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  1. jeff f

    jeff f

  2. jeff f

    2014 Summer Classic

    we are heading up wednesday staying at the scout camp looking like the weather could be a bit wild
  3. jeff f


    god i hope not i love the old barge anyone know a good fiberglass repairer?
  4. jeff f


    i think poor rachel was still in shock as well as the wild turkey yeah ray it was your old boat, the wank boarder came over the port rear corner newy was sitting on the seat and got hit in the back thrown on the floor and pinned down i was hanging over the opposite side holding the rail of the wanker, rechel was up on the bow and just ducked under the nose of it as it smashed the rods in the rod rack and came through the windscreen at her.corner of the boat trodden under and half filled up with water. the rear corner in front of the seat is is all cracked nearly to the water line, thegunnel is all smashed around the corner the rail is smashed up to the first brace then bent up the side , the windscreen and center light is smashed. two rods broken and a rod and reel lost over the side i got his name phone number and boat rego,i saw him facing the wrong way as he hit us, he eventually admitted it. made a report to the water police last night.
  5. jeff f

    2014 Summer Classic

    i cant get past the entry form the chose your state bit wont work
  6. jeff f

    2014 Summer Classic

    any word on the scout camp yet angus?
  7. caught a 53 cm mullet there and it went harder than the barra
  8. looking forward to this, great spot to get pissed for my 50th birthday.
  9. allright all booked in and payed up