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  1. Stinger

    Mounting minn Kota electric

    Aliweld at Geebung did one for me and it was a a fairly good job. Also as previously mentioned get a quick release bracket for it. That will save youa lot of mucking around.
  2. Ellicat I think that thought may have crossed his mind at one point but with the mods that have been done to his boat and the future plans for it his boat should turn out to be a very versatile rig.
  3. Russian Going by the performance of mine optimax they appear to be great outboard. It is extremely good on fuel consumption, I've had no issues with it. Start first crank every time and has plenty of punch off the line.
  4. Stinger

    schultz canal lately ?

  5. Stinger

    Info Please On Fishing Charters

    My fist recomemndation to him was bucket list but I think he is after a charter he can go on with just the 4 family members.
  6. Stinger

    Info Please On Fishing Charters

    I have a mate that is having his 40th in January and is looking to do a fishing charter with 3 others. He is looking either out of Manly or Sunshine coast as he lives on the noth side Can anybody recomend a charter that would suit.
  7. Stinger

    Santa brought me a new GT Pb for Xmas

    Mate What make of popper is that
  8. Stinger

    Kids first Boating Session

    Paul it's a Leatherjacket. Damn good eating just watch the spike on the back mate.
  9. Stinger

    Kids first Boating Session

    Good report mate Great to see you teaching the young ones. If you get the enthusiasm going early and also teach them the right fishing ethics at this early age then hopefully it's something they can enjoy doing for many years to come.
  10. Stinger

    AFO Christmas Get Together 4th December

    I'll will be able to get there unfortunately it will probably only be for an hour or so
  11. Stinger

    500 dollar fine

    Before I had my old paper license put onto my car license (which was only done back in June) I questioned Qld transport about the requirement to carry my paper and be able to produce it if requested by the water police. The official word from them was that I was not required to have that license in your pocession as the water police can look it up live. So to my understanding if you have indeed completed all requirements and have actualy been issued with an appropriate marine license then you should not have been fined and I would be taking it further. Just note that if you fish over the border you will have to be able to produce your marine license on the spot as the NSW police do not have the ability to look it up live. (YOU WILL GET FINED)
  12. Stinger

    sold For Sale: 80lb watersnake Bowmount. Brand New

    As reef raider said the mount is in it self a quick release with it staying mounted and the electric being easily removed for storage.
  13. Stinger

    telstra t-box any one have one?

    Ive had one for a few months. Had to replace the first one I got due to a faulty remote. The new ones ok. It does have some good features like 4 additional sports channels Ability to record free to air tv shows Pause and rewind free to air tv and rewind. And of course you can download movies Not cheap but saves going to the video store.
  14. Stinger

    sold For Sale: 80lb watersnake Bowmount. Brand New

    Good price If I didn't already have 2 electrics I would have grabbed it.