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  1. mackmauler


  2. mackmauler


    was there any action, i woulda dropped down if id seen it earlier
  3. There hasnt been many cobes around, at night the main fish there is large cod and sharks, much to the divers disgust therell be another one trailing a heavy leader lol
  4. Nice one, but shiite been a few casts between em! well done for blacking out that spot the last thing you want is uninvited scumrats stuffing it, good work
  5. mackmauler


    the cheapest shittiest combo goin kriso, i use a handline for extra feel
  6. in the course of getting hold of the fish dan the glove will get wet, i wasnt talkin about fish u can swing in on the leader, for them ud only need one hand
  7. have a glove on one hand and get a grip on there gill cover, dont stick it into the gills, its a good hold on most large fish, ull need ya 2nd hand around the mid section to lift them
  8. Thats some great numbers and on lures the best ive heard of from there, norm livies do about that well. ive caught plenty of large wild barra and they fight incredibly hard, ive even been spooled on a baitcaster like your using kev on a meter plus fish off a headland, were the fish jumping much shortie?
  9. Scrap the lures altogether and use baits, catch barra all day that way.
  10. is that the 5 finger discount policy
  11. whatnow wrote: He does his best to look like one out there:laugh:
  12. Thats deliverance country, "just take em right off'