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  1. Bri The Pom

    Bri The Pom

  2. Julian, glad you gave it a go, your boat is not that suitable for trolling flatties in that area as you probably found, I have been trolling that area for months now and found the bigger fish in shallow water, like less than 800mm, the best lure i have found is the zerek tango shad 50mm or a luckycraft pointer. Keep at it mate there are plenty still around.
  3. Hey guys, looking for a shimano raider II approx 1-3 or 2-4kg if anyone has one laying around. cheers.
  4. I am a bit bummed as our donation did not make it in time due to me not signing the security sign off. Doh. Bri should get them today. At least there is kitty already for next time. Glad it was a successful event. Angus Angus, received those blades mate and thank you, mate if you don't mind one of the members on here had fuel issues so went early and did'nt receive anything on the day, will grab his addy and post in the morning. Cheers Bri.
  5. Well Kelvin, until I see a photo, I won't believe it mate, well done.
  6. Well, it's over for another year and the wind was the winner, but a good turn out 25 in total. A few fish caught 61cm being the longest caught by Mark, Dave and Jamie coming 2nd and 3rd. Jamie also scored the Spotters sunnies in the raffle, so he had a good day. I would like to thank again the following people for the help and kind donations. Kelvin & Nick for helping on the day. Spotters Australia Rob Searing Tackle Lance ReelTackle Bill Billfish Productions Rob THREADYBUSTER Lures Shane Shads Lures Tim Infish-lures Hopefully every one had a sociable morning and went away with a prize or two. Thank you from me and hopefully see you all next year. Brian.
  7. More prizes to add to the table. A handfull of threadybuters and 3 boxes of plastics, Big thanks to smoking drags and Infish-lures for the kind donation.
  8. Anyone attending and running late, here,s my mobile number 04900 52346.
  9. More prizes to add to the raffle table, the guys at Shads Lures have sent over a great selection of soft plastics and hardbodies for a variety of species. These will be on top of the list for anyone attending on Sunday. Big thanks to the boys over at Shads for the kind donation.
  10. Getting asked a few questions now we are only a few days away, so here are the main details. We shall meet at the spit boat ramp on the broadwater, There are two ramps here,launch your boat and meet up on the beach in between the two ramps at 6.00am on sunday 21st September. I will hang around if anyone is running late so don't panic. The entry is 10 bucks and a raffle ticket is 5 bucks each. All the money will be paid back to the winning three anglers with the longest flathead caught. This is photo on a brag mate only along with your ID number which will be given to you at 6am..We will then meet back at the beach for a bbq and drink(free of charge) at 12.30.Report your catches to me whilst enjoying a chat and a feed. The raffle tickets will be drawn and you get to pick a prize from all the kind donations, we keep pulling tickets until all the prizes are gone. Then the winners of the social are announced and all should be finished by 1 pm. Any further questions feel free to ask. Also if you have something that maybe suitable for the prize table that is of no use to you,feel free to bring it along. Thanks all Bri.
  11. Hi mate, Firstly welcome to the forum, The social on sunday has very little rules as far as how and where you fish, you can use whatever method you choose. The comp is photo only, so we only need to see a photo of the fish on a measuring device. I will be putting up the main points in the morning. Cheers Bri.
  12. The feedback is good, the problem is with facebook i have no idea on numbers, but hopefully the weather is kind and there are plenty fish around. The catches are good. see you there.
  13. More great prizes donated by Lance from A couple of packs of jigskinz and a venting kit. Cheers Lance appreciate it. One week to go, next Sunday on the broadwater.
  14. You really need to be there, as the numbers are drawn from a hat and you come up to the table and select a prize, maybe a mate could collect on your behalf. Hope that helps and hope to see you there.