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  1. I have one of these in the boat console: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/742305/woolworths-sunscreen-spf-50- That and a pack of baby wipes. I don't see any benefit in buying fancy brands for the boat. Sunscreens are supposed to meet certain performance criteria set by the TGA, so a cheapy should be just as effective as an expensive brand. The differences in price are likely to be secondary benefits like improved water resistance and how 'greasy' they are etc. If people are having issues with a sunscreen, the issue is more than likely with how much was applied. Scent-free baby wipes are good to wipe the hands clean of sunscreen!
  2. Thanks guys. I think it's a 60" shaft, so not sure it'll fit on the trolley, unless shaft points up into the air but then I'll have clearance issues with the ceiling. sounds like the solution might be to pop the quick release onto a bracket like what danny9 linked Edit: Now that I'm thinking about it, probably best bet to DIY a frame to achieve the same outcome as a fixed version of the trolley, albeit at the necessary heights. Thanks guys
  3. Thanks guys. I should have mentioned though - it's a quick release bow mount
  4. Hey guys I have been storing my motorguide on the end of a table in the garage, but that really eats up a lot of space. How does everyone store their electric motors when not on the boat? Is there a wall mounting bracket available? I don't fancy storing it in the boat as it would have to sit on the floor and not be locked up.
  5. Terry H

    Terry H

  6. Usually just a pair of rapala / shimano / berkley. To be fair though probably doesn't fit the "limp light braid" requirement, they often need the line with some light tension. Saw some guys talking about Samiki ceramic braid scissors the other day on facebook. Might be worth a look at? Approx $40 a pair.
  7. Terry H

    Boat Cover

    http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/topic/42690-boat-cover-help/?tab=comments#comment-972745 I see Peter.T got one from here as well. They seem to have a few bigger sizes.
  8. Terry H

    Boat Cover

    Does anyone have recommendations on boat covers? Looking to cover my new 6m CC. I tried The Cover Guys 5.48-6.09m CC boat cover, but it's a tad short. Has anyone had experience with this brand? http://www.coverworld.com.au/marine-covers/boat-covers/centre-console-fishing-boat-cover/centre-console-boat-cover.html
  9. Both have community edits and daily updates for 1 year. I hadn't thought about any other providers. What is the detail like? Probably keep to Navionics being the devil I know! Thanks all
  10. Hmm. Actually, now that I look into it again I think I've found my answer. (You don't get more detail) Platinum: https://au.navionics-store.com/collections/platinum/products/platinum-xl3-australia-e-n Navioncs+: https://au.navionics-store.com/collections/navionics/products/australia_new-zealand They both say: View detailed shorelines with marinas, docks and boat ramp locations. Increase your awareness of shallow waters and hazardous areas at any depth level including shoals, rocks, wrecks and more. Target underwater structure with up to 0.5m HD contours to find the best fishing locations: roadbeds, foundations, bridges, brush piles, culverts and creek channels. The only difference on their website is the following for Platinum: Get the most out of your chartplotter with 3D View, satellite overlay and port photos. Online, I saw an explanation of Silver, Gold and Platinum (old article from when Silver/Gold/Platinum existed). It said Gold and Platinum have the same 2D detail; but Platinum had the 3D detail. Silver was the boring pre-loaded nav charts with minimal detail. This US site kind of shows it: http://navionics.force.com/kb/articles/en_US/Knowledge_Article/Difference-between-Navionics-charts-Navionics-Platinum-HotMaps-Platinum Looks like I'll just go the Navionics+ - Can't justify $200 right now to get some photos of ports or a 3D view.
  11. hey guys, with the new boat being built, I'm starting ti look at looking up all the accessories. Picked up a lowrance hds 12 carbon, but need to look at some maps. Does anyone know what the difference between Navionics+ (the old gold) and Navionics Platinum+ is these days? Looking at their website it looks like the only difference is that with Platinum you get some 3D views, panoramic images and satellite imagery. All for higher cost and less region. Navionics website doesn't indicate you get more map detail with platinum, which I imagine they would as a selling point (if it did). Is there any value in getting the platinum?
  12. Some photos up today on mooloolaba Marina's facebook page showing the extent of it. Looks like the dredge is nearby, so hopefully not too long before its channeled out again
  13. Terry H

    $365 Boat Ramp Fine

    I thought I read or heard somewhere that he wasn't fined for an unsecured load on this injury-defying drive because it was "common practice" (to have it unsecured between the boat ramp and the rigging area). The law is the law; but personally I think it's taking the piss. Apparently this came about because the police received some complaints from locals about drivers not wearing seat belts?
  14. If you head out through SPB, then I certainly wouldn't let this put you off. Plenty of boats still head out through there. There is a decent channel, you just need to be mindful that it's a sharp hook around and reasonably close to the western rock wall, as shown in the survey. That and following the channel puts you side-on to any waves.
  15. Mooloolah River mouth has silted up again. Was out there Saturday to find a solid set breaking across the entire width of the mouth entrance. As always, exercise caution around bar crossings. When leaving the river mouth, it's probably best to chuck a hard left around the western rock wall; it's certainly the deepest water which is what the survey shows as well. https://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/major-warning-issued-over-coast-river-mouth/3180741/ Only a matter of time before someone gets flipped. Hopefully it's dredged soon.