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    I love to fish whether it be in my 4.5mt bluefin sideconsole or on my hobie outback kayak chasing bream whiting flathead bass tarpon or on my mates charter boat once a month off the goldcoast.
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    Construction worker


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
    Offshore and Reef Fishing
    Game Fishing
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    Grassy Sweetlip
    Mangrove Jack
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    Hardbody Lures
    Softplastic Lures
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    no favorite i am open to change to the circumstance
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    sail fish of the goldcoast and in thailand


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    Motor Boat with Trailer

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  1. I have had makos , Serengeti , and Maui jims over the years and recently I bought a pair of Spotters in the Jett version with gold reflective lenses and they are the most comfortable sunnies I have ever had but I will look at Costas next change . Mine are tax deductible so I change regularly and hand my old ones down through my family ,my son got my last spotters and can't believe how good they are but I found them a bit annoying weight wise on my face but my jets are excellent.. Matt
  2. bluefin59

    State Of Origin 2017

    QUEENSLANDER ,gotta love origin time of year
  3. I caught these two crocs when I was in the Kimberley at KCC
  4. Bells creek and Cochin both have tarpon but I found it best to use a kayak and watch the edges very very carefully for any action and use small lures as in poppers and fly would work but they are very flighty and certainly not massive . Matt
  5. bluefin59

    Hervey Bay Bound

    A few mackerel being caught of the Pier yesterday and we got a few spotties from the boat yesterday..... Matt
  6. bluefin59

    Hervey Bay Bound

    I am up here at Hervey Bay for the next 3 weeks ,it's been northerly the last couple of days but the mackerel are out at the fairway beacon and I have gotten a couple of spottier around big woodie island . Tuna are busting up early then become flighty . See you up here maybe I am in a maroon bluefin see you around ...Matty
  7. Iv been asked these questions and had my catch measured a couple of times over the years if you don't want to help you don't have to it's not compolsury unless you have something to hide but up to you . Matt
  8. I have no idea if they are native or there names mate , they have have been collected over the years and some came from a deceased estate and we just threw them in the garden and some have survived and others have passed on . Matt
  9. Found this this morning in the garden ,they are so random I have to check the garden regularly it's always a great surprise .. Matt
  10. Yep it's in a leopard tree and the single bloom lasts a couple of weeks once a year .. Matt pa 1 more out of the garden
  11. Some nice orchids guys ,these are a couple in my yard but I do nothing for them they just live here. Matt
  12. Iv been using it for nearly 2 yrs and it hasn't been altered and way cheaper than stuffing my old back ...Matt
  13. Roof racks galore at Kedron have them and should be able to show you how they work ,I built my own from alloy I bought from an alloy supplier at brendale and it cost me less than $200 .matt
  14. Whoa that's impressive , panama looks good , Matt
  15. bluefin59

    Ice Box / Esky

    Yeah I also bought TECHNI ice signature series as well from there Ebay site ,way cheaper than on the actual site ... Matt