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    when im not out fishing im slaving away in the kitchen playing footy and cricket and watching sport. Thats it really
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  1. Troy_79


  2. Hey guys, been a few years since I've been on here but I've been a member on here since 2006 haha. Don't get a lot of time to go fishing with work and my weekends are spent playing cricket on Saturday and Sunday I'm preparing wickets/ grounds for our juniors. But that will be finishing up soon. I took my yak up to the pine last week but only caught one 10cm bream I live on the water in chelmer and was wondering if it's actually worth fishing the area? Only fished down he bank a few times for nothing, Also I have a kayak and want to catch a bass upstream. Was thinking the area around twin bridges but heard it's very busy area. Any good launching areas around that area? Anyway I'm going to start contributing to this forum again, hopefully I'll catch some decent fish which has been awhile lol. Here's a pic of my back yard. It looks kinda fishy also my yak abit messy but I'm usually abit more organised haha
  3. I Cheers mate. Do you just chuck them on the nose folded down and secure with occy straps and then just undo one at a time and get them ready to throw in? I just have them collapsed on the nose already baited up. I haven't strapped them down yet but if I go out in rougher conditions it will be a good idea I think
  4. headed to the pine this morning despite saying 2 years ago I would never return haha. Got on the water around 6am and dropped the pots and headed to my usual spots for no success. After about an hour we decided to try a spot I used to fish about 20 years ago with dad, about 300m upstreram from dohlas rocks right in the middle of the channel about 40m from this channel marker. no structure no mud flats but we always caught good fish in this spot. 1st cast caught a flattie around the 30cm mark released to fight another day, in the next hour I caught 4 more flatties ranging between 30-35cm returned them to fight another day and a couple of bream. decided to set up the other rod for whiting and put a big piece of bloodworm on and withen 30 secs the bait got smashed and to my surprise ended up with a 52cm flathead which I kept for dinner. My mate lost a massive flattie not sure the size but it would've made mine look like a baby, oh well cant do much when they bite you off. no muddies unfortunately, but had a fun morning and was probably the most productive day on the pine ive had in about 10 years I reckon
  5. Cheers ellicat, wasn't sure if I was on the right page at first. A lot has changed since my last visit
  6. Hey mate I've just got the standard collapseable round pots. Picked up some new ones from bcf last week. They've got a good deal at the moment 4xpots 4x floats 4xbait holders and 4x rope for $80. I find chicken frames to be the most successful bait and I regularly out crab my mates who use fish frames. They have now switched to chicken
  7. Hey guys, haven't been on here in a couple of years. I guess I lost my passion for fishing the last 18 months or so. A few of my mates ended up buying kayaks so i decided to buy myself one aswell and get back on the water. Bought a Torpedo Pro Fishing Kayak from freak sports and I love it! I've taken it out a few times haven't caught many fish yet (nothing has changed there lol) but went to the pimpama the other day with the po ts and caught 16 muddies. Only 4 bucks though and only managed to keep 2 not complaining though going up to the pine early tomorrow morning to chase some muddies. Haven't been there for a few years as the river hasn't produced a decent fish for me in years but I know a few hot spots to get muddies from growing up as a kid fishing the river. Fingers crossed I get some tomorrow
  8. Troy_79

    camping spots?

    cheers mate, sounds like a sweet spot might have to look into it
  9. Troy_79

    camping spots?

    hey guys thinking about going camping next weekend. not sure where but somewhere near the water fresh or salt. Is there any spots i can go where i can escape the easter crowds? my mate and i have a canoe so an option was just to canoe up a river until we found a good spot just not sure where abouts. cheers
  10. Does that mean that you have had blood tests for allergies? If not it would be prudent to do so. Cheers Ray yeh mate was suppose to get them done today but having it tomorrow, staying clear of crab etc until i know for sure
  11. Troy_79

    norman creek

    i fished there about a month ago got 2 very small bream and a few catties, a guy from my work has caught a few nice flatties but mostly catties
  12. well reading the posts has made me abit more hopful, i'll know for sure tomorrow anyway, cheers:)
  13. that sucks mate, ive been feeding my fish dried shrimp since it happened and handled crab cakes at work today and nothing happened which is a positive sign:)
  14. haha i hope so, the previous week i had a feed of muddies i caught and was fine so im abit hopefull
  15. i hope ur right mate:) i have been feeding my fish dried shrimp every night since then and im still alive:) so hopfully it was a bad batch