lot on my lonesome, from shore and boat. I just always made sure i had a large knife visible and used to carry my gaffe around with me. Never had any issues really.
  3. Yeah man thanks for that. Ive been out of the game for a bit, didnt realise that was a greenzone! That'd be why i havent read any reports about fishing there for a while lol. How far out is Scarborough reef from there?
  4. Anyone fished the shoals off Redcliffe/Clontarf lately? I used to fish about 500 meters of the beach and catch squire and cod. Haven't been there for a while. Looking at hitting it up soon in yak or tinny.
  5. yeah man, thatd be great to have a look, cheers
  6. Hello all, I'm just wondering if any of you guys have pics or designs for mounting bracket for Viking kayaks you could help me out with? I've recently had a bit on an accident, and will likely have some movement issue sin my left arm for a while, so bugger paddling? Pics as well as instructions would be great as I'm a bit mechanically retarded!
  7. Great report and fantastic looking spot! Gets me itching to throw a line!
  8. Thanks mate. Ive been incredibly lazy (considering how close i live) and havent yet gone from Colleges up or down. I might give that a go this weekend, quick yak from colleges upwards.
  9. Hello All, Quick question, has anyone fished down from the Mt Crosby Weir (obviously talking about the legal fishing distance etc etc) since the last floods? I only ask as I went down there last weekend, and apart from finding my normal launch area completely fenced off, i found that the landscape has completely changed (ie last flood comment). It actually looks like a good land based shore line walk kind of place to throw some lures around. Its a fair slog to put kayak in, and back out again as the only readily available place i can see is an awfully long/steep hill. Will be fine on way down, but looks a bugger to drag back up again. So I'm wondering if its just worth walking the banks, or does it get good and yakky further down again like it use to be? Either way, im going to go down for an explore soon anyway. Been mainly fishing Kholo bridge and up for the last bit, so would be good to fish below the weir again. Cheers, Ash
  10. How good does that look! Looked like a great session! Good pics and report too, Cheers, Ash
  11. Are they unnamed because you fish from or above the wier? Dont want to find myself geting a fine!
  12. Wow, thats actually awesomely descriptive and accurrate! Thanks for that, its exactly what I needed.
  13. Hello, Just wondering, Im wanting to fish North pine River for Bass. Wheres the best spot to launch? How far is too far down before the bass stop? ive only ever fished the the mouth down that way, but looks nice and bassy in the upper reaches. i dont know the area well, so if giveing directions to launch spots, street names would be awesome! Cheers in advance, Ash
  14. Thanks, they are arent they. Having only seen other poeples photos of them, Ive never realised how beautiful a fish they are in real life!
  15. Looks like great fun! I havent hit the Wivenho Pocket area in ages! I love the last action/under water pic!