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  2. Hey guys, Offloading some lures i don't use to offset some others i recently bought. Some have only been swum once or twice and the rest are in good condition. From the top left: Imakatsu Super Killer Bill Megabass Dog-X Jnr Coayu Slide Sinker DUO Hacker Slaver MD Crank 63 Megabass X-70 Bassday Sugapen 70F Duel Aile 70 Megabass Lipin Bait Rapala X-Rap 8 Ecogear SX60 Megabass X-80 Trick Darter Yo-Zuri Sashimi Jerkbait Asking $140 pick up from north Brisbane area. Not splitting the pack at this stage. Thanks.
  3. Zillion sold. Im willing to split the Stradic and Gary Howard rod only if i can get rid of them both. Will let the Stradic go for $100 and the Gary Howard rod for $80. Jig Caster still available.
  4. Sorry mate Zillion is sold pending payment now. Stradic combo now $160 guys.
  5. Hey guys, Doing a bit of a clean out of gear that i don't really use anymore. Pickup is from the north side of Brisbane. 1) Daiwa Zillion SHA - Asking $110 ----sold pending payment--- This reel has been well used over its time but it still runs relatively smoothly given its use. The drag is still fine too. It hasn't been used in the last 12-18 months. Would make a good entry level reel for someone looking to get into BC fishing. 2) Stradic 4000FI and Gary Howard MB704 - 7' Fast Action 12-25lb (Bobby Loomis blank) - Asking $170, now $160 Selling as a combo only. Stradic is in good condition and has probably been used 5-10 times. It will not come with the spare spool thanks to a longtail tuna which destroyed it. The rod is in good condition although there is some boat rash type marks on the blank and one larger noticeable scratch as shown in the picture. 3) Daiwa Jig Caster 87MH - 8'7" Medium Heavy Lure 35-90g Line 20-30lb - Asking $120 In good condition and used about 5 times. There are some boat rash type marks in one location on the blank. A value for money stick for fishing off the rocks etc. These are $209 on Ray and Annes.
  6. I'd go a plastic just to make sure they are in fact tarpon. Have seen what you describe and it was in fact mullet. You'd be hard pressed to find a tarpon that refused a plastic falling down in front of it. The hook up ratio is significantly better with plastics/ single hook as well. Something like a flickbait is a good option.
  7. Nice one. Those big breeder fish seem to be very scarce since the floods.
  8. I'm sure he would've said if someone asked. Also he said it was a gift so that might be the reason for no receipt..
  9. Yeah mate lol 20lb leader and would have got the sucker to the boat !!!! Not much structure where we were so some patience and a little luck and next time it will be sushi at my place !!! Haha, you'll definitely need patience fishing that light a main line and rod... You really need to put some hurt on them otherwise they dont give up at all.. My mate went a bit soft on one on 15lb and it took well over an hour to land, he then hooked another on 20lb and went pretty hard on it and had it in the boat in 10mins or so. I guess depends what sort of fight you want though.. very long and repetitive (and a bit tiring lol), or short but intense
  10. Finished putting these two heavier setups together a couple of weeks ago.. bring on summer.
  11. Very expensive, not sure exactly but i think around $35 if bought in Aus.