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    Been fishin since I old enough to hold a rod first rod built was a rangoon cane surf rod with cord grips :)
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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    8ft bronzie on 30Lb mono with a 15ft wire trace


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  1. Gazza


  2. As far as I know it still is plenty of reddies in there and trout live yabbies before sunrise works best seems to turn into dinner plate (turtle) heaven after the sun hits the water
  3. We will definitely have to plan a cod trip or 2. I grew up fishing Mulwala and the entire Murray Darling system for cod as I lived in Albury for half my life. I lived in Wodonga for years only cod I ever caught was in the Allens flat quarry on a live yabbie :woohoo: but saying that I never chased them :whistle:
  4. Give Ivan at FMS trailers a call they built my trailer to suit my boat @ half the price makay etc where asking and could not be happier great trailers Gaz
  5. A boat @ speed Skeg slices and prop dices :pinch: ever heard of a wead wacker as others have said the bloke is sticking his arm into a slow rotating prop is no indication of what would happen at 4000+ rpm if ? the prop would hang together @ that rpm ? which I doubt but show the results of a plastic prop going full speed and what happens to the bloke then !!!! stupid idea Gaz ps never hit a marine creature in decades of boating (jelly fish excluded lol)
  6. Ok I would not kiss a carp but when I was in Wodonga vic we often went carp busting and huge carp not as fat as those but 5 kg models go really hard and know where to find freedom Top vid all said and done :woohoo: Gaz
  7. I agree about the warm water from the power station but having said that My tanks started out with heaters but after a couple of power cuts no heating all my fish (cichlids) survived so I never used heaters again and did water changes straight out of the tap The bit that got me was they were transporting them alive !! Gaz
  8. This has to make you wonder /> Iwas told by the same ppl who posted this vid that cichlids could not survive in Vic waters :woohoo: seen to be doing ok in that gippsland waterway :evil: Gaz tried to shed some light on noxious fish and got a very negative response :pinch:
  9. I miss the old days where fuel didn't go stale :pinch: My boat was always full of fuel and @ the beginning of a trip so was the car bait cost was split and unless otherwise needed tackle was your own responsibility (always had heaps to spare ) But @ the end of a day /night fishing both boat and car were refuelled ready for another trip and the cost was split . The majority of deckies had no issues as they knew that's what it cost every thing was above board and as said cost can go from a few bucks for a bay trip to a lot for an outside trip Unfortunately now days fuel goes stale so keeping tanks full is not an option so it make fuel costs hard to calculate my boat can carry 200 lt's and most of my trips will be offshore fuel used will largely depend on the fishing We might be lucky and have a close reef firing or you may need to do a lot of travel to find fish it's the luck of the draw the hard part nowadays is how much fuel to put in I refuse to keep my tank full unless it is going to be used so basically what I'm saying is no trip can be calculated nowdays and it is hard to say how much fuel you used where the old days it was easy full fuel going out full fuel when @ home Gaz
  10. Gazza

    Vic rego\\\

    As most know I just moved back to Vic crazy some might say but. I checked on Rego fee\'s Before I left my trailer (QLD Fees) $ 115 for 6 months Vic fee\'s $ 46.50 for 12 months The boat 22ft 300hp Qld $ 290.30 12 months Vic $ 75.80 12 months and I\'ve checked out some of the boat ramps and seriously they make QLD ramps look bad I\'m not bagging Queenslanders but how can the QLD government justify the huge charges they put on boaties compared to other states You do need a fishing license for all waters but @ $ 66 for 3 years thats not too bad either hopefully I will get out for a fish soon and put up some interstate reports Cheers Gaz
  11. Seeing as I will be down south I think it's not a bad idea :pinch: but I joined this forum to catch up on whats been happening down south /> as you can see it has segregated areas of fishing and there fore created little groups with minimal posts in each section IMO let all posts pertaining to fishing IE: reports be visible in latest news section so friends from around OZ can see whats happening in other states with out having to search for them. this would keep the community side of things on track but by all means have user select groups / filters for those who wish to concentrate on specific regions :whistle: and keep their heads in the sand :woohoo: just my 2 cents worth Gaz
  12. With the transformation to AFO maybe a more distinctive color on the lettering and a better looking fish Just a thought cheers Gaz
  13. All I can say not good weather to be packing the boat and car for the trip down south
  14. Good stuff Ray :woohoo: