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    Born in Maclean (on the Clarence River, NSW), Bred in Brisbane

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    Hardbody: Ecogear SX40 | Soft Plastic: Berkley Powerbait 3
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    Prawns (alive or dead), Pilchards, Fish Fillets
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  1. Cowfish13

    PB Flathead

    Nice flathead. On the 90min Fish. I'd guess a Stingray because, on bream gear, a shark would have worn through the line either biting (1sec flat), or if jaw hooked, it's tail would have worn it through within minutes. A Jewie probs wouldn't have swum around as much and covered as much ground, but that's just my opinion...
  2. Cowfish13

    Raby Bay Canals

    There are a couple of land based spots around. Have a geeze on google maps to find your way. But if you walk down (ie. East, towards the Cleveland Boat Ramp) from the train station, there's the marina, a couple of canals, a creek, a park running down from the creek and more canals further East. Only thing I can say is, expect to walk, a lot, to have any hope of catching a few fish on lures.
  3. Cowfish13

    wat line rating rod?

    Something like 2-4kg, 3-5kg, or 3-6kg would be alright, depending on what sort of sport you want to have. Something from the Shimano Raider or Pfluegar Trion ranges would suit. Also, good 10lb braid is enough (up to 15lb if you're using top quality stuff)
  4. Cowfish13

    fish ID's

    Species is confirmed, but, I'll be the one to say it completely. You should not take a fish home if you do not know what it is. How did you know it wouldn't be an endangered/protected fish? or Poisonous? Or just not legal length (some fish, of similar shape to that, have legal lengths of 45cm and 55cm) People may get sick of reading these posts (about "don't take it etc"), but you really shouldn't do it on a small assumption.
  5. Cowfish13

    Bligh predicts flood higher than 74.

    This may be useful to a few people as well
  6. Cowfish13

    sold mulit peice travel rod

    Nitro do a few great quality travel rods. No doubt they'll be expensive, but they'll be great quality if you can stretch your budget
  7. Cowfish13

    Fishing Ban in QLD

    I would have reasoned, 415t = 415 000kg (per year). Then with 790 000 fisherman/people per year, that gives 415 000 kg/790 000 people = 0.5253kg/person. Which seems very reasonable. If you take out the numbers which crazywalrus vaguely estimated (to end with 94 000 people able to catch Snapper), it gives 4.4149kg/person. Again, very reasonable
  8. Cowfish13

    Fish ID

    Next time, please don't just take fish home from a lake without knowing what they are. It's a bad idea for a lot of reasons, legalities being one (depending on the species, you could get a massive fine) Also, how big is your tank and how long are the fish?
  9. Cowfish13

    Huge Silver Perch

    In regards to the competition thing, it'd be very difficult to organise something like that without a reason other than "I want to catch some fish"... Usually these sorts of events require the fish caught to be used in some research facility or something similar. Probably won't be able to work, because you're pretty much asking to break the law, to have fun. Or at least, that's how they'll interpret it. Though you're welcome to send them an email to try
  10. Cowfish13

    Bull or not?

    Bullies don't get that long mate. They max out at around 3.5m, and to be honest, A) One of those'd destroy you and your kayak, and Odds are, sharks around that side have been around that reach Nothing to worry about though
  11. Cowfish13

    why i didn't make it to the swap meet .

    Nice one mate. Great ingenuity with the tent peg
  12. Cowfish13

    Biggest fish on bream gear??

    I'm guessing so, but shouldn't matter too much. 60cm Cod on 4lb braid, 6lb leader. Swam about 10m up a pipe and I had to get him out haha. 64cm Giant Herring 48cm Tarpon 38cm Jack All on same gear. Not as impressive as some others though :dry:
  13. Cowfish13

    gudgen (i think) id

    Yeh, pretty sure it's a Striped Gudgeon, though I always thought they were pretty common. At least, the spots I trapped them in had tonnes :S And with the Bass, while in impoundments, the Bass don't breed, they do still roe up, which is why they get really fat during their breeding season
  14. Cowfish13

    Catfish galore

    You should release them if you're not going to use them for food or bait. They've got their place in the ecosystem.
  15. Cowfish13

    shimano fishing rod

    Something like a Raider, Starlo Stix Tournament or T-curve would all work. But to be honest, something like that doesn't really exist. For Snapper, Trev's and Jew, you're looking at a heavier rod, with more grunt in the mid section (still only like 3-6kg though) to pull them up when they get their heads down. But for Bream, you want something extremely light, that can flick lures with a wrist action. Pick the one you'd use more often. I've landed a few Trevs (to around 45cm) on my 2-4kg T-curve, and it takes a while on 4lb. Don't try to compromise...