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    Local dad of two young girls who likes fishing estuaries and beaches
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  1. powerfish


    Definitely snapper around that area. My best land based is 39cm from the boat harbour.
  2. Just a quick update: Ballina - had one decent session in Shaws Bay with small bream (best 24.8cm). Found the fish holding just on the far side of the weed. The little ones were easy enough to surf over the top of the weed but did lose a couple of decent fish that took me in the weeds and I couldn't extract. Caught a couple of hering on fresh prawns and did put one out with a 3/0through its nose. I left the rod unattended in the holder while I kept fishing and turned around to find it gone :ohmy: Found the rod caught in the weeds with the line snapped above the sinker. mY 5 y.o. got a small breamand tarwhine Coffs - tried of the beach where we were stating however lots of kelpie weed kept tangling around my line. No luck. Tried Coffs Creek under the bridge for a couple of small whiting. It was the day after significant rain so was running quite quickly. Cheers Chris
  3. powerfish

    Cheap Tents

    I went with the Oztrail 3 person tent and we are just back from our first night camping at Noosa North Shore. A little bit of wind and rain last night/this morning and we were snug and dry inside, so it passed the test. Enough room for me and the 5 year old although we did store our esky and dry food in my mates annexe to his cámper trailer. The final word from the 5 year old -"Next time can we go for 100 nights". Cheers Chris
  4. If you want some tips on catching fish on SP at Bribie you can't go past this blog: />http://landangler.wordpress.com/category/fishing-reports/bribie-island/ Cheers Chris
  5. powerfish

    Cheap Tents

    Thanks for all the input. I will have a bit of a look around this weekend. Cheers Chris
  6. powerfish

    Cheap Tents

    Hi All My daughter who is 5 says she is keen to go camping. I don't want to invest a lot of $$ as the reality may be a lot different to her ideas. I was looking online and came across a 3 person tent from around $40 - $50 (Oztrail) but not sure how good they would be. Initially we would be tagging along with a mate and his family who has a camper trailer and has plenty of other gear so not much other investment required as we would pitch the tent beside them. Would also need an air mattress or similar as sleeping on the floor is not appealing to me even for 1 night. It would just be the two of us sharing a tent as my wife thinks 4 stars is roughing it. Any thoughts on quality of these cheap tents? Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks Dibbs - I just had a look on Google maps and think I can see the spot you mean. Cheers Chris
  8. Hi all I am travelling to Ballina and then Coffs in Mid November staying a few nights in each location. Looking to do some fishing landbased in both locations - In Ballina I will try light beach fishing (Lighthouse Beach?) for dart, whiting etc and also around the mouth of the Richmond River/Shaws Bay. Similar style of fishing in Coffs but I haven't sussed out locations as yet. Also looking for somewhere safe to take my 5 year old in both locations where she can catch a few fish - size is not important. Any tips on general locations/target species that time of year etc would be appreciated. Cheers Chris
  9. I am a big fan of test match cricket. I am also a big fan of the United Nations(used to be called England) getting beaten. P.S. Good to see South Africa are playing a test match at the Gabba in November.
  10. I landed this 39cm snapper on a size 6 longshank hook and a bloodworm from the boat harbour at Manly
  11. Hi mate I have stayed at Sunshine Beach in January and May this year and fished both times. I put a report up in January if you do a search. Plenty of little dart in the close in gutters but nothing of any size. Did catch one keeper whiting. You can cast alongside the rocks at the northern end of the beach. Good variety there - as well as dart I caught bream, moses perch, flathead and even a grass sweetlip all on worms/pippies. You can collect pipies on the beach. Hope this helps Cheers Chris
  12. Hi mate Plenty of spots to try landbased not far from you. A few to get you started. You can fish the Brisbane River at Colmslie, try the rock walls around Manly Boat Harbour (drop in to Water Tower Bait and Tackle on the way and get some live blood worms), the mouth of Lota Creek at low tide or the canals and beaches around Raby Bay - flathead, bream, whiting, tailor, flounder, pike, moses perch, squire plus others are all able to be caught in these areas from the bank. Cheers Chris
  13. You could try Budds Beach, late afternoon with worms/yabbies (you might even get some yabbies there). There is a coffee shop over the road which might be handy for the missus). It is very close to the heart of Surfers but there is fish there. Also anywhere along the Broadwater (for example near the Southport Yacht Club) might be okay. It is hard to find landbased spots that produce regularly. Cheers Chris
  14. Are all the threadfin salmon being caught in the Brissy River what DPI calls "King Threadfin" or are some "Blue threadfin"? The former has a legal size limit of 60cm while the latter has a legal size of 40cm. According to the DPI the blue has a distribution from Sandy Cape north. Thanks Chris
  15. No I haven't fished it anywhere but the mouth. If you do pump yabbies in the mud it will take about six showers and a couple of cakes of soap to get the smell off