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    Majority of my time is spent buried in books, kicking or hitting balls and throwing plastic at fish.
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  1. Mr FeLiX I am 100% set on a 15. Thats the maximum rating for the tinny and I do want/need every HP as theres a fair bit of heavy flooring in the boat.
  2. I've been looking for the last week or so matsmad but there has only been one 15HP for sale within 3 hours drive and its a bit too old. Thanks for the input though!
  3. Hey guys, AFO sure has changed ALOT since I was last on here! Good to see! I'm after a 15 HP Outboard for my 3.75m tinny. I would prefer: * 2 stroke but will consider a 4 stroke * A known quality brand * Good working order * Less than 10 years old * Located between Hervey and Byron Bays. * Ability to start the motor up upon inspection I'm willing to pay a fair amount for it, meaning, if its a good motor; more will be spent to make it worthwhile for the seller! Please PM me with your details and I will contact you. Thanks Tim
  4. Hey Lads, For sale: G.Loomis FLBSR723c Specs: 6" 8-14lb 3/16th - 5/8th oz Mod-Fast action History: It was bought from Lee(Pcsolution) about a year and a half ago after being used once. It was then used sporadically for the last year on a Pixy Liberto and Calcutta TE DC 201. Condition: Used; not too much. The cork has darkened yet all is still in tact. The blank is perfect with only a few small scratches next to the hook keeper and the guides are all corrosion free. Reason for Sale: Upgrading Price: $250 ONO G.loomis rrp = $456 (sourced from campbells) I can drop it off to Brisbane north side or postage can be arranged at buyers expense.
  5. Lucky_Phill wrote: That is precisely why I was asking you. The majority of people here do infact share the same views and ideas for basing their opinions and as you are obviously quite in touch with the situation I thought you could shed some credible light to dispell the rumours.
  6. Lucky_Phill wrote: Just a few questions that would clear a lot up Phill, Can you explain what happened yet? And/Or If Brian did NOT shop the photos, who did?
  7. I pledge my allegiance to the teachers having a strike. They can strike as often and for as long as they need until the government responds positively.
  8. Tim a

    black marlin

    Geez the mako knows how to use his mouth. Wouldn't wanna have my valubles that close to the business end of a marlin mate...
  9. Heyy Cpetrie, I'd say give 20lb leader a go as not only does it help with saving your lures in the grass but it also stops the dreaded cast off(everyone who has fished there has done them don't worry:silly: ). With the dam it really helps to get the longest possible cast out to cover the most ground so with these forces required you occasionally bluff a cast which pop a leader knot with lighter lines.
  10. Here here Terry. Its pretty dam hard with this temp though!:woohoo:
  11. If I don't have to work I will be there, can't wait to have two fisheries to choose from in the future!
  12. She's all sweet. Start getting a bit nervy after the last ones.
  13. I wasn't so much thinking about it being a big storm, but theres a lot of houses around still with tarps on their roofs that even a moderate downpour could damage cause some more water damage. That is just a guess though.