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  1. Hey guys, Wanting to pick up as many of these as I can find - discontinued by gillies and seemingly no longer in clearance bins. if you have any, or have seen any around in stores please let me know! Any colour, any condition. Cheers!
  2. Jords


  3. Hey mate I'd say that was an error with the store you bought it from not the supplier. also the line lay can often be put down to the presence/lack of shims under the spool.
  4. Jords

    Is this legal?

    Hey mate what kind of kayak was that with? I carried my espri on them for days on end, and never had a problem. Never heard of a problem with kayaks under ~25kg
  5. Jords

    Is this legal?

    Not that I've noticed mate, but I don't take super great care of my car haha
  6. Jords

    Is this legal?

    PS Ant you still have mine!
  7. Jords

    Is this legal?

    Can't see why it wouldn't be, as long as you can get a decent look around the place. Invest in some soft food racks mate, only like $40!
  8. Nice couple of fish mate. And bloody good day for a birthday, must be something about the 16th and fishing weapons
  9. That Rainbow Runner would have been gun on the chew! Awesome trip mate, words can't express my jealousy!
  10. Hasn't Sari already won this, for "that" video
  11. 5000 stradic fj is only marginally heavier than the 4000, plus comes with power knob instead of t knob. GOt myself one for spinning of the stones down south and fishing deep plastics, has help up well so far
  12. Hey all, these are now available again, the buyer fell through (thanks for nothing Surfingant hahaha)
  13. Hey guys, Doing a bit of a liquidation, have had to cut my work hours because of uni commitments :blush: . Got three reels up for grabs: 2x Stradic FJ 1000's and a Daiwa Tierra 1500. First Stradic is the better conditioned of the two. Still feels nice and smooth, and only a few small marks from normal wear and tear. Cosmetically 9/10, Mechanically 9/10. Chasing $130, or $135 posted. Spooled with 2lb Crystal Next up is the lesser conditioned of the two stradics, this one has a bit of boat rash from a trip in a skeeter last year, and copped a little bit of salt spray fishing the front at the Clarence ABT. A quick service (maybe a new bearing) should have it smoother than ever. Cosmetically 7/10, Mechanically 7.5/10 Looking for $105 or $110 posted for this one. Spooled with 2lb Crystal Finally, a Daiwa Tierra 1500. Cosmetically 8/10, mechanically 7.5/10. Spooled with 3lb Crystal. Chasing $90 or $95 posted. Pick up is from Ashgrove. Cheers
  14. What ant said - love the inbuilt scent on Damiki plastics
  15. Ridiculous spot for a bass! obviously spawning in some VERY salty water!