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  1. @bersimWe spooked one in the shallows that would have gone 60-80cm. Just really dirty because we were actually planning to fish at another private property but this property provided more amenities. Dragged the boat out of the water and back onto the trailer and drove to Ballandean and door-knocked all afternoon to find a property that would allow us to fish. Finally found a obliging land owner at 4.30 but it was too late to do any serious fishing then. Will be heading up that way again mid Feb to fish another private property. Hopefully better luck then
  2. Great report bersim! I was down Stanthorpe way looking for cod as well over new years but got ripped off by a misleading advertisment that promised 7km of private water but was effectively less than 500m all up!!!
  3. where did you buy your wire baskets? Been looking high and low for them.
  4. Doing abit of a clean up of the fishing gear and have some unused stuff to sell. 2" gulp shrimp in Pumpkinseed - 7 packs. $ 35 the lot pickup in CBD or $40 posted Garmin Echo 100 - Used for <6 months as a bow mount sounder. Upgrading the unit so this has to go. Comes with receipts etc. RRP$119. Sell $60 posted. Bicycle carrier - fits to rear of vehicle. Used once to bring my bike back from a long distance ride. $10 Donation to BFO. Shimano RS10 bike wheels - Nice light wheels, came stock on my Cannondale SuperSix, ridden for 250+km before I upgraded to Mavic Kysrium wheels. RRP $200++ . As new. $50 donation to BFO. may be more stuff to come
  5. I hope you asked for permission before posting someone else's photo on the internet. You could end up in a spot of legal trouble if he were to find out about it and objected in a serious way.
  6. if you're looking at spending 5-6k I think it'd be advisable to buy a smaller but newer and better rig to start off with. With a smaller rig you will still be able to head outside as long as you pick your days well. My previous rig was a 3.7m with a 25hp and I crossed the SPB regularly. From experience the best the best thing that you can do is buy a rig with as new an engine as you can afford. Breaking down at the wrong place at the wrong time can be disaster.
  7. Rock up to any small creek or large drain at night with a powerful torchlight and you'll be able to spot them. Drop a flesh bait in front of them and you're on!
  8. Lol not that crazy yet. I being out in 2.5m with 4m max with no wind. I could barely see gc on the peaks. My decky was over side most day lol I just cant imagine 12 meters lol I remember last year i went Whitsundays and weather changed and there was 5 meter seas with 30knot winds on way back. 10 meter boat with 3 300hp suzukis just made it back. I wonder what its going to do to the spb. Shane lol. That rings a bell Shane.
  9. That's no good. Stay safe mate. Hope those waters recede soon.
  10. Munro St, St Lucia - water is rising from the storm drain. Approx 1ft now. If it goes the way that it went back in '11, the houses there will be cut off by morning.
  11. An individual hit me up for my share of petrol costs over a month after a particular trip, and after reminding the individual that I had in fact paid at the servo, I was hit up for a drastically reduced figure... For car petrol costs... Go figure.
  12. How's the weather up there now? I was that way for 4 days last week. intermittent showers were really irritating the first day, then the wind made fishing hard the next three. no swell one moment then 1.5m swell the next.. Still did alright though, lots of reefies to keep me things interesting. great you're seeing gts, could not get one hit on a popper throughout the trip!