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  1. Was discussing this with some mates a few weeks ago. The Tinana, Stanley and Mary closures are huge amounts of water. I'm actually surprised they didn't include the Brisbane River. Just remember that closure for the Mary River is effectively at the AFL ground on the left as you head into Gympie (coming up from Bris). Everything upstream (south) of there is a phenominal amount of water and reaches down south of Maleny through the Obi Obi. Heading south you'll probably find that the most upstream (southern) limits of the Mary & tributaries will be some natural geographic feature like a mountain range. Chances are the other side of that mountain range will be the catchment area for Stanley & its tributaries. Coupled with Tinana creek, that is a lot of freshwater between Cabo and Maryborough that is either pemanent or seasonally closed to all fishing. Of course those smaller river systems like Coochin/Caboolture/Maroochy etc remain unaffected.
  2. Thanks Brian. Interesting site that one :) So following on my rambles, a limit of 42t for commercial fishos is unlikely (I would think ?) to have a dramatic impact if their take is 56t in 2017. So what are we doing about the depleted fish stocks? The only change, beyond trying to crack down on Black Market fishos, is a 1 month closure. I don't think I even saw a snapper on the inshore reefs we were fishing during that time - May and June were far more productive. Obviously that's one season and you need to look at seasonal trends, but still... I'd rather see tighter bag limits if that was the case. The problem is that if we're tightening commercial (and everyone elses) catch limits in proportion with the stock depletion, then we're never actually going to recover but rather continue the decline. At some point you need to really cut back to allow stocks to rebuild. Either that or hope NSW continue to manage their fisheries at a better than sustainable level and hope our stocks can rebuild from migrants down south.
  3. I'm a bit perplexed by the changes to Snapper. Fisheries around the country have flagged that Snapper stocks are depleted. SA apparently last month were considering a 3-4 year ban on Snapper fishing. I found a link earlier in the day to a 2014 vulnerability study done in QLD. Rough numbers I think were 121 tonnes in 2008 from commercial fishos and estimated 550 tonnes in 2005 for rec fishos. Rec fisho seems incredibly high - 10 tonnes per week, every week ? Understandably some of these numbers are quite old, who knows where they are at now. I've just grabbed the first numbers I found - so take from it what you will. So now what have QLD Fisheries done? They've capped commercial hauls to 42 tonnes. Okay, great, I think that will certainly have a positive impact on fish stocks. Cut that 121 down to 42. But Rec Fishos? Sweet f*** all. The only change is a ridiculous rec boat limit. Now I have a 6m centre console, could easily take 3 or 4 out but I only ever take 2, so I'm not impacted at all. The thing that gets me though is that Fisheries have quite clearly highlighted that this rec boat limit isn't to assist with stock levels (at least not directly) but to combat the Black Market. Obviously the flow on impact is less black market = less stock depletion, so it does have a flow on. To me, this action says the problem of snapper stocks are a factor of commercial over fishing and the black market. If so, what a pointless, stupid rule. It's illegal to sell fish privately/black market, so if they're already breaking the law and regs, what is another regulation going to achieve? If Snapper stocks are as bad as they say, I'd rather see the bag limit reduced to 2. Some other random rambling points: There are articles suggesting in 2010 time period our snapper stocks were overfished and somewhere between 15-40% biomass level. DAF's own website says a 65cm snapper has a median age of 9 years. It's going to be a long road to recovery for those Snaps Edit: Also, where are the defined boundaries for Stanley and Mary Rivers? Looking at the exclusions to the Mary River closure, I'm guessing the boundary is somewhere up near Tiaro / St Mary ? Some crazy amount of closures in that list.
  4. Terry H

    Boat Maintenance

    Pretty sure I've got that in some of my reels lol
  5. Terry H

    Boat Maintenance

    It's time I do the grease on my bearings. All I know is it's got bright blue stuff (dual axle dunbier) What grease do you use for wheel bearings and coupler?
  6. I guess I took that liberty upon myself?
  7. Thought it looked like a river system in a reasonably dry area. The filename supports this 1338258869_itsactuallyatributaryoftheKingRivernearWyndamWAseenfrom1500feetintheairon14June2019
  8. Terry H

    Nrl 2019

    Not sure why people are surprised to see so many changes. I've seen a lot of people comment that "they only lost by 4" In all fairness, they were pretty lucky to lose by only 4. Queensland bombed a number of opportunities and dominated certain periods of play. Could have easily been 20+ point drumming.
  9. I have one of these in the boat console: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/742305/woolworths-sunscreen-spf-50- That and a pack of baby wipes. I don't see any benefit in buying fancy brands for the boat. Sunscreens are supposed to meet certain performance criteria set by the TGA, so a cheapy should be just as effective as an expensive brand. The differences in price are likely to be secondary benefits like improved water resistance and how 'greasy' they are etc. If people are having issues with a sunscreen, the issue is more than likely with how much was applied. Scent-free baby wipes are good to wipe the hands clean of sunscreen!
  10. Thanks guys. I think it's a 60" shaft, so not sure it'll fit on the trolley, unless shaft points up into the air but then I'll have clearance issues with the ceiling. sounds like the solution might be to pop the quick release onto a bracket like what danny9 linked Edit: Now that I'm thinking about it, probably best bet to DIY a frame to achieve the same outcome as a fixed version of the trolley, albeit at the necessary heights. Thanks guys
  11. Thanks guys. I should have mentioned though - it's a quick release bow mount
  12. Hey guys I have been storing my motorguide on the end of a table in the garage, but that really eats up a lot of space. How does everyone store their electric motors when not on the boat? Is there a wall mounting bracket available? I don't fancy storing it in the boat as it would have to sit on the floor and not be locked up.
  13. Terry H

    Terry H

  14. Usually just a pair of rapala / shimano / berkley. To be fair though probably doesn't fit the "limp light braid" requirement, they often need the line with some light tension. Saw some guys talking about Samiki ceramic braid scissors the other day on facebook. Might be worth a look at? Approx $40 a pair.
  15. Terry H

    Boat Cover

    http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/topic/42690-boat-cover-help/?tab=comments#comment-972745 I see Peter.T got one from here as well. They seem to have a few bigger sizes.